Tuesday, November 25, 2008


1. I quit my job at WS and did NOT take advantage of the discount. I walked in there and said that my schedule had changed again and that I would be unable to accomodate them in working a day shift once a week. I said that I wanted to quit before the paperwork went through for the discount and all that stuff. They thanked me for being an hoenst and rspectable person and said that they hope they could still consider me a loyal customer. I said they could.

2. My OTHER new job is FANTASTIC!!! I love it, and despite the clients questionable pasts, I find that they are quite delightful.

3. There was someone in my life whos company I enjoyed. He called me about an hour ago to tell me that he slept with someone else, and that he does cocaine "recreationally", but felt that I deserved to know, because he wanted to be able to sleep with a clear conscience.....Ugh. Boys!

4. Im devastated about missing black Friday. The computer that I want is 280 dollars cheaper in the states...Im working the overnight that day, and dont get off until 8:30am. Id never get over the border if I decided to drive home after the shift, AND chances are, it would be gone by the time i got there anyway.

5. Ive decided I need a vacation. And not just a 4 day jam packed fun filled Vegas vacation. I need to go lay on a beach somewhere for a week. I get 5 weeks of vacation a year to start at my new job...i should probably use it.

Thats all for now. Sorry for the delay with the new post.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

31 and 11 days

So my bday was a hit. We went to SottoSotto, which has the best Italian food I've had since my Nonna died 9 years ago. Dirty Dancing was fun....I'd give it a solid 8 out of 10. Sound of music was way better.

I had a party here just last Saturday...and then we went to a bar where I proceeded to get drunk, and elbow some chick in the kidneys as hard as I could. Im POSITIVE she pissed blood that night....but thats what happens when you make inapporpriate comments about my friends. But I digress....

So im 31 now. I've got a WONDERFUL new job.....even though I actually have THREE wonderful new jobs. One of them isnt so wonderful.

In addition to working in a half way house for women out of prison, and working at another agency for children who have autism, I decided to pick up a fun gift wrapping position at Williams Sonoma for a couple of reasons.

1. 40% discount.
2. I LOVE that store, and half of my Christmas gifts come from that store...So again 40% discount.
3. I love to wrap gifts. I do all of mine, and my moms, and my dads, and my aunts...i find that Im actually quite good at it, and its nice to sit on the floor with a glass of wine and make presents look beautiful.
4...did I mention a 40% discount?

So I thought it would be fun...and stress free...and Im taking a huge pay cut to fit it into my schedule. But I didnt care, I figured that the 140 dollars I made a week, would pay for my christmas gifts this year.

So they said that I had to give them minimum 15 hours a week. No problem. I went in just tuesday to submit my availability, and then called them the next day to confirm it. They said that my schedule is "Unacceptable".. and the conversation proceeds from here.

Boss: Your schedule is unacceptable
Me: Whys that?
Boss: Because we need you to work the same 15 hours per week, consistently
Me: Uhh....I work shifts, that impossible
Boss: Well, I know that we made it clear to you that you had to work the same hours consistently
Me: No you didnt, I told you I worked shifts when I first talked to you about this
Boss: Well, I know someone told you that you had to work a set schedule
Me: Umm No. I work a different schedule all the time, thats what shift means.
Boss: Well its unacceptable
Me: Sooo...Im sorry that this job isnt my number 1 priority. Im work shifts, you knew that, if you thought it would be a problem, WHY did you hire me?
Boss: I have 100 employees, I cant have them submitting a different schedule every 2 weeks, thats not efficient.
Me: Well, if 99 people are submitting consistent schedules, whats wrong with 1 person submitting a schedule that isnt consistent?
Boss: Well, you're going to have to find out if your schedule is conducive to the Williams Sonoma expectations.
Me: It is, you just have to make acceptions. And by the way, you scheduled me on a day that i told you that I had a wedding, Im not coming in, you'll have to cover that shift. Goodbye.


NOW, for a job thats supposed to be fun and stress free....WHO would keep this job??? I know how much WS says that they're all about customer service, and helping people, etc etc...I dont think that they know what their own mandate is. If I quit, I'm the customer again, and knowing what I know now, I could have a lot of fun with these people, and cause them a lot of stress. But if I stay, I get 40% off...

Im torn. Do I let some bitch who makes 10 dollars an hour talk down to me, when I have 2 other job, BUT i get 40% off...or do i walk in there, and say "Fuck you guys. Thanks for nothing!"

I talked to a friend of mine, and I said that I wanted to get my employee card this friday, and then go shopping on Saturday, buy up all the things I wanted to buy and then say "BTW, im quitting".

He thought that would be funny. Ideas?

Monday, November 03, 2008

My bday...Yawn.

My 31st birthday may be coming up, but I am WAY more excited about the election tomorrow!!! Such a pivotal point in US history...and may I say North American history in general.

I am starting to, as time gets closer to the election, to become more excited about the prospect of a democrat in office again! I am sick of republicans....im sick of their "Pro-war" bullshit, and im SUPER Sick, of the one who's currently in office.

I think Dubyah might be the stupidest man alive...after 8 years of countless idiotic quotes to back him up, I for one am not going to miss....well thats not true. I will miss making fun of him on a daily basis, and the Bushisms that come up in the calendar every year...

But as a general whole, I will not miss the idocy of GWB. And with this, I am recommending the show "Lil Bush" which plays on the comedy channel, but you can catch a glimpse of this here.

Also, happy birthday on the 4th to one of my closest friends Tim...and happy Guy Fawkes day on the 5th!

*Bday plans include SottoSotto for dinner on Wednesday, and then off to see Dirty Dancing! Plus the usual boozy shenanigans with the gang.