Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Forget stress.... exactly 29 hours and 14 minutes i'll be headed to the airport to go to CALIFORNIA!!!

Its been the WORST month...with LD's dad gone...back and forth every weekend....shit at work:

WORK RANT: which, for the month....included TWO complaints from diagnosed psychopaths.

1. was that I breached confidentiality and shared her personal information with other clients - she complained ALL the way to the top - and by the top, I mean the EXACT people on the hiring committee for the job interview I had a bit ago for Federal Parole. Yea, NOT GOOD. But, she complained, they took her off my case load, and then she came and apologized to me. My thoughts??? I KNOW you lied...go tell the people you complained to.

2. an hour long meeting with another one, where we had a VERY engaging conversation for an hour where she said that she could actually see herself working with me, and liked me a great deal. And as soon as i left, she called my work and RANTED about how rude and mean i was to her, and then...called me a fat cow. LOL!!!! (she should have seen me a year ago if she thinks im fat now ;), but I digress....) Anyway...she also compained to the tippy top....and by the top, I mean the EXACT people on the hiring committee for the job interview I had a bit ago for Federal Parole....again...not good. BUT on the day of her intake at work, she laughed and said "I hope youre not hurt by what I said, it was part of my evil plan not to come to the agency at all. Im sorry I said those things, you know they arent true!! At which point I brushed it off, but again thought...I KNOW you lied - go tell the people that you complained to becuase they dont know...

I really took it up the ass this month (not literally for all of you who are about to make comments). There was severe unprofessionalism from my boss surrounding these two things that left me in her office contemplating a letter of resignation. I spoke to the union, who encouraged me to greive the acts....its being taken up with them now. This has seriously been the ENTIRE month of stress. It will end tonight...4-12:30.

But...aside from that - im 29 hours, 4 minutes to the airport to head for sand and sun. We're doing Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Map of the stars homes I imagine....San Diego, 2 days at Disney, up to Sanfransisco along the coast, (i think we'll make it to garlic world wigsf), Alcatraz...lots of touristy things in SF, over to vegas....where Ive been 4 times already. I'm doing NOTHING While they explore the city. Im going to lay around by the pool and read...for 2.5 days. And then over to the grand canyon to hike it up. And then back to LA to fly home.

Im incredibly excited....if you want post cards....this is your chance to say so.

So long life in sucky rainy stressful long stress...good bye internet, cell phone and email....hello California

Monday, April 04, 2011

Nevermind...Princess Pessimism Stays....its suits this place.

I wish i could blog about something interesting.... I wish i had something fantastic to say..... I wish that I had the energy, and motivation to keep the world up to date with all of the fantastic and amazing things going on in my life.... But there isnt. Its been all stress. Vacation stress, personal life stress, work almost seems like every day has been worse than the one before it. I just want to sleep...and wake up in 24 days in time for my vacation. I havent forgotten about all of you - im just not reading, and am barely surviving.