Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This and That.

You know - I think Charlie Sheen is less than 5 steps away from starting his own cult. What do you think it would be called? I'm going to go with "Sheenis Envy".

Its snowing here in the great city of Toronto. Thats right people. Snow. March 23. Its pretty outside - i heart the snow, but its really sucky cause its so cold.

Nothing about the job yet....and if its meant to be, it will be. But I havent actually thought about it much over the past week or so because....

...ALL IM THINKING ABOUT IS MY VACATION!!! Woot. I just confirmed my 90 hours off, and still have 2 weeks to spare (and thats carried over from last year, im behind on my vacation taking).

I think, so far, this is the itinerary. Flying into LA, San Diego, San Fransisco, La Jolla, Vegas, Grand Canyon.

Ive been to the last 2, but have never been to California - If you have ANY recomendations for that state, restaurants, things to see, or do, places that are a "MUST" for any traveller, please let me know.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A peice of advice.

IF you are married...tell me, or at least delete my text messages - so that I can avoid SCREAMING phone calls from your wife Asking me who i am, and where I know you from.

You these situations - why is NO ONE Ever mad at the dude...ive seen Jerry Springer - the chicks always go after each other. Its mind boggling.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

blah Thursday...

Its thursday. Its crappy weather outside.

Im done beating myself up about the job. I dont think I really want it anyway - another potential job came to me yesterday (from a colleague at another office), and its something that im REALLY looking into. So we'll see. After 6 months of preparing, tears, stress, and meltdowns....the job that I just interviewed for might not even be what I want. Funny how life works out like that. (and my apologies for putting you all through the stress as well. LOL)

My shoulder feels much better. Thank you for all of your condolences.

Nothing really new to report. I wont hear about the job for at least 2 more weeks...shoulder's doing better....broke my toe on Tuesday (I THOUGHT i broke it, cause it turned black within a minute of being injured, but im more mobile today, and its feeling better, and is less black - so i dont know about broke anymore - maybe just fucked up. Which i'd settle for)

Im longing for spring - im sick of this weather...So i think we all need a little pick me up. There is a man who's doing some reno's at work here, and he reminds me of Richard Simmons....DRESSED like Don Johnson in Miami vice - white pants and all (I WISH i could post pictures of him). He ALSO consistently smells of rotten eggs, feet, and mouldy cabbage.

Feel free to discuss: Are eyebrows considered facial hair???

Sunday, March 06, 2011

forget what i wrote about changing the URL of this blog....

It is SO rightly named. Ive lost all confidence regarding this job.

I know youre wondering, so i'll get straight to the point. After I left, i realized that I didnt say a massive section in the questioning - in regards to the kind of client they were asking me about - BUT i touched on every point under that section - i just didnt name the section. I did demonstrate knowledge...but I forgot to mention the name of the section i was making all the points about.

additionally - I feel like If I had asked one additional question during the role play, it would have opened up a variety of new possible questions - of course, I didnt think until i was gone.

I know this doesnt seem like that much - but when it comes down to it - these are the things that can cost you the job. I dont know.....we'll see I suppose, but im not holding my breath for the phone call.

Annnnd yesterday, im at my parents house cleaning - because they are coming back from a 3 week jaunt in south america....and i was vaccuuming the stairs, and stepped right on the vaccuum....grabbed the railing, and did some serious damage to my shoulder. Pain so bad, its gag worthy.

thats it folks - now its just a waiting game.....and if my shoulder still feels like this in a couple of days, im going to the doctor.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

PP is ready for change...

My interview is tomorrow. Im nervous. Gag nervous.

ive been preparing - and feel ok about the things that they expect (role play, questions, and written), and have a FAIRLY good idea about the sorts of things that they are going to ask in terms of these three things, but that doesnt make it any easier.....

Keep your fingers crossed...big time - and if you pray - say one for me. :)