Sunday, October 28, 2007

Funny haha (Round 2.)

Okay...lets try this one instead.

A man living in Newfoundland went to the docks to try to get a job.

He found the captain of a boat, and said "I need a job". The captain looked him over, and said "Okay. Take this application home, fill it out, bring it back, and i'll give you a job."

The captain hands over a 15 page application. The newfoundlander takes it home, and fills it out making sure all t's are crossed and all i's are dotted. Three days it takes him to fill out the application..but he does it and brings it back.

The captain says "Great!! We have a boat leaving tomorrow so go home and get some rest. Be here at 4am." Just before the Newfoundlander can say "OK", another man comes up and says "I just moved here from BC, and I need a job desperately."

The captain looks him over, and immediately says "Okay. Be here at 4am"

Obviously annoyed, the Newfoundlander says "I had to fill out this stupid 15 page application that took me THREE days, and this guy walks up and you immediately give him a job??"

The captain says "He's got an honest face. So either be here at 4am, or not. The choice is up to you". The Newfoundlander sulks but agrees to be there.

The next day. The Newfoundlander and the man from BC are both on the boat, the Newfoundlander up in the crow's nest, and the man from BC mopping the deck. The waves are gigantic as they have come upon a storm. As the Newfoundlander watches the man from BC, a humongous wave comes aboard and washes the man from BC over the side of the boat, into the ocean and is nowhere to be seen.

The Newfoundlander cant believe what he has just seen and as quickly as he can climbs down and runs to the captain.

Upon finding him, the Newfoundlander says:

N: You know that guy you hired?? The one from BC with the honest face?
C: Yes. What about him?
N: He just stole your fucking mop!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Funny haha...

In this post, I had a picture that was emailed to me.

It will not appear on this page anymore....i dont know why, so im going to recreate it. For you...


I thought it was funny....but this doesnt make me laugh....well it sorta does, but not out loud. AND it wont let me post the words where they're supposed to be, without the dots....VERY disappointing