Thursday, June 21, 2007


So I know someone who knows someone who knows someone...and I saw the new Michael Moore movie Sicko. It doesnt come to theater until next friday.

If you are an American, or international other looking to move to America, please see this movie. It was a real eye opener and has honestly made me retihink moving to the states in september.

It doesnt matter if you loath Michael Moore, or Love him to peices. This movie is so important.

**Sicko is about the American Health Care System

Caution: Spoiler ahead....

Best line of the movie?

Michael takes three 9/11 rescue workers to Guantanamo Bay, the only U.S. soil that offers free health prisoners, real threats to national security.

Michael Moore is in a boat of the coast of the prison, and through a mega phone screams "theses 9/11 rescue workers want health care, because they cant afford it. Please can we have free care. Like the free care you're giving to Al Qaeda"

I cried laughing....

Best Part of the Movie?

One of those narrow minded assholes runs an "I hate Michael Moore webiste". This guy was going to have to shut down his website, becuase of his sick wife and medical bills. He could no longer afford to keep the webiste up.....

Michael Moore sent him a check for 12.000 dollars to cover the costs of his wife's medical bills, ANONYMOUSLY. The guy has no idea...until the movie comes out next week. LOL!!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

So I posted a month ago...

A little bit about where ive been the last month

- I finished my placement. And not a moment too soon, I was ready to slit my wrists.

- I got my fingerprinting for NY certification. The guy who took my finger prints told me that my prints were so rare, and that of the millions of fingerprints hes seen, I might be the only person in all of canada with my finger print pattern. THEN he told me there may only be 2 other people in all of north america that share my finger prints...Then he asked if he could photocopy my prints and show the guys downstairs.

- There was a snake in my basement...I freaked out, called my parents and made them come home to get it out of here. If I left the basement, and took my eyes off it, it would have slithered away and been lost forever.

- I started my last semester of my Masters. Talk about tough. OMG, I have NEVER had so much work to do...and not only do I have 5 full classes, CHOCK full of assignments, I have to write a 100-200 page thesis in the next 8 weeks. because they didnt think that it would be a good idea to give us more time.

- I cut almost 6 inches off my hair, and changed the color. If you dont know how long my hair was before, or what color it was, it wont matter...but for those of you who complained about the length of my hair and how much i needed cut off, you will be plesantly surprised. Although it is still almost half way down my back.

- Miss Ash told me to write a new post. This is whats gone on in the past month. Working every weekend, going to school, going to night school, doing homework, and writing my thesis. Doesnt leave much time for anything else.