Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things that go bump in the night

Im a believer in ghosts. I'll admit it....i dont care. When you live where I've been living for the past few months, its hard not to be.

So im at my brother in laws house 2 weeks ago for Sopranos...we're sitting there, and the door alarm goes off (the one that beeps when the door opens), we look up towards the front door...closed. We look at eachother. He goes upstairs to check the side door...WIDE open. No one to open it. Rattled.

A day or so later, im in bed, I wake up breifly, look at the clock, it's 1:30ish. I hear a loud crash downstairs. I bolt out of bed, and immediately think there's someone in the house. I get out of bed, turn the light on, go into the hallway and turn every light on out there, and then call for my mom. I KNOW...i'm 29. Shut up. She comes out, and I say "you didnt HEAR that??" She says no, I tell her it sounds like someone is downstairs. We listen, intently, for 5 minutes. I finally say "Wanna go check?" She shakes her head "No"

After a couple of more minutes, we go, clicking every light in the house on. Nothing. Basement, closets, doors...nothing. Nothing is broken and nothing has fallen over. She thinks im crazy. We go upstairs, and as im turning out all the lights, she comes out of her room, and says "It was the deckchairs, they fell over, because of the wind."

Her room is right over the deck. Mine, on the other end of the house. Funny how I heard it, and she didnt. I still closed my door, and put my chair, and laundry basket behind it just in case.

In the morning, she says "I was vaccuuming, and I found out what that noise was. We have a loads of bookshelves, that take up three walls of the living room (the mini-llibrary we call it). Apparently, a book jumped off the shelf in the middle of the night, knocked a picture off the shelf on its way down, and a bottle of sand from Cuba. The sand is all over the floor, the book not only jumps off the shelf, but throws itself to the other side of the room, and the picture falls onto the floor.

A couple of nights later, I hear another crash...this time, I let it go, but still put my chair behind my door just incase.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I find it hard to believe that the last time I posted something was almost a month ago. I sincerely havent forgotten about any of you, but have just been so busy.....

As everyone in my life has heard so many times over the past 6 weeks....Between March 20, and May 20, I only had Easter Monday off....1 day off. 2 months.

So, as you can imagine, i've been ridiculously busy. However, With only 7 days of teaching placement left *which I can hardly believe becuase it feels like yesterday I was saying "Oh my god...I have 14 weeks of placement"*, Im just about finished, and life will start to get back to quasi normal.

I did manage a quick 4 day trip to Vancouver and Seattle but that's about it. busy as I am between placement and working, and as much as Ive had to do, my teaching placement gave way to something that I never thought I would see ever again....It gave me something that I only just thought about last week, and actually looked for on EBAY to buy....this placement has given me back a piece of my childhood.

This placement, gave me Mr. Mugs Workbooks. 3 of them. I honestly havent seen these workbooks since I was in grade 1. But I remembered them all the way until now. These were the books that taught me how to read and write. You wanna talk about Nostalgia?? THIS is the epitomy of nostalgia.

How many of you remember these books??