Thursday, September 30, 2010

PP's week in review.

What a crazy week (and by week, i mean Monday to Wednesday night!)

I went to my first baseball game last night! That was not really a fan of team sports, but my friend is moving back to Australia in January, and she's trying to cram every bit of the Tdot into her last couple of months.

So i took the day off, and headed to meet her for dinner at Oliver and Bonacini's Canteen, which was delish. - And at this point, might I add that I ALSO took the street car for the first time by myself - I have only taken it 2 other times with LD and Miss A....but i navigated the queen street car (LOL) from one end to the other, and survived. Next I shall tackle buses...but i digress.

I went to a baseball game. Jays and Yankees. It ended up being "Thank you Cito Gaston" night. I guess he was retiring. So there was a lengthy ceremony before the game started, and they handed out these Cito Gaston memorial things to everyone at the game. My Aussie friend things is great since we got e-tickets instead of stubs, which she would have saved....I told her i'll probably sell mine on Ebay.

Other than that, ARod (who i didnt know other than from dating celebrities) apparently a baseball player! And he played last night. Everyone started booing when he walked on the field, and i was like "Who's that??? And why does everyone hate him?" My Aussie explained in depth about his scandalous ways, and by the end of the night, i was booing right along with everyone else.

It was a fun, and freezing night. I had a great time - and wasnt even annoyed by any of the annoying people! Which i might add is a real first for me. We ended up winning 8-3, and I gave my left over pizza to a person on the street after the game.

Quick note - When its late at night, and there are lots of drunk and annoying people on the street car, pull out your book on profiling serial rapists and killers. AND make notes in the margin. I one will sit beside you no matter how full the street car is.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

On a positive note...

I feel like ive been so BLAH about men the past week - but me and the quasi-someone i was sort of "whatevering" with..have ended. So I think that 7 "blah days" are usually reserved, but I dont necessarily use them all. And ive decided against using them all - although, the past couple of weeks have been sort of stupid. Its fall - im moving on.

you know...i was out for a walk the other day...and it was about 8pm...getting darkish....but enough so that people had their inside lights on...and as I was walking by - I was looking left and right and was able to see right into peoples houses...and started making mental commentary on the way they decorated. like "love that lamp"...or "omg i would never have that picture in my house".

For the record, i was not being a creeper - or skulking around peoples yards peeking in their windows. I never left the sidewalk, and I never slowed my pace...this was just what I could see as I walked past....and anyone whos been to Toronto, knows that the houses are really close together and not too far back from the sidewalk - so relatively easy to look in when you're walking by.

Does anyone else do this? LOL..oh man, i hope someone else does this....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


you know...if it werent for my awesome amazing friends, id be so fucking miserable and utterly unbearable to be around.

Fortunately, since I wouldnt have any friends, no one would be annoyed by that...except me - being annoyed at how fucking miserable I am.


That is all.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The summer of the ex continues - The story of DICK.

After I posted about how all of my exes are contacting me, it hasnt stopped. It has actually continued. Another one has (J)...but funny enough, another dude that I hung out with just this year (R), has come out of the wood works, and ran into someone i know yesterday.

I get home from work last night at 2am. There is a frantic message from a friend on my answering machine, who knows that I am working, but call her as soon as I get home, I wont believe what happened. She doesnt care what time it is. So I call and she launches right into how she ran into DICK at San Remos, and blah blah blah...he wouldnt shut up about me.

It was a really confusing relationship - we were GREAT friends, had everything in, movies, job, likes, dislikes...we were just really good friends. I just wasnt attracted to him. I genuinely liked him as a person because we had so much in common, but it just didnt work out. Here is his account of why.

He told her: We usually went for drinks

Truth? We never went for drinks. Because we both worked shift - we usually ended up walking up and down the beach between 1am and 2am chatting and spending time together before he would get back in his car and go home.

He told her: She had feelings for me that I did not return

Truth? On one of our walks, I told him that I was not attracted to him in that way, but that I really liked hanging out with him.

He told her: PP crossed too many boundaries

Truth? He asked me to move in with him, and said that he thought we were going to get married. Hence the "Im not attracted to you in that way" conversation.

He told her: "I called and called, but she never returned my phone calls, so i gave up. I wasnt going to force her to talk to me"

LOL!!! TRUTH??? After this beach conversation, he stopped calling me, even though he wanted to be friends. I called and texted him over a 2 week period - he never responded once. It sucked going from talking and hanging out everyday for 2 months, to absolutely no contact. And you know...i never actually heard from him again...until now.

What a delusional asshole. Why do guys twist and distort the truth to make themselves look better?? You know, I almost want to call him - but since my "never keep any phone numbers or email addresses" rule is always in effect, I cant...and good riddance.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall = PP's happy time

I have had the MOST wonderful weekend filled with great friends and great laughs. Its tough to have the same readers that Miss A does - cause when we spend the weekend together, we will most probably blog about the same thing.

We went to the Duke on pub in the city. And then we went to the Veggie Food Festival down at the harborfront on Saturday. (I know that she will blog about these things, but I REALLY hope that she blogs about her big Celebrity sighting!!!) I saw Scott Speedman - but no one really gives a shit about him anymore.

I got the BEST Indian spices and made the most amazing Madras Masala chicken with coconut milk. The owner of the business I bought the spices from gave me some great tips on how to cook this and how to make it really in the most basic way. It turned out so good that I actually had to eamil her and tell her how fantastic it turned out.

I love this time of year, and how its perfect jacket or big hoodie weather. I havent heard anything about that job yet, but its only been a week. Im seriously hoping I hear something. Its so wierd though becuase the website says that the results of my application will be posted by October 3rd. Im wondering if that means that I wont hear anything until then - but I really hope that its before.

Friday, September 03, 2010

PP Has a problem

Its true...its happened....PP has started watching TV.

TLC specifically - and i have a massive problem now. Because of Cake Boss and Say Yes to the Dress...All I want to do is eat cake, and shop for wedding dresses.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Vent Vent Vent

Im at work. I hate today.

I walked into a screaming match about medication with a very demanding client that I have, who has a very severe sense of entitlement.

I have bitten my tongue for 2 years and just looked away when she went off on her rants. Not today my friends. Today..she felt the wrath of PP. I went up one side of her and down the other - about her attitude and disrespect towards staff...that she has no sense of boundaries, and that shes asking us to breach confidentiality. And then, she called me a liar - on top of ALL of these things that have already been addressed 100 times each...I mean, Im very strict, but very fair. I give praise when it is due, and I give consequences when they are required and never other than that.

Today this client pushed the limits and was screaming in my face calling me a liar - which I have spent some time on gathering information to prove that I wasnt lying...and i didnt lie. Bottom line. She only hears what she wants to hear. I gave her a very stern verbal caution that if she ever talks to me, or anyone here like that again, there will be consequences and I promised that they would be severe.

*getting the proof today that I wasnt lying about what she said I was lying about makes me feel great - but its all for nothing. she wont listen to it...especially if she knows that shes wrong.

On the other side of the same work coin. Im applying for a new job. Cross your fingers kids!! this one would set me up for life.