Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Im trying to figure out what to say here....I dont know if you all know this - but im sort of a nerd. Especially when it comes to Harry Potter.

I have been reading these books since 1997. I was 20...and now im 33, and I still LOVE Harry. Sigh. I know.

I even spent 10 minutes looking for a picture that I really felt encapsulated the Epicness of this movie coming out in 2 weeks...i FEEL like this does it. but it doesnt really pack the punch necessary in this teeny window.

I cant believe its over - there wont be any more Harry....these books got an entire generation of people reading....they got kids reinterested in many books have done that? Transformed an entire generation of kids into readers?

Im a nerd. I dont care. I already got my tickets...and i CANNOT wait. Who else is going?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Early Morning Conversations

So i have someone who calls me everyday sort of 5:50am early...just to say good morning. He's great and I really adore him, so its acceptable, although for the most part, this type of behavior is highly frowned upon.

He's half Chinese, and this morning mentioned something about the Mongols (becuase after "good morning", we apparently discuss ancient history).

Me: Wouldnt it be cool if you were related to Genghis Khan?

Him: I could be - he apparently liked having sex, and probably had a lot of kids.

Me: Well, you always talk about all the sex you have - so you might be.

Him: haha...totally.

Me: you also like Twinkies?

** Silence**

Me: Oh...nevermind...that was the Genghis Khan in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

hilarity ensues.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Even a helmet wouldnt help...

This past weekend was SUPPOSED to be wonderful - a night of living it up and dancing with Jenni and Miss A...a night of fun and frolic...a night of greasy 3am post bar food....I had great intentions for a FABULOUS saturday....and then i got out of bed.

Went to kickboxing - everythings good. Time is being properly managed....I have 1.5 hours to work out, not the 2 that I need to do core and kickboxing, so i decide to go home, and do my core exercises there.

Its not that im a particularly CLUMSY just really accident prone.Long story short, I was on the stability ball, face down. Lost my balance, went face first into the wall, sliced my eyebrow open, blood everywhere, shattered a glass and had an immediate bump that looked like a golf ball under my eyebrow.

Spent the next few hours in the hospital. They glued my eyebrow shut, and I have a concussion - and therefore, had to spend the next 3 days on the couch (minus lunch with Miss A on Sunday).

I still feel like shit. my eye is JUST starting to turn black (perfectly in time for the lion king this saturday I might add!!!), and it hurt to laugh or smile for 2 days cause of the swelling.

SIlver lining? Doc said that if i had hit one inch lower - I would have lost my eyeball. So i might have gotten into a fight with a wall, and lost - but at least I still have my eye. :)

This was taken yesterday morning - I can assure you its much more purpley today LOL

Saturday, June 04, 2011


I tried for 3 days to upload my pictures, of just Santa Monica, to here to show them off - cause I was going to do my california posts in parts. But I couldnt upload - the pictures were all wonky, the posts wouldnt publish - i restarted the first picture post TEN times...and uploaded the pictures TEN times. And nothing. For 3 days.

And today - i looked online. for 2 hours to figure out what the fuck was going on, becuase my posts werent even being published. I have like 5 different drafts of posts that I couldnt figure out what was going on.

The answer? After 3 days of wanting to punch my computer, 10 times of restarting the post, and a million and a half frustrating moments? The new IE disabled my java something or other. I cant publish posts anymore from there.

So now im on Mozilla - and hoping for a better day - i'll see if this publishes, and go from there.