Friday, January 27, 2012

Ill fated adventures at the asian market: Part 2

So last night, I decided to go to my favorite place for Assorted Guts - T&T, the Asian grocery store, that I have certainly blogged about before.

It was just Chinese New Year on the 23rd, and so i figured i'd go hit up some of the after sales - i like red, and its the year of the dragon - which my Chinese client ASSURED me that it would also be a prosperous year for the snake (me).

Instead of buying fun and festive, I bought food. My favorite spicy noodles, sushi, and thai shrimp crackers for my neices who love them. But - when you have those, you need the delish peanut sauce to go with them. Having a hard time finding it, I stopped the nearest person who worked there and the conversation is as follows:

Me: Do you have peanut sauce
He:(in the thickest accent possible) Peanisauce...
Me: yea, peaNUT (with the emphasis on NUT because you never know what other cultures might find delicious - no pun intended)
He: Ohhhh Penis - here.

he walks, I follow. He stops, I stop.

He: Penisauce....Frozen?
Me: yes, PeaNUT - its frozen?

He turns towards the soy sauce scans the shelves and looks at me

Me: PeaNUT - like peanut butter?
He: Yes. Penis. I never hear before.

And he proceeds to walk me to the aisle with all of the sauces, and says "Penis. I never hear before. bye bye now"


Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sigh. Im dumber than i thought..... LSAT marks came in on Thursday.

So much for law school.

The test is ranked and scored between 120 -180 points. You have to get 160 to be competative in applying to law schools.

I got 140. Not a great score, but not the worst score either. And as you all know, I didnt want to really be a lawyer, I just wanted an option. I kind of felt like this was it. Turns out i was wrong. But Im happier not applying to law school. I'd rather save 100K then spend it on something i wasnt sure I wanted anyway.

But what REALLY upset me was not only did I not do well on the test. I got in the LOWEST 10th percentile of all test takers. 90% of the people who wrote that test did better than I did....Stupid bell curve.

its a universal test - and 50 million people could have written it on Dec. 3. 100 million could have written it. I dont know. Every test center in Ontario was full except Windsor, and Thunder Bay, which is why i went to buffalo.

Oh well - my personal policy is to be miserable, and feel sorry for myself about things like this for 48 hours tops. And that 48 hours is over.

Moving on to bigger and better (and less expensive) things.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Phone apps and the friendships they destroy...

As you all know I upgraded my dinosaur phone in August and got an iPhone. Just last week I got an email from a friend suggesting I download "Words with Friends" onto my phone so me and him could play back and forth. It was the first app I ever got.

I don't like to pat myself on the back - but I'm smart. I know a lot of words and have a broad vocabulary and therefore proceed to DESTROY my friend each game by over 100 points.

This current game I hit a triple word score in the middle of a word with a letter that I added to ANOTHER word - and got TWS for both words (and used a Q). 122 points - thank you very much. He accused me of cheating. How insulting. if I was making words that you'd need to pull out the dictionary for - then accuse me of cheating. but words like "togas, scab (a word that got me like 40 points alone on a TWS), chums, can i cheat? arent those everyday sort of words?

My first word of the game was ozone - and it got me like 55 points. or something like that...

Heres some advise - if youre a competative SORE loser who cant handle being beaten by a girl with a much larger vocabulary than your own. Dont accuse her of cheating just cause you SUCK.