Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winding down 2010....

im back to work tomorrow morning. Spare me your jealousy.

people think that im nuts for not taking this week off...but let me just say that im working, none of my clients will be around, no agencies are really open, parole and probation officers are gone until 2011....i'll go to work, watch movies and be online for the most part. the next three days will be bliss - why wouldnt i work?? LOL

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Even a Grinch can have her day...

To all of my lovely fellow bloggers who Never fail to entertain me with their ramblings; Delight me with their jokes; Make me smile with their stories; Make me laugh out loud at their embarassing moments; Make me sad with their sorrow; and Make me happy to be part of a network of brilliant, hilarious, talented writers who's ideas for posts never cease to amaze me.

May this new year bring many more ideas, stories, and hilarity to us all...

Monday, December 20, 2010

You know what...?

...this blog is REALLY grumpy. I bitch a lot about work, and guys (mostly)...and after reading every post that Ive written this year - I cant believe that you are all still reading - i would have stopped months ago (GREEEAAAT...another post about PP's men...or another post about work....blah)

so adding on to my list of resolutions I recognize that I need to take much more time away from work, and guys. I need to implement other things (than kickboxing) into my life and be a more well rounded person. Guys and work are fine...but thats 90% of what I blog about. Someone should have yelled at me months ago.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I hate my lack of technology

So....me and Miss A and LD went to the Tim Burton Exhibit here in Toronto. IF you are a fan of Tim Burton - you must see this exhibit....its a non option to anyone who loves his work. It was great, exciting, fabulous etc...but this post isnt really about that. Its about my shitty phone.

So im standing outside of the exhibit waiting for Miss A and LD, who got lost on the streetcar....I had just hung up the phone with her, establishing their ETA, and who walks by but Kevin Smith. I was speechless, and made some high pitched gutteral squealy girl noises I imagine....

He slowed and made the general "Hi, yea, hows it going" chit chat....and All i could say was something that resembled "BAHHHHHHHHHHHHH".....and he looked at me and said "No camera huh? Well nice to meet you"...and kept going.

Aside from the fact that my cell phone has gotten me in a lot of trouble this year, it has ALSO not provided me the options that I need - clearly. First order of business in January, new phone - WITH camera.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


ive written about 4 posts that I ended up deleting (but saved the draft) becuase I didnt know what to blog about.

wigsf blogged about new years eve...and who wants to read 2 posts about that....

And then i wrote another one about how i got a paper cut on my eyeball tuesday night...but no one wants to keep reading about how accident prone i am....

then i wrote one about childhood memories of hanging out with Miss A from when we were super little, but I would never post about her without her permission first....

Then i wrote one about bumping into another ex....who called me that same night - but lets be real. Who wants to read about my ongoing Boy drama??? I dont even want to talk about it anymore....

So im writing about New Years Resolutions

I wasnt sure what my resolution was going to be this year...or If I was even going to even have one, since I never seem to stick to them anyway.....

I already go to kickboxing 4-5 days a week....thats the gym bit covered...

i dont have any bad habits to quit....(unless you count swearing like a trucker, which i dont.)

im still trying to avoid drama...and boredom. Avoiding Drama isnt working out so well...but I havent been bored in a LONG time...

"Fuck IT" is still largely in effect - if you cant change it or do anything about it, fuck it, and dont worry about it. - that one is still in daily practice.

So - I guess that leaves me with what I want to do this year:

1. Travel more. Bottom line. I want to take all the road trips that I never took last year, and one over seas trip.
2. Get in better shape - which, I am currently doing, but will continue to do, and happily i might add
3. Pay off all my debts. Im planning on doing this before february....the prospect of emptying half of my savings account is terrrifying...but the idea of having an extra 600 dollars a month in my pocket is exciting....
4. Take more vacations and dedicate less of my life to work. I currently have 144 hours of vacation....and by year end, assuming i dont work 1 more second of overtime, I will have almost 180 hours of vacation by March 31. (keep in mind that I have already taken 5 weeks of vacation this year, and I still have 180 hours left....I only work 4 days a week, no stats, and no weekends. Its a curse AND a blessing) ...and i can only carry over 3 weeks of vacation, or I lose it, cause we dont get paid out.

This year is going to be about me. Im going to put my energy into myself. I deserve it. I work hard, and give a lot of myself to working and my clients. This year, im going to dedicate my time, to myself, and learn to leave work, at work.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Aww Crap.

Oh kickboxing....such a love hate relationship we have....Lets hope the pain in my jaw goes away on its own, without a trip to the hospital. (Im wishing any of the pictures I took inside where my teeth went ito my lip would turn out...too dark. LOL!!! blah.)