Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back to the Kitters....

Okay, so I moved home yesterday.....I know I know, i'm 28 (and a half) and just moved back....but its only for a year, and im getting my MEd, so i'll be busy enough to not even notice.....14 more months...14 more months....

Actually....To tell the truth, last night, my sister and B.i.l were over with the girls for dinner for the "welcome back PP" extravaganza. We had alaskan king crab legs for din, and a bunch of other stuff (I actually laughed and said 'what other family do you know eats alaskan king crab legs for dinner...on tuesday night' It sounds funny, but thats a common dinner at this house. Maybe not on tuesday, but in general...but I digress

Tonight, someone else is taking me out for vietnamese...and my day one was spent at the pool.....

Im looking forward to seeing Tokyo Tintin at one of his upcoming functions, and spending a weekend on Spadina, sitting on a patio drinking martinis and sangria, watching the world go by....

So, if this is a sign of things to come, I think that I might be able to survive....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Im not camping, but i'm totally roughing it....

I have no furniture in my apartment.

My parents came and picked up all the big stuff today, like my bed, and whatever....someone else came and took my couch. All I have is my sisters airmattress that they use for camping to sleep on, and I forget how to blow it up. So right now, its useless to im sitting on the floor. LOL!!!

I wish I hadnt packed my webcam, cause I would take a picture of how big my place actually is...and of course with no furniture, or anything, its so loud in here, so ive got my music turned up, and it sounds great....Depeche Mode 101 in an empty apartment, turned up loud, sounds like the real thing...Love it

Ive never been camping, and i have never slept outside, not even in my backyard....I used to say that for me, the "Travel lodge" was roughing it...but compared to this, the travel lodge looks like the Hilton...sigh.

I'll be impressed with myself if I can survive the next 3 nights and 4 days living like this....maybe i'll go camp at my friends cushy place for the night....i dont think I can live like this until tuesday....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Memories of Childhood

I had the biggest desire to watch the Wizard of Oz yesterday....

I remember when I was little, and they used to show it around Christmas every and my sister used to cuddle up in my moms bed, and watch it on their tv. I would hide under the blankets at the part where the witch's fingers were electrocuted by the scared me.

Of course ive seen it a hundred times, but it makes me feel curling up beside a huge fire with hot chocolate and popcorn.....Of course since I am in the midst of packing my life up, again...for the 6th time in 2 years, I dont have it here with me, its at my parents I didnt get to watch it.....

Whats your comfort movie?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Very Special Blogger Confessional©

This post its dedicated to LD, as we have had this conversation MANY times.

I know this post should be for the last 2 weeks, but lets be honest...I drank way too much this week, and cant remember that far back.....but I digress.

This week *as much of it as I remember* I:

- Picked up my new degree...its pretty. As pretty as the one they shredded, except this one, has to program names on it, not just one.

- Saw a car that looked exactly like the Starsky and Hutch was the same car, painted the same way, and for the first time EVER, I wished I had a cam phone....

- Studied....i have my language final tomorrow....ive been going over verb conjugation in my head for the past 2 days....I still have a lot to do, but thats what today is for, and i have all day tomorrow, I think i'll do okay. I just have to get to the library and stop procrastinating.

- Had a friend over a couple of times, he's got so many episodes of Whose line is it anyway ripped off the net....we watched for eyes were burning.

- Woke up at like 1:30 yesterday, after being out and about until almost 6am. Flipped on my computer, my friend was having a BBQ at her place with loads of her friends, I showered, hit the liquor store and was on my way. I hadnt even been up an hour and I was already drinking at a friends place....I LOVE summer. But I digress. Yesterday, I got to hang out with an entire group of friends, a group other than my own.

I know the dynamic that exists within my group, and we usually giggle about it, and wonder if all groups of friends are like ours. Well, dearest LD, I have the answer. You know how there's that joke, that every group of friends has one person they dont really like, but are just nice to because they're part of the group? Well, EVERY PERSON in this group of friends, was that person. They all bitched about eachother, gossiped about eachother. When one would stand up, and go inside, they'd all roll their eyes, and complain.

All the friends brought their fiances, and very very small children. One of my friends friends, was pregnant....she told me the baby was moving, grabbed my hand and pressed it onto her stomach, and honestly, it grossed the shit out of me, and i pulled my hand away as fast as possible, stood up, and sat at the other side of the patio.

Now, there were a couple of older kids there, but not older than 9.....sticky dirty children, and they all knew my position on how I feel about kids relatively early in the night...but I of course, was nice to the kids, got things for them, talked to them blah blah blah. One of the bitchier girls says "you know, for someone who doesnt like kids, you're really nice to them"....I looked at her and told her the truth. "If you do nice things for them, its easier to manipulate them, and get them to do things for you"

As this girl had three of her own, she was horrified....but not as horrified as I was, when she felt that it was necessary to tell me that she had a boob job, and then flash her shit all over the place.

Hanging out with these strangers, and watching them interact with eachother, made me miss my friends that much more....I cant wait to get back to my group....where if you have something bitchy to say, you say it right to the person....your response is usually a hearty fuck you, and an eye roll....and then its forgotten. You know, at one point, we joked about how we were all still friends, only because we were too lazy to go out and find new ones. But yesterday, I realized, that compared to the group that I hung out group genuinely cares about one another...and as much as we bitch, and joke about finding new friends...not only am I too lazy, I dont friends are the best. :) AWWWW

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oh god...can it really be?

Tori Spelling will be at MTV live Monday June 19th, along with Nick Lachey....And the musicl guest is some R&B singer Rihanna...Ive not heard of this person, so do not feel that it is necessary to make fun of them, but if they are pairing them up with these to, chances are, they suck. LOL!!!

This might be the most hideous pairing of people least MTV is putting them on the same show and getting them out of the way at the same time. But I'm posting it, becuase I am sure that there is going to be at least ONE person who finds this blog and wants to go see them there.

For free tickets to MTV live, call 416 355 3979, toll free: 1 800 491 6888 or send your fancy email to

Again, MTV has their sticky rules, and asks that whoever is going to go see this monstrosity of a show to be at the Masonic Temple *888 younge* at the Younge Street Entrance at 5pm

MTV live airs online at 6pm for those of you who want to go, but cant and are jealous of everyone who will see Tori Spelling live.

MTV (A.K.A. My globetrotting brother in law) keeps sending me these updates, and i keep putting them out to you..the people.

Sadly, I cannot attend, as I have my Italian final that day.....but i encourage someone to show up with their "Donna Martin Graduates" banner for good giggles all around.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Family Politics

I know i'm moving home, to go to teachers college, and if this was a weekend of what's to come, I swear to god, i'm running away.

We've all got that ONE family member, that creates all the drama, the one that causes shit, and the one that everyone rolls their eyes at, but no one talks about. You know, the one thats all fucked up.

Well imagine that my entire immediate family, both sides *excluding b/f and g/fs* is only 15 people, one aunt and uncle on one side, their three kids. Another aunt and uncle on the other side their 2 kids, my family and my grandparents....Then of course my brother in law and 2 neices makes 18.

In 18 people you wouldnt think that there was someone who caused so much drama, but in all the little family that I have...there are THREE. Thats right....three, that like to be the center of attention, talk about the other members of the very small family, and discuss things that really have nothing to do with them. And then, to top it all off, 2 of them suffer depression, one manic, one not. Usually, when they start going off about whatever, I tell them to shut up, I'm not interested. But seeing as i'm the only one who actually says "shut it, i dont give a shit" to their face, people pull me aside to remind me to be nicer.

For example...My cousin broke up with his girlfriend of 6 years a while back. I have one family member who is DEVISTATED About this...and constantly brings his ex us, and still talks about her religiously. So since i'm sick of hearing about this girl, I say so....she HONESTLY says "...they only broke up 16 months ago". I say "16??? Oh my god....sixteen!!!! Do you get that?" This family member ALSO went to therapy over it. I wish I was joking.

And if you can imagine, that family member is the easiest to deal with, compared to the other two....the other one has some fucked up issues, and then the other one is the one who likes to cause shit between everyone else. You know that type...that talks about everyone in the family, says nasty things, but then plays the part of the angel in trying to keep everyone from fighting about what they started.

Actually, i'll admit, they're getting better about not saying shit to me, because i'm the only one who will say to their face "shut up, I dont give a shit"...and then, if I hear that someone has been talking about me, i'll go right to that person and say "So...what have you got to say?" they usually trip over their words, and come back with "Nothing..what are you talking about"...

Im extremely opinionated, and am going to have a hard time keeping my mouth shut for the next year. I think what it comes down to, is that they spend WAY too much time together. My mom and uncle own a business together, my grandma goes and does stuff for them daily, everyone works togetether, or has worked there at some point in life. They see eachother about 5 times a week outside of work, go to dinner on fridays, and hang out together at the pool on sundays all day. I know it doesnt sound like a lot, but I cant express enough how much it is.

I went home thursday my grandparents and aunt were already there when I got there at noon. they stayed all day, and left after dinner. Friday, they were there when I woke up at 10, and stayed ALL DAy as it was my moms birthday, and stayed for dinner, left about 8pm. Saturday they were there all day getting ready for my moms huge party. Sunday I left at 1pm, to go do school registration, but they might have shown up at some point.

I wish it was excessive just for this weekend, but it's not. They REALLY spend that much time together every week. Hence the politics. They all have loads of friends, but all their friends are eachothers friends...and honestly, i'm really dreading moving back. Even though its just for a year....Ive already told my friends that they are going to be my saving grace this coming year...well, them, and of course my martinis.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Strangers and Sushi

Lately ive had a run of strangers adding me to their msn. Has this ever happened to you?

I went to bed one night, and so unlike me, I left my computer on. When I came out of my room in the morning, there was a request to let me add someone to my MSN. I had NO clue who it was, so I added them, and was like "uhhh...who's this?" Seeing as I never give out that email, i'm confused about how people keep getting it. I know it sounds horrible, but I have 2 daily email addresses. One for the people in my everyday life, and the other...that one's for "randoms". LOL!!! So seriously, if this guy was a random, I would have given him the other address...but he had my primary email, which confused me....but I digress.

So he's online, and his display picture is this TOTALLY hot guy, with a built BUILT body, standing in a towel. And I had no idea who he was....this was the beginning of our conversation. We talked for a bit, trying to figure out where we knew eachother came out that he comes to St. Catharines *my hometown* often because he has a few friends here....I wondered if I had met him, one drunken night and given him my email? I didnt know. I still dont know. So we talked...and laughed...and he was like "thats it...lets go out for a bite". So we went out for din, and had an awesome rest of the day together.....only thing? Is that when he came over...he's literally 5'6 or 5'7. And since i'm 5'9 and a half, its a big difference. Which makes me wonder even more how he got my email....seeing as i would have NEVER evn considered him...seeing as he's like 2-3 inches shorter than I am. I require tall men.

Anyway, he's an awesome guy....and we had a lot of fun, and we're giong to hang out when he comes to the bars in St. C.....but I still dont know where he got my email address....but these...are the days of my life.

So I come back and have my neices for the day...we hang out, and when I pick them up, i tell them we're going out for dinner, what do they want to eat? They both say "SUSHI!!!" and although I am used to this, they are still only 3 and 5. It just makes me laugh, as I have friends who still wont eat sushi. So we go for sushi. And i cant even believe that they are better with chopsticks than some adults I know. Sitting there, telling me they love Roe, and seaweed....what 3 and 5 year old do you know that likes seaweed???

ive got a crazy weekend ahead of everyone make sure to get out, do something's june for fucks sake. Drink it up this's summer time!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Steve Buscemi = Funny (My favorite SNL skit)

I just went looking for the airdate of this clip, and it aired 04/04/1998....1998!!!! I cant believe that it was 8 years ago....oh my god.

Host was Steve Buscemi, and i have watched this clip so many times since I downloaded it, It still brings tears to my eyes. It's about 3 minutes, if you have the time...its worth it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blogger Confessional© Again with the busy.

Im trying to post a video...bear with might not work.

This week I:

- Found out that someone is going to therapy becuase of me...and having me in their life for such a long made me feel like shit, and horribly guilty. HOWEVER, I had a conversation with a BRILLIANT guy, who reminded me that it's all about coping skills, and not individual people. Thanks buddy, you're the best!

- found out that the random guy i've been hanging out with, lied to me about what his name was...for the past 7 months. I only found out, becuase I asked to see his license, and when he showed it to me, i asked him why his name wasnt on it...and he said "I have a fucking girlfriend you know...I have 2 lives, the one with her, and the one with everyone else." So I guess, that means that he has to lie about his name.....whatever, I said goodbye, and that is the last time i'll talk to him.

- was at walmart looking for the muppet movie. The original one where they all meet and this cutie guy with down syndrome walks right over to me, and says "excuse me"...i think i'm totally in the way, and i say "oh...sorry"..and he doesnt move, and just looks at me, and says "i think you're pretty...and you have pretty hair"...and then he walks away. At least someone thinks i'm pretty.

- a guy called me a jerk...and not the one who's in therapy, a different one...but after finding out that someone's in therapy becuase of me, i agreed with him...i am a jerk

- saw some white trash guy getting arrested at walmart....i dont know what happened, but there were 5 cop cars there, plus the patty wagon.

- finally watched eurotrip. Verdict = funny.

- went to starbucks...they ran out of gingerbread for my steamer, so i had hazlenut instead...christ it was yummy

- had a friend over friday night...he was watching jay leno when we got back here....and i was checking my email...someone was on, but i didnt pay attention to who, then all of a sudden, I hear this glorious australian accent, and say "who is that???" It was hugh jackman. I have never seen him outside of his "x-men" character...and was drawn to the tv. He's Hot. I dont care what anyone says...he has been immediately bumped to the top of the hot list...and knocked jason statham to 2nd place....Id NEVER seen him in any pictures or other movies or anything...he's a pretty PRETTY man.

- dropped my french class.....i hadnt started it yet, but i had time to study for italian AND french AND pack AND go out. I'm sorry...but i'm popular....

- found my FAVORITE SNL skit of all time...was going to post it here, but realized that this post is already too long. I'll post it tuesday....i promise...Besides, that way, i can get PX to do it for I have NO clue how to post video. LOL! Hope you all had a great weekend

Friday, June 02, 2006

the Davinci Load???

So i'm talking to a friend the other day, he tells me that he's downloaded a new porn...the Davinci Load. This is ridiculous! But it made me laugh out loud....and of course we started back and forth with the horrendous porn names that are based on real movies....I thought it would make a funny blog...but I digress....

The few that caught my eye

Austin Prowler
Bat Dude and Throbin
The Backdoor Bradys - I always thought that about them...
A Clockwork Orgy - this one makes me giggle...
Edward Penishands - penis HANDS...he must be the most popular boy on the block.
Hump up the Volume
The Maddams Family
Saturday Night Beaver
The Sexorcist
The Sopornos - Not a movie, but clever none the less
The Texas Dildo Masquerade

.....And my personal favorite *in titles, not in movie viewing*

Will Wanker's Candy Fuctory.