Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Moving on up to the east side....

But not to a high rise apartment in the sky. I DID find a new place and im moving on August 1. Im SO stoaked. Its a HUGE apartment, and I have my own private yard. sigh.....my own private yard with a stone walkway - thats perfect for a bistro set and a BBQ...eek!!!!

Theres a massive fireplace - and a built in wine rack in the kitchen. its so nice, and pretty...and gigantic, and CHEAP. I really lucked out. Im leaving what my dad called "A rat hole" (even though hes never been here), and found myself a gorgeous place. I'm really in love with it....and i have a yard. :)

I've also been thinking about doing my PhD in sociology, or a second masters in Social work......im getting to the point in life where I need another change. This apartment will help, but I need something bigger. Ive been at the same job for almost 3 years, and its time to do something different. but I dont want any lateral moves. I want a huge leap. Its time to start researching what im going to be doing with my life - my mom thinks I should go see a psychic. Ugh....

Anyway, I had the BEST Canada day weekend, with amazing friends, and so much booze, (I cant believe how much we drank - 11am until 11:30pm people....straight - and that was me - Miss A and LD were troopers and stayed another hour after that). Met some amazing new people, and had a wonderful wonderful weekend.

This weekend also marked the 1 year passing of my grandfather - I can't believe that its been a year already...CRAZY how fast this year went by. We had something for him at the cemetary and then a yummy dinner of all kinds of food he would have approved of.

Its that many days closer to Harry Potter, and Big brother starts on Thursday.

I know I said last year that it was going to be the summer of CJ - but I wasnt motivated. I wasnt into doing all of the things i said I wanted to - so I totally honestly think I may have jumped the gun that one. If the last week has taught me anything - this summer is going to be divine.

Did I mention I get my own yard???