Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everyone's making changes!!!

It has been 2 of the craziest weeks - and from the looks of other blogs....same goes for everyone else.

Another thing that I find a lot of bloggers have in common right now, is eating healthier. And im no exception Every year, i do a quasi version of Lent, this being my third, where I give up something - a bunch of somethings. The first year I did it for 47 days; last year, 68 days; this year, 80.

I give up: chocolate, white sugar, all desserts (which is why Miss A ate my and her dessert at our last restaurant outing), no candy, no white flour, bread, pizza, pasta, crackers, pancakes, etc etc etc...basically all i eat is on the stove oatmeal, chicken, fish, brown rice, fruit and veggies. Plus all the kickboxing - you can imagine the results!

Today is day 20. I didnt have any of the wretched headaches this time around, and am feeling pretty good...although - last week, I almost cried I wanted a cookie so bad. And at a late work meeting, where they ordered pizza for dinner, I had to watch everyone else enjoy it. I was pretty miserable that day too. LOL

20 days down...60 days to go - my friend Justine accuses me of doing this for bragging rights. And I'll be honest, I love getting people on the "lent bandwagon"....And I successfully recruit about 6 people a year. But I assure you, when they say "I hate you PP! Why did I do this?"...and my response is "you're having a hard time with it?? Its so easy! Quit then"...It remotivates them feeling they have to prove it to me - which i never understood! I dont do it to brag, I do it for the challenge...and having someone else to be miserable with is good times.

As well, whats kept me so busy, is my interview. Its this friday!!! EEK!!! Id be lying if I said I wasnt nervous. Apparently there's a role play where you have to ask probing questions to get to a hidden addiction that your client has. And I assure you "Pretend you have an addiction and dont tell me what it is" has quickly become my MOST favorite game. Ive been accosting people at work, and friends on msn....Im surprised I have any left at this point.

But after friday, i can sleep, and slightly relax a little, because at that point, its out of my hands. Ive been given some good adivce on how to prepare for this interview. And Im not taking all of those suggestions for grantid. Im still working my ass off. My laziness is not going to get in the way of me getting this job.

Fingers crossed!

OH - and on another note - I paid off my line of credit...which has been hundreds of dollars a month in payment, for the last 3 + years. I thought I would be more excited...but in all reality, Im not. Im surprised at how "meh" I am about having paid off this huge debt. and in fact, I actually had to come back to add it here, cause I'd totally forgotten. (But I did want it documented somewhere, so that when i read over my life one day, i'll remember). I suppose i'll be happy when the extra money isnt disappearing every month, but we'll see. LOL

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You's funny.

We work hard at some things, and are lazy about other things - we prioritize things in our lives, and put all of our efforts into what we feel is most important.

We put a lot of ourselves into the things that we do...mostly things that go unnoticed, or unappreciated. I always used to say that the only place that life was fair, was at the gym. Its the only place that you get back exactly what you put into out more, get better results, and vice versa.

However - sometimes...the stars align, and everything falls into place. The effort that you make towards yourself...or your future, pays off. The things that make us cry, and give us stress, end up being things that really progess us into the things we want to do - and we are reminded that we should never give up - regardless how infuriating, or upsetting life is sometimes. That our efforts are not always in vain, and they are recognized.

I passed my interview is March 4th. :o)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

PP gets pulled over....

So after my test, I went to visit a friend - and following 10 days of studying and being drained, i was so tired, i just wanted to get home. So im driving and I sort of stopped at a stop sign. A cop sees me and pulls me over.

He proceeds to be the biggest dick, and asks me to step out of my car as he takes my license. im standing at the side of the road, and he honks at me to come over - and he proceeds to show me the tape of me sort of stopping - I mean, he could have easily let it go, since i came to a 99% stop - but we all know how badge happy the police usually are....anyway, he had his car heat set to "cremate", and i said that it was so warm in there. He invites me to sit down inside (front seat) and proceeds to start a conversation as hes writing my ticket.

Turns out that we grew up in the same smallish city, and that we know a lot of the same people and that he grew up on the same street of an old friend. He then says "so what brought you here?" I tell him what I do for a living, and as a volunteer position, and he snaps his head at me and says "You're a fucking (insert position title here)????" and I say "yea, sorta. Why??"

He says "Why didnt you say so??? I dont even want to give you this ticket anymore" I ask if its a kickback of the one position that I have, and he puts his fingers to his lips and taps the car camera with his pencil and mouths to me that the car is miked. He gives me the ticket and says that he wants to walk me back to my car.

Outside, he says "so if you take it to court...and if you GO TO COURT, and blah blah blah court...Do you understand what im saying to you?" I said "no".

**For the record, I am fairly law abilding and fairly dense - apparently.

He says "OK - IF YOU TAKE THIS TO COURT..blah blah blah...then you come see me, and we work something out...and start carrying your business cards"

I go home that night, and call a friend who works at the same division as he does. She says that hes an idiot and that she'll call him tomorrow to see what sort of evidence he has...turns out, he doesnt have any.

I go to court in 6 months :o)