Friday, January 25, 2008

YAY new post!

Well people, it has been indeed months since I have written something new, and rightly so I might add. It was Christmas, it was New Year, It was Vegas for my 30th was working a lot over the holidays, and it was too much family crammed into a few days (which may have provided to be useful in writing new posts - ie: venting about family)

But here I am. 30...Vegased out for the next 12 months, and thinking of my next vacation already....which I think will be to Mrytle Beach. Im interested, and just started thinking about it today actually...ive decided that I am DEFINITELY in need of a beach sometime soon....and not the crappy beach here that had EColi last summer...i mean a real beach, with salt water, (the kind that makes my hair look super fantastic, and impossible to replicate), and sharks.

I need 4 days of nothing. No going anywhere, no driving, no getting up early to go places, and walk 30 miles a day to get to see all the stuff you wanted to....I need 4 days, of listening to the ocean, paying the extra 140 dollars to have the ocean view room, getting up to the sound of crashing waves, and the smell of salty sea air. I want the smell of coconut suntan lotion...and the only thing i want to worry about is what kind of chips im going to eat for lunch that day.

Ive been on vacation a few times in the past year and a half, but one was Vegas for a wedding, one was Vancouver which was go go go the entire time (But LOVELY!!!) and the other was Vegas, which was go go go x's 50.

I want HOT weather, and to be exhaused from the sun at the end of the day...not from walking half way across the state. I know Myrtle Beach, ive been there about 12 times....i LOVE Myrtle Beach. Im thinking that a beach, this year, sounds incredible.

On a side note...i have 3 couple friends who are having babies today. (not just due date today, but legitimately in labor and having babies...) So i'd like to take this opportunity to wish Congrats to Miss Ash, who is now (or will be in the next few hours) an auntie!! And to my other friends, who have perfect little bundles.

Heres hoping that my next post wont be 3 months from now....