Sunday, September 11, 2011

PP meets celebrities and makes a complete asshole of herself....

For those of you who have read this blog for any length of time, know that Clockwork Orange is my favorite movie....and at Nerd Expo this year, the star, Malcolm Mcdowell, along with other horror/movie people were going to be there signing autographs....

We're waiting in line too meet up with him, and he ends up being an hour and a half late. His manager must have been talking to him on the phone, and you could hear him say "NOO There's really a lot of people here to meet you".

And so he looks at the line and says "scream something to prove that youre here" i did - i dont know what I said, but i guess not enough people screamed, so he brought the cell phone to LD and she said "Hello??" and Malcolm never said anything, but then she said "we're here."

And then the phone came to me, and I said "We're here, are you coming??" and then he passed the phone to someone else. and I said "LD!!!, we just talked to Malcolm Mcdowell on the phone!!!" (one sided, but we did. :) )

Malcolm finally shows up, and comes up through the line, and im shakey nervous all of a sudden. I mean...this is a HUGE deal. so he's walking up the asile, and he gets to me, and he says "look at this beautiful girl just to meet me" and he grabs my arms, and squeezes im imediately swoony and have a total "Dear Diary" moment.

there's only one girl ahead of me, and i get up there with my friend LD, and I shake his hand, and tell him how exciting it is to meet him , and he says "good then let me give you a hug!!" so he hugs me, and im so swoony again, hes so dreamy. So he asks me what I want signed, and I want the orange picture with the cartoonish face that has the cog for the eye, and LD asks me why I dont want one of Malcolm...and I tell her that the orange poster that I got signed, was the poster that came out when the movie was banned in England and MM looks at me and says "THATS RIGHT!!! I cant believe you know that!"

He takes the poster and says "and who am i addressing this to?" (And thats when things went bad...). I looked at him and said "Holy shit, youre malcolm Mcdowell"...and I couldnt remember what my name was and LD had to tell him...and then i launched into this HUGE speech about how the movie, and his protrayal of the character changed me and determined my career path blah blah blah...and you know how he has thos HUGE blue buggy eyes....he was like so enthralled with what I was saying, and he said "So you know all the bullshit then eh? about how they have to pee, and have the fake wangs"...and i looked at LD and laughed and said "Malcolm mcdowell just said WANG to us"...

So it was awesome, he shook my hand again and I told him that it was a real honor to meet him, and he said that it was an honor to meet me, and etc etc.

But I wish that was the end of it.......

So i get in line to see Douglas Bradley who was sitting beside Malcolm McDowell - im still swoony over MM, so i get up there, and pick my picture for him to sign, and i shake his hand and am like "Doug bradley...its very cool to meet you, but guess what? I just met Malcolm McDowell" and i was SUPER excited...and he looks at me very uninterested and says "Uh huh..." and i said "No, you dont understand. Clockwork orange is my FAVORITE movie ever!!!", and my friend jumps in and says "ummm...besides hellraiser of course", to which i say it is, but its my favorite Gorror movie, but how ACO is my most favorite movie ever. his assistant says "i dont even think ive ever seen it"...and im like "SHAME ON YOU!!!!" and doug bradley the entire time was like "uh huh...." and super unimpressed.

LD laughs and says that she'll never pass up the opportunity to see me make an ass of myself.

Im leaving, and im on the escalater, and Danielle Harris (of halloween 4, 5, rob zombie's halloween, and Roseanne) was 1 step above me on the escalater. She looks over her shoulder at me and shoots me the cut eye, so i say to her "wow, danielle harris. hows it going"...and she looks over her shoulder at me, gives me this massive bitchy smirk and in a really rude tone, says "YEA. Hi there". My response - WOW...youre fucking rude eh?....and let her jaw open on the escalator.

Talked to Malcolm McDowell on the phone, got to meet him, made a complete asshole of myself infront of doug bradley, and told off Danielle Harris. All in all...a good day. :)