Saturday, January 29, 2011

catching up on life.

The last 10 days has been CRAZY. All I did was study. Sacrificed sleeping, eating, going out (well...not so much going out..but you know). And it was so qiuet at my parents house - until they got home, and then it all went to hell.

My old room mate from toronto came to visit and she'd never really been down that way before, so i gave her the grand tour plus we did a whole bunch of touristy things etc. It was my dad's 60th birthday - so there was a party last weekend that we also had to get ready for.

I ended up staying at my parents sunday night too becuase I had to go to another office monday that was half way between niagara and toronto - which made sense to me, but I had lost so much study time, and was so frustrated at how loud everyone was - that I was in tears, and went to the quietest place I could think of....Miss Ash's sisters house. AND she has two teeny kids. I got more done there in 3 hours than i did all weekend.

Then i spent the majority of the week in the library studying with ear plugs (which i also had on the weekend, but my family is too loud for earplugs even) - and by wednesday night - I was so frustrated with the material, that I ended up leaving the library at 7:30 and going home. While i was walking home - and had resolved to never touch a CSC document again - I ironically got about 6 different text messages from people saying that they were thinking about me, and that they were wishing me luck for the test and that they knew i would do great.

It actually made me feel much better, and i went home, and studied some more.

The test was divided into 4 parts. First part was 5 MC questions, 2nd 10MC questions, 3rd 14MC questions, and 4th 5MC questions....

Thats it. LOL and after all the tears and frustration...i feel confident for the most part. Im not going to say that I passed for sure...but im feeling confident. I never understood when people ask how the test went - if I passed, it went well - if I didnt pass, it didnt go well. I mean, I know that you can gauge how you think you did - but If university taught me anything, its that sometimes I thought I aced a test, and then failed...and sometimes I think that i failed, and got an A.

(Side note - this actually happened to me once when i was taking one of my upper year sociology courses. I almost dropped the course before the midterm becuase I was so frustrated wtih the material, and trying to memorize it - but I wrote it anyway - and thought that i failed it, but when my score came out, and I got 87%, i had to go back and check three times).

SO - for now, we'll say that I answered the questions, and I feel confident. :)

Then i got pulled over by a cop - but I can save that for my next post.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Swirly Whirly

The last few days have been a total blur and complete whirlwind.

Year of spoil indeed!!! LOL

I decided to take a massive road trip in the last few days of April and first 10 or so days in May with some Aussies. My old room mate tossed around the idea, and I said "im in" and plans were well under way. Another of her friends is flying over from Australia to meet us in L.A. and we're going from there. 5 days in LA, 3 days in San Fransisco, 2 days in San Deigo, Over to Vegas for a few days, and then to the grand canyon for a few days. and then back to LA. Should be absolutely amazing. like...Amazing. So if any of you have been to those places (excluding Vegas of course, ive been) make any and all recommendations about dinner, resturants, things to do, and please include links if you have them. This has taken up a lot of time, sorting and organizing....but it should make for some amazing times, and fun posts. We're going to Disneyland for 2 days...and after being in Disney World for 2 days just a few months ago, im going to be disneyed out for the next little while.

Additionally - I decided (yesterday), that enough was enough, and I emailed CSC, as I wrote the test for them months ago!!! I was very nice and professional about it, and 2 hours later, I get an email back saying congratulations!! youve passed, and we're inviting you to write the next test (which is complicated to explain, but its actually 4 sections, and 2 tests on the same day). Coincidence that they emailed me....I guess we'll never know. BUT how exciting is this!!!! This is step 3 out of 4 in the process to becoming a federal parole officer! Woot. I wont even complain about how slow they are...LOL im too excited now.

And im dog sitting this week. My parents are in Jamaica, so im burning my vacation (since i have so much to use before the end of march), so i agreed to watch the dog while they were gone. Luckily, I actually now have a week to study. Ive been working on this all morning, and have a hot date with the library today. If I fail this one, it will be my own lazy fault. (Yautca - I actually thought about how much you study when you have those financial tests, and already tsk tsked myself for not starting yesterdayafter I got the email. LOL)

So thats been my life folks. Trip planning, and future planning. And for the rest of this week, it will be studying, but I will be certain to post the results of the test - which should be greuling and make me want to cry....god knows the last one did.

On a side note - its my dad's 60th birthday tomorrow...and on the 20th, the 12 year anniversary of the death of one of my best and closest friends. Usually this week is very sad for me, but good things are happening, and im in a much better place than usual. I miss you Craig..and Happy Birthday to my dad :)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

The 10 Evil Commandments

So i bought this book - a hilarious daily diary type account of satan's rise to the head of the underworld....(super cheap table sale incase you were wondering)....these are the kinds of things i find funny.

1. Thou shalt have no other gods but me
Mister high and mighty's getting too damned righteous. Thou shalt prefer the devil to him.

2.Though shalt not make to thyself any graven imagines
Thou shalt feel free to portray me in all my glory (especially if thou captureth my rugged good looks)

3. Though shalt not take the lord's name in vain
Thou shouldst blashpheme, cuss, and use utter profanities whenever things dont go thy way

4. Remember the sabbath day and make it holy
Thou shall use the weekends profitably to catch up with all the sins thou hast missed out on during the week

5. Honor thy father and mother
Ensure the life insurance and wills are up to date

6. Thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not let any slight go unavenged

7. Thou shalt not commit adultry
Thou shall not get found out

8. Thou shalt not steal
Thou shall consider it an "indefinite loan"

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness
Thou shall be economical with the truth

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife, fields, man servants, etc...
Oh come on! Thou shall desire and covet to thy heart's content, especially if its a nice ass.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 - you are but a faded memory of what was.

2010 took a lot of people from me that i did not want to go....and brought me back a lot of people that I never wanted again.

I really started to rationalize, and review my life (as everyone does this time of year) and realized that I needed sort of a summary of my Resolutions.

I resolve to take life less seriously, and spoil myself to something once a month. Be it an expensive purse, long weekend road trip, day at the spa...etc. I think that this is a good way of having more time for myself, and dedicating more time to the pursuit of "all things PP". I need to refamiliarize myself with things that I like, and find out what I dont like anymore - see how my tastes have changed.

And...if anything - this year in men has taught me that my tastes have definitely changed - for the better I think. I was wrong about this past week at work being bliss. My ex came into town, and I could not believe how negatively it affected my sleep, my functionability, my daily stress levels - of course, getting 39 text messages in one night asking me to go fetch him to hook up in my car didnt help. He said that if I couldnt have a mature meeting and a night of casual sex, than something was wrong with me, and to go fuck myself.

We havent seen each other in 2 years. I have indeed blogged about this man (and I use that term loosely) before. He is under a VERY misguided impression of what happened 2 years ago when we split...and thinks that we could actually have something casual - when in text message saying he was in the city, took every step that id made from him in 2 years, and affected me so negatively...

So this week, I drank...a lot. And after days of avoiding my house, phone and cell phone - out of sheer dread - i decided that it was time to make a change.

My friends (toronto, and niagara) came through in true fashion - were there to support me, and kept me VERY busy at night time so that I wouldnt be tempted to see him. I do love the drama - but I think this year, may be dedicated to living drama free - because everyone said "I know youre going to see him, but just be careful - you know how this is going to end" and to everyone's surprise, I avoided him like the plague.

My cousin's status on Facebook was to: remember that how you spend your New Years is how your next year will be....Which made me miserable - because I was planning on being by myself after work with a pizza, being miserable - but instead, I made some very fast plans, and went to a Wii pizza party at my sisters, hung out with my neices, and then out with great friends at night; followed up with great friends, poutine and pancakes today. Lots of laughter ( a few tears), and over all, a decent night.

If what my cousin wrote is true - then my next year shall be filled with amazing friends, family, good times, laughter, good food, and taking control of my emotions instead of letting them control me.

NOW - ive got 12 months of spoiling ahead of me....Whats for January....Bring on the Year of PP. :)