Friday, December 19, 2008

GAG....i hate the snow.....

It has been a truely hectic HECTIC time for me the past couple of weeks....I have started working my job full time days - and not to mention that I got a 17% pay increase after only being here for 5 weeks. PLUS I got back pay, or pay equity.....which is 2 nice big checks for me thank you very much.

My laptop battery is beyond I have only had access to a computer at work, which, when im supposed to be working, its hard to fuck around on Facebook....but Ive managed, and am managing without a computer. I didnt think i'd be able to do it, so im quite impressed with myself.

I painted furniture this week, and have watched movies instead of being online. I finished my Christmas shopping, which for me is extremely late, since its usually done, and wrapped, by my bday in November.

I got my first parking ticket living in the city on December 9.....30 dollars!!! AND my permit was stuck in my window. Ive parked on the street every day before December 9, and every day after December 9....and havent gotten another ticket. I think it snowed that night, and the fucker was too lazy to wipe the snow out of the now I have to go through this huge process about getting my ticket processed....

I ALSO received my VERY FIRST speeding ticket....I was going a whopping 45 km in a 40! thats right people...27 dollar speeding ticket!!! Talk about filling your quota for year end.

Happy holidays peeps!

Monday, December 01, 2008