Friday, September 29, 2006

Blogger Confessional© So much for not having anything to do

What an amazingly crazy busy week this week....

This week I:

- Ran into a guy that I went to highschool with. I havent seen him probably 11 years. Anyway, he was one of those guys that had a ridiculous crush on me, and I, of course, ignored him. When he saw me, he did a double take, and his eyes almost bugged out of his head. I didnt talk to him...but he looked good. REALLY good. Why is that always the way it happens? I should have at least said hi..but I had nothing to say.

- Did ridiculous amounts of policy and procedue for work....BUT I found out how much I was making, and i am EXTREMELY happy.

- Saw the bear in the big blue house on tv while my neices were over. You ever have that feeling when you see something, and you slam your eyes shut, and put your hands over them anyway...and automatically feel your skin crawling...Ya. That happened, plus I got all teary over it. The bear in the big blue house might be the only thing on earth that scares REALLY scares me.

- Read about the band "Prussian Blue" on Amichai's blog. I know that not all of you read his blog (although you really should), but I totally thought that this was something work passing on. Its 2007 almost. I cant believe that this kind of racism still exists....and I cant believe these kids are SO young to be singing about such hatred...nauseating.

- Was going to take a picture of my earrings, actually in (cause Natalia asked me to), but I am a total sissy about pain, and stretching my ears to accomodate my earrings, REALLY hurts. So if I take a picture, it will be when I get up enough guts to get the next gauge actually in. I'll be proud.

- Am not really a radio listener, but something was wrong with the CD player in my car today, so I had the radio on. The new Supernova song was on the radio today. I was totally excited about hearing it.

- Found an old box of my stuff in the basement....and came across this. LOL!!! Remember these?? On the back, they had all these states about the person, like bday, and height. Every single guy on this sheet was born before 1972. Which means, all of the guys we used to drool over, are almost 40. HAHAHA

I have NO idea why I saved it...i was probably going to give it to Miss Ash. I remember one time she sent me a picture of joe mcintyre...we're losers. And I dont care.

Happy weekend Everyone.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The New Job and The Scissor Sisters.

So I got a new a women's crisis shelter that takes in women (and their children) who are leaving abusive relationships.

I have to miss my 2 days of school this week for training, but so far its been poilicy and procedure bullshit, and stupid boring. Especially when she gives us the manual, and just reads out of it. But, its important enough I suppose.

Anyway, I know this sucks as a post, but between all the work im doing for school, and now this. Im silently praying that everynight someone will call me and help me procrastinate.
And if you're interested The Scissor Sisters are performing at MTV live on Tuesday October 10th. However, LD, remember when I called you and said "If I only read the email...." Well ya, there was more email after the bit that I read to you. LOL (let me assure you that I had never heard of this band until last night. Go listen to filthy gorgeous...its awesome.)

Anyway, this one's a little different.

Special Lunchtime Performance of the Scissor Sisters @ MTV Live! Tuesday October 10th. Show up at 11:30 at the Masonic Temple @ 888 younge street, toronto.
For FREE tickets to MTV Live call (416) 355-3979, toll free 1-888-491-6888
or send an e-mail to
I guess whats going to happen, is that they're going to perform at lunch time, and then they'll play the show online at 6:30. I dunno....the B.I.L is going to send me the info, but he's got us 6 tickets.

Thank god Im off school that day...there'd be no way that I could take the entire day to go to this. If you're going, i'll see you there.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Here's to the things I like

*I dont know if you can all see the updates on my blog, only Linny and Phil have said that everything looks all wonky. Its fine on my computer. So if you cant see my blog, as it is supposed to be, let me know...i'm trying to learn to fix the settings. (my ex did it for me the last time, and this time, I have NO clue what im doing)

I Like:

The Convenience of Youtube. If you did NOT see this on the news, or read about it in the paper, come on out from the rock that you are living under....and go watch. Hugo Chavez on Fox News

Bubble Tea. Well, specifically...I like the Mango Ice Crush LOADED with tapioca...such a chewy treat while you're drinking. Usually, I do NOT like floaties in my drink. This is the only exception.

My New Earrings. I do NOT like the pain associated with stretching my earholes to accomodate them. However, now that that's done, they look fantastic, and it will be a long time before I decide to go up a gauge.

Astro Pops
. The original ones, from when I was a kid...the kind with the wax on the bottom that you had to bite through to get the rest of the candy...and the stick was on the bottom. I do NOT like, how they've reinvented these, taken away the wax, and put the stick on the pointy part, so you're starting at the bottom and working your way to the point.

Industrial/Alternative Music
Bands that produce songs, that someone I know, would refer to as "Angry Boy Music"...its great to drive to.

Bath and Body works Aromatherapy Remedies: Headache Relief. This stuff is amazing, and its full of those little cooling beads, so when you rub it on the back of your neck, it chills everything and gets rid of your headache.

History. Actually Classical Roman, Greek and Egyptian History and Civilizations was my minor in university. I didnt know that I liked history...but its sorta cool. People were really mean back then. And its interesting to learn where modern day traditions Christmas. Go look up Sol's an interesting read.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's a Brand New Day!!

I'm's almost halloween. Things have to be creepier around here. And YES, I am fully aware that I have a pet on my page now...just like Miss Ash. HOWEVER, she would never have a spider...I felt I had to give it a home. (although, the tiger?? Ya, to die for cute)

It reminded me of my poor baby tarantula, Sebastian, who I shared as a pet for a while. He was mine, but lived elsewhere because everyone was too freaked out by him. He met his death when someone thought he was biting their hand, but he actually just dropped a cricket head on it, and they threw him across the room. He exploded.

So, I figure since I have to wait for my own place...this is the next best thing.

Apparently some people are having problems seeing the updates, leave me a comment if its all stupid. I did it myself, so all I could do was cross my fingers.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Movie Etiquette

I have to say, that me and LD spent a lot of time together this weekend. Friday we were out, being harassed, and of course, quizzed on chemistry (Accompanying eye roll), but on Saturday, we went to see The Last Kiss, the new Zach Braff movie.

I was a huge fan of Garden State, and although I dont think that he is remotely attractive, I have to give credit where credit is due....This movie was fantastic. The people who read this blog are, for the most part, in the same age demographic, and i think, most of you would find this movie wonderfully entertaining. However, in this, most recent, movie viewing experience, there were a group of 4, maybe 16 year olds, that were there to make the night less enjoyable, but memorable for sure.

As a general rule, i've decided that I hate (almost) everyone under the age of 20. They're annoying, and just plain fucking stupid. I know, I was once -20 years old, but I dont EVER remember being as stupid, or annoying as they are today. Which might be a definite sign of getting older, complaining about kids these days. But I digress.

These 4 kids, 3 girls, and one boy with the "Emo" haircut, that makes him look like a girl, were sitting 2 seats over from me....Talking, the entire movie on their cell phones, and to each other. Loudly.

And as I sat there, and eat my Skor bites (something I shouldnt have had, but had taken felt safe), I warned LD, that I was more than ready to throw one at them...Well, throw is too polite of a word...more like catapult. But refrained from doing so....

Until I had one in my hand, and before I even realized what I was doing, I threw this little Skor bite, as quickly, and forcefully as I could at this group of kids. I didnt even realize that I had thrown was just so automatic, and such an immediate impulse move, that even I was shocked. One of them said "Someone just threw that at me"...which is when we started to laugh, of course quietly between us...but it was just so automatic, I honestly didnt even realize that I had done it until it was way too late.

They continue to talk, and in the sweetest voice I can manage, I say "Can you seriously shut up?? THAAAAANKS."

I have never been afraid to stand up for myself, or tell people off, for any reason, but I, personally cant believe I actually threw candy at them. Miss Ash was horrified....she says throwing Skor bites is bad, because they're too good to waste. They're one of her favorites...incase you were wondering.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

At least we're not Ugly Mother fuckers......

I dont even know where to start this post to be perectly honest...but I guess we'll start at the beginning

Me and LD decide to hit up the Honest Lawyer for a couple of drinks last night

We stand at the bar for about a couple of miutes, no one serves we decide to go outside and get a table and let a waitress get our drinks. We sit out there for about 10 minutes...the waitress walks by but doesnt ask us if we want anything....THIS should have been our second sign to leave, after not being served inside.

But we stay, and within 2 minutes, a guy who LD has dubbed "The Neon Rider" comes over to our table and says "can i sit here?" and proceeds to sit down, without either one of us saying yes. He is obviously drunk, is wearing a neon orange shirt (which I point out, and say that I havent seen anyone wearing neon since the late 80's), and LD gets up and goes inside to get our drinks, because still no one has come along. I still hate her for this.

I am glaring at the bouncer for help, and he sees me, but just laughs and shakes his head. As does everyone else who walks by and looks at our table. Me and LD are looking at eachother, biting the insides of our cheeks trying not to laugh. I can always be ruder, but I was pretty rude to this guy, especially when he asked us if we were nymphomaniacs, out looking for a good time Tonight was the first night where I actually felt obligated to give a fake name. After about 40 long minutes of us not being able to say "go away", he did just that. And we didnt see him again.

HOWEVER, not even 5 minutes later, 2 other guys ask if they can join us, and immediately engage us in conversation. Both had their Phd's in Chemistry, which is quite amazing. (One makes morphine for a living, the other makes the antidote for the bird flu)

Mr. Morphine dominates the conversation, and Bird Flu Antidote goes back inside. Mr. Norphine teaches us about cranberry juice, dalmations, and volcanos (dont ask)...Oh, and doing card tricks without the cards (although I was mildly impressed with that). I ask if he feels that he has been dominating the conversation, and he says that when he sits down with 2 attractive girls, that he can either talk, or not talk...which is true, but he was really honestly giving us a chemistry test. And when we didnt know the answers, he was more than disappointed.

Bird Flu Antidote comes back out, and Mr. Morphine goes in. B.F.A. might have been the most dramatic person, and said that his girfriend is going to hate him for talking to us, even though he only talked about chemistry, and his girlfriend. He threw his head into his hands about a dozen times, and was groaning about how his g/f was going to be pissed. Apparently, if we werent so attractive, and were ugly mother fuckers, she wouldnt be....

Mr. Morphine comes back out, says in a really rude way "can I talk to you for a second"....they leave, someone asks if we are using the chairs, LD and I, at the same time say "NO!! PLEASE take them...take them both!!!"

We were at the bar for 2 and a half hours maybe...and by ourselves for about 15 mintues of much for having a quiet evening to talk, and relax.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reason #1286739579 im single.

**B.I.L warning....I wouldnt go much further than this....

Ive decided to drop out of the 5 date challenge. 1. because im not a dater, and 2. because I am SO sick of guys....that i think I want to forget they even exist, at least for a while.

Allow me to set the scene. I come to my computer after countless hours of being where ever, and an old fling of mine from Windsor leaves me a message telling me to go to a city near Windsor for the weekend....approximately 3 or so hours from here.....This is the conversation that follows.

Pessimism Inc © says:

Were you in Sarnia this weekend?

flemdog4 says:

no i wanted you to meet my buddy, show him a good time

Pessimism Inc © says:


Pessimism Inc © says:

You wanted me to go to sarnia, and meet a total stranger, to fuck him??

flemdog4 says:

sure it was his b-day

Pessimism Inc © says:

You guys actually discussed me going down there

flemdog4 says:

but you werent around

Pessimism Inc © says:

Are you MENTAL

Pessimism Inc © says:

like for real, are you?

flemdog4 says:

hahaahah he waspumped

Pessimism Inc © says:

Are you for real, like fucking mental??

flemdog4 says:

relax killer

Pessimism Inc © says:

what would even posess you to DO something like that?

Pessimism Inc © says:

did you seriously think that Id be up for that?

flemdog4 says:

sure why not

Pessimism Inc © says:

but is that what you really think i'm like?

flemdog4 says:


flemdog4 says:

but i thought id give it a shot for him

Pessimism Inc © says:

you're ridiculous.

flemdog4 says:


Pessimism Inc © says:

thats not really funny.... You're a fucking realize that dont you?? Like a real loser...

flemdog4 says:

who cares

Pessimism Inc © says:
you realize that you're the reason im single.... guys like you

Pessimism Inc © says:
i dont know how to talk to you, so im going

flemdog4 says:

so is this the end of us then

Pessimism Inc © says: was the end a LONG time ago

Pessimism Inc © says:

where have you been?

flemdog4 says:


flemdog4 says:

allthe time

Pessimism Inc © says:


Well....If there is any question as to why i refuse to go out with anyone, I think that THIS is a good understanding as to why....I know that all guys arent like this....but im finding it harder and harder not to meet up with them....sigh.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Blogger Confessional© Crazy crazy week.

I know im doing this early, but I figure that since I was very busy, that by all laws of balancing and rationality, nothing else major should happen this week. So i figure im safe in posting, however, if something comes up, i'll let you know.

This week I:

- wanted to watch every horror movie I owned...its that time of year you know...looking forward to late nights and creepy movies.

- gave myself, and my 18 year old male cousin, a facial. He was less than impressed.

- Had my first day of class...ONE Masters course is the equivalent of 2 and a half undergrad courses (workload wise). Its INSANE, I cant believe how much work there is....Regardless, i think i'm staying in it, and there's a guy in my class who looks like Christian Bale. Actually, I blogged about him before, he was the one I met in June, at registration...He's a total sweetheart, and so witty and charming...sigh. He's delightful.

- Managed to find 3 of my 5 required text books at the local university library. Thank god...

- Found out that I can no longer go on my trip to florida this november for my birthday. If I miss one class, I automatically lose 6% of my final grade. Which is insane. And i have assignments due the week that I would be gone, not to mention, Id be losing out on about 10 days of actually doing work. Cause, lets face it, there's no way i'd bring homework to the beach. So im not going....Which leaves me with a ticket, that is good for anywhere in the states within the next year. Any suggestions???

- Went out last night with Ash and LD. We meet up with a guy LD works with, and i invite him to sit down....he is staring lovingly at LD, so I text ash (who's across the table) and say "Lets talk about the 5 date challenge, i bet he'd ask her out!!!" So I bring it up and inform him of the rules, letting him know that she is committed to going out with who asks her. He looks at me and says "Oh ya?" I say "Uh huh...go ahead, ask her out..." So he did. They're date is this coming friday. He seems like a decent guy.

- I am currently mourning the loss of my most fabulous purse.....Let it be known that just because something costs a lot, doesnt guarantee its quality.

R.I.P. Miu Miu
May 26, 2006 - September 7, 2006

- After I posted this, I decided to go to the drive in. Went to see Crank, and The Descent. If you are interested in either of these, please do yourself a favor and wait until they are released on DVD....

- And I set up a blog for my friend Tim. If you ever run across his blog, I apologize in advance.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Le Random MishMash

First day of school...sigh. Its going to be a LOT of work. HOWEVER, I did talk to academic advisory, and since I dont want to be a teacher, but would rather teach primary skills to adult inmates, or at a youth correctional facility...they think i'm on the right path, but have advised me to go to class monday, and see how it goes then, and then come back to talk to them at the end of the day...we'll see I guess.
You ever have a HUGE secret? Like I mean, SO gargantuan...that you feel like you're busting at the seams, dying to tell everyone? I have one like that. But, above all else, I take great pride in my level of confidentiality, and just wanted to share that I did have a secret like that, even though I wont say what it is. So, dont bother asking, I wont tell. But i've got a HUGE one, and it's a goody.
If you had the option of explroing the deeptest depths of the sea, the farthest reaches of outerspace, or the darkest of dark forests, what would you be more inclined to look for? Mermaids/Lochness/Atlantis, Aliens, or Unicorns/Sasquatch/Leprauchans? And why.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blogger Confessional© Mackers and Boots

This week I:

- Crossed the river again to go pay my installment of tuition. I went with my mom, since I had no idea where my school was, I told her not to mention that I was a foreign student at the bridge. So when she said that we were going to pay my tuition, they pulled us over. We sat in imigration for half hour waiting for them to yell at me for not having all my documentation and threaten to deny me access to the country...Whoppee....big loss. No one thought I was a celebrity this time, but there was a George Bush conference on, something about anti terrorism...It made me sick to have to sit in that room listening to that idiot, who was the direct reason that I was sitting in there to begin with. (A big hello to all the FBI agents probably reading this blog right about now...leave a comment!!)

- Had Jenni down for the weekend, for some good old fashioned sleep overs. Her cousins were also with her, one from Australia, and one from New Zealand. Their accents were enough to keep me entertained for three days, that, and the fact that they call McDonalds "Mackers", and the trunk of a car "the boot"....They were wonderfully nice, and I'm glad they came. We took them to do every touristy thing that we could do in the entire area, and im wiped.

- ALSO, in regards to having house guests, I got to sleep in the same bed as Jenni last night. If any of you are lucky enough to sleep in the same bed as Jennifer, she is a lovely Snugglebug, and her body emits heat, which is nice if you get cold during the night.

- We ate a lot and drank even more this weekend, I attended 2 parties, and had the greatest labor day weekend ive had as long as I can remember.

- Made a decision about my ex. We have talked, but since I was so busy this weekend, I didnt have the chance to tell him that there was no way I was going to even consider getting back together with him unless he dumps his g/f. Thanks for all of your opinions.

- Finished all of my back to school shopping. I LOVE new school supplies.

School starts on Tuesday, I cant believe it. Im sure i'll have a lot to say. I like this time of year, I feel like its time to get back to my regular life.