Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winding down 2010....

im back to work tomorrow morning. Spare me your jealousy.

people think that im nuts for not taking this week off...but let me just say that im working, none of my clients will be around, no agencies are really open, parole and probation officers are gone until 2011....i'll go to work, watch movies and be online for the most part. the next three days will be bliss - why wouldnt i work?? LOL

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Even a Grinch can have her day...

To all of my lovely fellow bloggers who Never fail to entertain me with their ramblings; Delight me with their jokes; Make me smile with their stories; Make me laugh out loud at their embarassing moments; Make me sad with their sorrow; and Make me happy to be part of a network of brilliant, hilarious, talented writers who's ideas for posts never cease to amaze me.

May this new year bring many more ideas, stories, and hilarity to us all...

Monday, December 20, 2010

You know what...?

...this blog is REALLY grumpy. I bitch a lot about work, and guys (mostly)...and after reading every post that Ive written this year - I cant believe that you are all still reading - i would have stopped months ago (GREEEAAAT...another post about PP's men...or another post about work....blah)

so adding on to my list of resolutions I recognize that I need to take much more time away from work, and guys. I need to implement other things (than kickboxing) into my life and be a more well rounded person. Guys and work are fine...but thats 90% of what I blog about. Someone should have yelled at me months ago.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I hate my lack of technology

So....me and Miss A and LD went to the Tim Burton Exhibit here in Toronto. IF you are a fan of Tim Burton - you must see this exhibit....its a non option to anyone who loves his work. It was great, exciting, fabulous etc...but this post isnt really about that. Its about my shitty phone.

So im standing outside of the exhibit waiting for Miss A and LD, who got lost on the streetcar....I had just hung up the phone with her, establishing their ETA, and who walks by but Kevin Smith. I was speechless, and made some high pitched gutteral squealy girl noises I imagine....

He slowed and made the general "Hi, yea, hows it going" chit chat....and All i could say was something that resembled "BAHHHHHHHHHHHHH".....and he looked at me and said "No camera huh? Well nice to meet you"...and kept going.

Aside from the fact that my cell phone has gotten me in a lot of trouble this year, it has ALSO not provided me the options that I need - clearly. First order of business in January, new phone - WITH camera.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


ive written about 4 posts that I ended up deleting (but saved the draft) becuase I didnt know what to blog about.

wigsf blogged about new years eve...and who wants to read 2 posts about that....

And then i wrote another one about how i got a paper cut on my eyeball tuesday night...but no one wants to keep reading about how accident prone i am....

then i wrote one about childhood memories of hanging out with Miss A from when we were super little, but I would never post about her without her permission first....

Then i wrote one about bumping into another ex....who called me that same night - but lets be real. Who wants to read about my ongoing Boy drama??? I dont even want to talk about it anymore....

So im writing about New Years Resolutions

I wasnt sure what my resolution was going to be this year...or If I was even going to even have one, since I never seem to stick to them anyway.....

I already go to kickboxing 4-5 days a week....thats the gym bit covered...

i dont have any bad habits to quit....(unless you count swearing like a trucker, which i dont.)

im still trying to avoid drama...and boredom. Avoiding Drama isnt working out so well...but I havent been bored in a LONG time...

"Fuck IT" is still largely in effect - if you cant change it or do anything about it, fuck it, and dont worry about it. - that one is still in daily practice.

So - I guess that leaves me with what I want to do this year:

1. Travel more. Bottom line. I want to take all the road trips that I never took last year, and one over seas trip.
2. Get in better shape - which, I am currently doing, but will continue to do, and happily i might add
3. Pay off all my debts. Im planning on doing this before february....the prospect of emptying half of my savings account is terrrifying...but the idea of having an extra 600 dollars a month in my pocket is exciting....
4. Take more vacations and dedicate less of my life to work. I currently have 144 hours of vacation....and by year end, assuming i dont work 1 more second of overtime, I will have almost 180 hours of vacation by March 31. (keep in mind that I have already taken 5 weeks of vacation this year, and I still have 180 hours left....I only work 4 days a week, no stats, and no weekends. Its a curse AND a blessing) ...and i can only carry over 3 weeks of vacation, or I lose it, cause we dont get paid out.

This year is going to be about me. Im going to put my energy into myself. I deserve it. I work hard, and give a lot of myself to working and my clients. This year, im going to dedicate my time, to myself, and learn to leave work, at work.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Aww Crap.

Oh kickboxing....such a love hate relationship we have....Lets hope the pain in my jaw goes away on its own, without a trip to the hospital. (Im wishing any of the pictures I took inside where my teeth went ito my lip would turn out...too dark. LOL!!! blah.)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My uncle died today...my grandma went over to have lunch with him, and found him dead at his home.

So it was after work, and im feeling a little blah; but I was hungry and wasnt sure what I wanted. So i got out of my car, and walked...and picked up whatever looked appetizing, and consoling...

No matter what you feel, or what youve heard - what ever kind of cravings you are having....please take my advice....

Spicy Crispy Salmon Sushi rolls....and poutine, is NOT a good dinner combination

RIP Uncle Nick!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Notable Notables...

Random bits.

1. I hate my lulu lemon pants (and I looked, they're Dance Pants)

2. Its been almost 8 months since I started blogging again - and have definitely proven that I am back to stay. There's no reason that I shouldnt be back on everyone's blogroll again. (I think i am, but just saying...)

3. Now that im back into kickboxing, I find myself constantly humming "Eye of the Tiger"...and feel like I should get a tattoo that says "Have the guts, got the glory". I wont - but im sure you can appreciate my standpoint.

4. Another one of my Exes has been in constant contact with me, and confessed that while hes not in love with me anymore (and me not in love either), that he still loves me, and that a peice of himself was gone the day that we split. Almost 2 years later....we're becoming fast friends, and thats it. Neither is looking to rekindle, but its just nice to know what hes up to. Im not being skeptical - but I am being careful. I know what he's capable of.

5. For the first time ever, I decided on a Christmas tree. my mom gave me a prefrosted, prelit fake thing that she usually keeps in her bedroom. I took it out of the case, and got one touch of the prefrosted leaves, gagged, and immediately put it away. I havent been in the christmasy music spririt, but definitely in the christmas MOVIE spirit.

6. Kickboxing is going very well. I hated my trainer so bad yesterday, she pushed us so hard, that I wanted to throw up. But, when i asked her about the speed ropes we use, she gave me one, and all was forgiven.

7. im behind on my christmas shopping. Usually im done by now. and while im done ALMOST everyone, im not done and its unsettling. Ugh...i need to make a list.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Oh. My. God.

I went to see Harry potter last night....well, this morning at 12:01am. I woke up for work thursday at 6:30, and had a not TOO crazy day at work - the first semi quiet day in 2 weeks - and then drove to Mississauga for 7:30, where we proceeded to have dinner and then wait in line for 3 hours to get good seats...and they were PRIME.

You know what the best thing about opening night for a movie this huge? No ones annoying. No one talks. No one says a word. Its so quiet, and amazing.

This movie was everything I wanted it to be. It was happy, and hilarious, and heartbreaking, and nail biting....it ended on a perfect note, and I cant wait for part 2 - which I imagine will be the most anticipated movie of all time.

If you are planning on going - I recommend it. It was absolutely amazing. Potterlicious. lol

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i did it...

...I bought pants from Lulu Lemon...blah.

I needed pants for kickboxing...and these are the best ones I found. They have a tie on the waist and they dont slide when I skip. YIPPEE...

AND...when I went into the store, and tried on one size...the lady was like "Those are much too big, let me get you a smaller size."

YAY to kickboxing, and smaller pants. LOL

Saturday, November 13, 2010

TGIF. Seriously

this week has been VICIOUS.

no word from the dude...its over. Moving on.

2 of my clients were arrested in the last 24 hours and i spent 6 hours at work today (on my day off, and cant get overtime).

But with all the shit this week, one good thing has come from it. I LOVE kickboxing. its been really good to help get the stress out - turns out that punching and kicking for an hour has been fantastic - helped me sleep better, and im much less stressed at work, and about life in general. The FIRST day....skipping for 15 minutes, 400 crunches, 200 squats, and 200 reverse lunges plus 35 minutes of bag work almost killed me. i didnt bring enough water, but im not in as bad shape as I thought i was...but i did learn that i need tighter yoga pants. By day 2, i was doing much better, and tomorrow is day 4. i'll be even better. My skipping coordination is shit...and i think that i whipped my arm with the skipping rope only 15 times today, instead of 50 like i did the first day.

Ive been everyday, and not eaten any carbs this week. Done so well that I treated myself to some ice cream tonight. and felt really good about my decision to do so.

Other than that, when i was holding the bag today in the circuit, my trainer kicked so hard and just the right spot that she got my finger, and she thought she broke me for sure. But my bones have been through worse than that, and are fairly resiliant. So i bounced right back...got to wear the pink boxing gloves, and ran home from the gym. Go me!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Im an idiot - AKA, I hate my phone.

So i blew it with the new guy...

long story short - my phone's a peice of shit, and sent text messages to everyone that I had texted in the last 24 hours, that SEEMED like i could be crazy if they were received by someone other than who they were intended for....these were sent to about 6 people out of my phone directory who I had been texting over the last 24 hours, including the new guy. HOWEVER, my one saving grace is that one of the texts out of 3 that was sent to everyone had her name in one of the texts....but still nothing

THEN i went to work and was laughing with my coworker about how he probably thinks im nuts, and I got another text from someone else, and when i replied, I watched it send and it said "Sending New Guy"....and my jaw hit the floor, and my face went so red that my coworker said that I looked like I was about to cry, and that she thought i got a message that said someone died.

it seems pretty unbelieveable I suppose and my coworker said that shed NEVER have believed it if she hadnt seen it herself - but for sure to never text again becuase he probably thinks im insane at this point.

I do have to say that everyone that I have talked to about this has been incredibly great and supportive - it just sucks, and I know that I have to leave it now and never contact him again...i just hate that its becuase of my phone and there's no way to fix it, or explain it.

But let me ask one thing - for those of you who have read this blog for years...WHY IS THERE ALWAYS SO MUCH DRAMA HERE?

I totally need to change the title of this blog - Dramarama, or A day in the life of a Drama Queen - but the thing is, i dont go looking for it - it finds me, and im sick of it. LOL

SO, because of this, I decided to get up this morning and go back to kickboxing. I needed to do something for myself to clear my head...and skipping, push ups, sit ups, squats, kicking and punching a bag for an hour - is a GREAT way to clear your head. Trust me. Its been a while since ive been, so I dont know how im going to feel tomorrow, all I know is that i'm going to sleep great and get up and go again in the morning. Its an amazing feeling to get all of the stress out. Ive put my goal list on hold for too long, and its about time that I said "fuck it" and did something for myself. So for now, kickboxing is it.

AND I started no carbs etc again...day 3 - feeling great. And the wretched headaches are gone already.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Back from all that is Hogwarts.

Ok - so i disappeared for a couple of weeks - with good reason. It was my birthday yesterday (GAH...33!!!), and my entire family went on vacation to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I know. Utter nerds.

If you like Harry Potter - it was unreal. Truly amazing. The castle ride - was so incredible....it took 20 mintues of constant walking to get from the main door to the ride itself - and you walked through the entire castle. Through the greenhouses in herbology, and Dumbledore's office, the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, etc....not to mention they had walls of talking pictures, and props from the movie. VERY exciting. And the ride was like a quasi roller coaster, with 4 chairs side by side on an arm that put you in front of a green screen, and spun you upside down, and sideways according to what you were seeing.

My neice was terrified of this ride, because aside from the green screen, it pulled you out of that, and real animatronic dementors and spiders flew at you (she was afraid of the spiders - that were half the size of my car).

Anyway - she braved this ride again on the last day there - and we went one last time before we left the park for good.....and it broke down, while we were on it. Dangling face first over the green screen....and then they had to turn all the lights on while we were on the ride - 50 feet over the floor, dangling...and seeing all of the wires, and claws, and metal beams that kept it in place....She cried, and asked several times to get off - I did feel bad for her since she was so afraid of it prior to that - but she seemed to be ok.

When we got off the ride - they were giving out the pictures for free (the ones they take mid ride) to all of the people who were stuck on it. I looked wildly unimpressed, and my neice had this sheer look of terror on her face. We decided against getting the picture.

However - I did take many of my own - which i'll post soon.

For those of you who are curious - butter beer is a combination of rootbeer and butterscotch REVOLTING...and pumpkin juice is even worse than that.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No one would have ever believed me....

Hidden city jems. I swear....
I was driving down a random street trying to cut through the city last night on my way to get groceries, and this is what I found. I managed to retrace my steps today with a friend, and after driving around for 20 minutes...not only found the house, but the owner outside. He's an interesting fellow....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

and of course I spoke to quickly....

Story of my life.

Another ex emailed me today...but not just any Ex...THE ex. The one who devastated me, broke my heart, and left me....

I never check my junk mail in hotmail - but for some reason...did. Saw his name and freaked out. Cried...and called a couple of people. 2 people pointed out that if an email can have that much affect on me....what would talking to him do. I agreed.

And then he texted me "Is this still your number"....(THE CURSE of having the same number for 10 years. FYI everyone who has my cell number. its being changed)

Its morbid curiosity....I HAVE to talk to him. I HAVE to know what he wants....its not like he was someone i just hooked up with at a bar. I Loved this guy...immensely. We talked about a future.....

Im just so confused....I looked him up on FB. So hot still.....I answered his text....im insane - lets not dwell on that please. But I have to know what he wants....I dont even know why.

A friend called me to see how i was...i couldnt string a thought together, or a sentence for that matter in regards to the issue...its utterly mind boggling.

I havent talked to him in a year and a half - and at this point, its such a mind fuck, that I cant even fathom why he wants to catch up. He clearly had no idea what imact his email would have.....and i wish, at this point, that I would have just let my junk mail go....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Leading to my happy ending...

...and its about fucking time. However, im being CRAZY optimistic right now - and so much so, that Im actually thinking of changing the URL of this blog. LOL

1. The job.
I applied September 3 for that CSC job, and it took them a MONTH to use their automatic filtering system to let me know if my resume would be passed on to a human instead of a robot, and that the results of my application status would be available October 3. I got the results that day saying that my resume will be passed on to a member of the human resources team, and that if they wanted to contact me for a job, they would do so.

Just this past monday, I got an email from them inviting me to write a written communications proficiency test (put these sentences in the right order...what does this word mean...which 2 of these 4 words means the same thing...what punctuation mark is missing...those sorts of things). Its the 27th at 9am. You have to get 32 out of 50 to get to the next stage in the hiring process - but lets be real. I have my masters in education and am a certified teacher, plus am fully literate, and have (for the most part - professionally speaking) amazing grammar. If I fail this test, I have bigger problems than not getting hired at CSC. I imagine this is step 2 out of a number of steps. Ive heard that there's another test on all of the Commissioners directives - which I sort of follow daily at work to make sure the PO is doing her job, but if you didnt know that, then how would you ever know? Anyway...whatever happens...im ready.

2. The Guy.
We split for good. I was sick of wasting my time, and sick of feeling bad about the relationship, and myself in the relationship. BUT...the same day that we split, I met someone else....who is actually very nice, its not moving fast...but it feels good to be this happy again.

Thats all for now kids. I'll update next wednesday after the test before my vacation!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

you know....

ive never seen Glee...but i recently heard a 30 second clip of a song they covered and you know what I realized???

Glee is just a televised version of the "Mini Pops".

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving wrap up.

Wow have I been slacking. Its Thanksgiving in Canada, for all of our American readers!!

I got my sex offender this past week - and the last 10 or so days have been preparing myself (work wise, and emotionally) for her arrival. Let me just say that I knew this past week was going to be stressful, but never in a million years could i have ever anticipated HOW stressful it was going to be. At one point, I actually had to leave the building becuase my heart was beating so hard, and my blood pressure was so high from stress, that if I didnt leave at that exact moment, i would have quit. This has resulted in me spending countless hours walking up and down the beach, and registering myself in a kickboxing class that starts tomorrow. What better way to eliminate stress than to punch shit?

MORE es-whatever's called!!! 2 in fact - and i feel like we've crossed the dozen mark for ex-whatever's calling me this year out of the blue. Although....one of these 2 was the dude from a couple of weeks ago. Im not questioning it anymore. They're calling. Ive had the same email and phone number for years (email since the premiere date of Futurama - yes my memory is that good. We went to a club that same night that it was on, and the email address was born that day)...and phone for 10 years. So. What can i expect. I either change those things, or live with it. Its easier to ignore them than change things around.

And what would the PP family household be without a few thanksgiving crises??? As you may well know - my grandpa passed away July 3. He was HUGE on family dinners and always drove to NH, or MA to get lobsters for any ocassion. It would have been his 80th bday on the 5th - which is also my neice Chloe's Bday. My gran wanted to have something just for him (on the 3rd which was also the 3 month of his death - so sort of like a vigil dinner I suppose).....Anyway, what did we have? Lobster.

We're not an especially clumsy family (except me - im a massive klutz)....but my one neice broke the pedal off my grans elipitical machine, my other neice was swinging her chair back and forth and my fingers were over the edge of the counter - she slammed her chair into my finger. I jumped back and my hand hit the bread basket, which went flying everywhere. The crumbs on the lobster thermadore lit on fire, and burnt to a crisp, and one of my gran's bowls "Fell" off the counter and shattered into a million peices - while we were eating i might add.

Last night - my mom was making turkey - and shes sick and cant smell at all - but said that the turkey was going bad from the inside out, and ran out 3 hours before everyone came over and bought a new turkey. Then my gran was taking a pie out of the oven, and she said it was knocked out of her hands and smashed all over the floor - causing her to make a new one.

Its all total coincidence - but we all laughed and said that grandpa's pissed we're having dinners without him.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

PP's week in review.

What a crazy week (and by week, i mean Monday to Wednesday night!)

I went to my first baseball game last night! That was exciting....im not really a fan of team sports, but my friend is moving back to Australia in January, and she's trying to cram every bit of the Tdot into her last couple of months.

So i took the day off, and headed to meet her for dinner at Oliver and Bonacini's Canteen, which was delish. - And at this point, might I add that I ALSO took the street car for the first time by myself - I have only taken it 2 other times with LD and Miss A....but i navigated the queen street car (LOL) from one end to the other, and survived. Next I shall tackle buses...but i digress.

I went to a baseball game. Jays and Yankees. It ended up being "Thank you Cito Gaston" night. I guess he was retiring. So there was a lengthy ceremony before the game started, and they handed out these Cito Gaston memorial things to everyone at the game. My Aussie friend things is great since we got e-tickets instead of stubs, which she would have saved....I told her i'll probably sell mine on Ebay.

Other than that, ARod (who i didnt know other than from dating celebrities)...is apparently a baseball player! And he played last night. Everyone started booing when he walked on the field, and i was like "Who's that??? And why does everyone hate him?" My Aussie explained in depth about his scandalous ways, and by the end of the night, i was booing right along with everyone else.

It was a fun, and freezing night. I had a great time - and wasnt even annoyed by any of the annoying people! Which i might add is a real first for me. We ended up winning 8-3, and I gave my left over pizza to a person on the street after the game.

Quick note - When its late at night, and there are lots of drunk and annoying people on the street car, pull out your book on profiling serial rapists and killers. AND make notes in the margin. I promise...no one will sit beside you no matter how full the street car is.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

On a positive note...

I feel like ive been so BLAH about men the past week - but me and the quasi-someone i was sort of "whatevering" with..have ended. So I think that 7 "blah days" are usually reserved, but I dont necessarily use them all. And ive decided against using them all - although, the past couple of weeks have been sort of stupid. Its fall - im moving on.

you know...i was out for a walk the other day...and it was about 8pm...getting darkish....but enough so that people had their inside lights on...and as I was walking by - I was looking left and right and was able to see right into peoples houses...and started making mental commentary on the way they decorated. like "love that lamp"...or "omg i would never have that picture in my house".

For the record, i was not being a creeper - or skulking around peoples yards peeking in their windows. I never left the sidewalk, and I never slowed my pace...this was just what I could see as I walked past....and anyone whos been to Toronto, knows that the houses are really close together and not too far back from the sidewalk - so relatively easy to look in when you're walking by.

Does anyone else do this? LOL..oh man, i hope someone else does this....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


you know...if it werent for my awesome amazing friends, id be so fucking miserable and utterly unbearable to be around.

Fortunately, since I wouldnt have any friends, no one would be annoyed by that...except me - being annoyed at how fucking miserable I am.


That is all.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The summer of the ex continues - The story of DICK.

After I posted about how all of my exes are contacting me, it hasnt stopped. It has actually continued. Another one has (J)...but funny enough, another dude that I hung out with just this year (R), has come out of the wood works, and ran into someone i know yesterday.

I get home from work last night at 2am. There is a frantic message from a friend on my answering machine, who knows that I am working, but call her as soon as I get home, I wont believe what happened. She doesnt care what time it is. So I call and she launches right into how she ran into DICK at San Remos, and blah blah blah...he wouldnt shut up about me.

It was a really confusing relationship - we were GREAT friends, had everything in common...music, movies, job, likes, dislikes...we were just really good friends. I just wasnt attracted to him. I genuinely liked him as a person because we had so much in common, but it just didnt work out. Here is his account of why.

He told her: We usually went for drinks

Truth? We never went for drinks. Because we both worked shift - we usually ended up walking up and down the beach between 1am and 2am chatting and spending time together before he would get back in his car and go home.

He told her: She had feelings for me that I did not return

Truth? On one of our walks, I told him that I was not attracted to him in that way, but that I really liked hanging out with him.

He told her: PP crossed too many boundaries

Truth? He asked me to move in with him, and said that he thought we were going to get married. Hence the "Im not attracted to you in that way" conversation.

He told her: "I called and called, but she never returned my phone calls, so i gave up. I wasnt going to force her to talk to me"

LOL!!! TRUTH??? After this beach conversation, he stopped calling me, even though he wanted to be friends. I called and texted him over a 2 week period - he never responded once. It sucked going from talking and hanging out everyday for 2 months, to absolutely no contact. And you know...i never actually heard from him again...until now.

What a delusional asshole. Why do guys twist and distort the truth to make themselves look better?? You know, I almost want to call him - but since my "never keep any phone numbers or email addresses" rule is always in effect, I cant...and good riddance.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall = PP's happy time

I have had the MOST wonderful weekend filled with great friends and great laughs. Its tough to have the same readers that Miss A does - cause when we spend the weekend together, we will most probably blog about the same thing.

We went to the Duke on Friday...best pub in the city. And then we went to the Veggie Food Festival down at the harborfront on Saturday. (I know that she will blog about these things, but I REALLY hope that she blogs about her big Celebrity sighting!!!) I saw Scott Speedman - but no one really gives a shit about him anymore.

I got the BEST Indian spices and made the most amazing Madras Masala chicken with coconut milk. The owner of the business I bought the spices from gave me some great tips on how to cook this and how to make it really in the most basic way. It turned out so good that I actually had to eamil her and tell her how fantastic it turned out.

I love this time of year, and how its perfect jacket or big hoodie weather. I havent heard anything about that job yet, but its only been a week. Im seriously hoping I hear something. Its so wierd though becuase the website says that the results of my application will be posted by October 3rd. Im wondering if that means that I wont hear anything until then - but I really hope that its before.

Friday, September 03, 2010

PP Has a problem

Its true...its happened....PP has started watching TV.

TLC specifically - and i have a massive problem now. Because of Cake Boss and Say Yes to the Dress...All I want to do is eat cake, and shop for wedding dresses.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Vent Vent Vent

Im at work. I hate today.

I walked into a screaming match about medication with a very demanding client that I have, who has a very severe sense of entitlement.

I have bitten my tongue for 2 years and just looked away when she went off on her rants. Not today my friends. Today..she felt the wrath of PP. I went up one side of her and down the other - about her attitude and disrespect towards staff...that she has no sense of boundaries, and that shes asking us to breach confidentiality. And then, she called me a liar - on top of ALL of these things that have already been addressed 100 times each...I mean, Im very strict, but very fair. I give praise when it is due, and I give consequences when they are required and never other than that.

Today this client pushed the limits and was screaming in my face calling me a liar - which I have spent some time on gathering information to prove that I wasnt lying...and i didnt lie. Bottom line. She only hears what she wants to hear. I gave her a very stern verbal caution that if she ever talks to me, or anyone here like that again, there will be consequences and I promised that they would be severe.

*getting the proof today that I wasnt lying about what she said I was lying about makes me feel great - but its all for nothing. she wont listen to it...especially if she knows that shes wrong.

On the other side of the same work coin. Im applying for a new job. Cross your fingers kids!! this one would set me up for life.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

PP has it out with Revenue Canada

We unified our taxes here in the good old province of Ontario (and maybe nationally..i have no idea, i dont really keep up with the other provinces or territories). We used to pay 2 taxes, but now we have the HST (harmonized sales tax) which is a whopping 13%.

The government issued HST transition credits to people living here who made under 80K/year, which is me. Its $100 3 times. I know it isnt much, but it pays for my plane ticket to Florida in November.

Anyway - I didnt get it. So my accountant encourages me to call and find out why. The following is an abridged, but 100% accurate conversation of the conversation I have with Revenue Canada.

RC: How can i help you?
PP: I didnt get the transionary credit - can you tell me why?
RC: You are not a resident of Canada
PP: ....Pardon?
RC: You are considered an immigrant to this country by RevCan.
RC: Going back to 2004, you left the country for an extended period of time, and never notified us that you were back
PP: But - I split taxes for both countries in the year that I was gone, and have paid taxes every year in this country since I came back. And checked "Ontario" on the page where it asks you to state what province you live in - AND have received all tax credits over the past 6 years. What does my address say sir?
RC: Mam - if you dont stop screaming at me - I will end this call

*at this point, it is valid to say that I was not screaming, and did not have attitude - my mom can verify this - this guy was just a total douche*

PP: im actually not screaming - what does my mailing address say sir? Where does it say that I live?
RC: doesnt matter - you could live out of the country and be using a mailing address for Canada
PP: Are you accusing me of committing Fraud?
RC: Stop screaming at me (Again, not screaming)
PP: can you please start recording the conversation, to prove that I am not screaming?
RC: No, I cannot do that - It is illegal to record calls at Revenue Canada
PP: but i'm asking you to
RC: it is illegal
PP: A friend of mine is a lawyer there - i'll be sure to follow up on that

PP: So - im an immigrant to Canada - How was I supposed to know that I was supposed to tell you that I was living in canada - isnt my tax return enough? I go shopping every month in the states, does that mean that I have to notify RC of my return to the country everytime I go shopping and come back. Like, how was I supposed to know to call you guys, especially since i've been submitting tax returns yearly - and all of my employers are in Ontario, and my return SAYS that I live in Ontario
RC: Mam - stop screaming at me - you are not considered a resident of the country.
PP: Im not screaming - im asking. If you want me to scream, I will. But I digress - is this accurate, am I an immigrant to Canada everytime I go shopping in the states?
RC: This is the last time im telling you to stop screaming at me - or I will end this call

PP: Do you have a name, and employee number?
RC: Yes I do
PP: Can I have it?
RC: gives me his name and employee number - Why do you want those things?
PP: To file an official complaint against you of course
RC: *his voice gets frantic at this point* - Why would you do that? Why would you file a complaint against me? Because im telling you the truth
PP: No - because I asked questions, you didnt answer them, or tell me how to fix this, all you did was accuse me of Fraud and screaming. Is your uspervisor there?
RC: we dont have supervisors
PP: you dont have a boss? Who do you answer to in the day?
RC: I dont know - Why are you going to file a complaint against me
PP: Because quite frankly, you're an asshole.

Thats when i slammed the phone down...although, i probably wont file one.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

So much for year of the Tiger - More like Year of the Ex!

I dont know whats happened this year to me - or if this is a common thing with all people - but I have had a substantial number of ex's (Ex everythings, boyfriends etc....) call me up to see how im doing, and to try to rekindle - or not, just legitimately call to see how im doing - whatever we had before. From March of this year, until just this past Friday - my phone has been a hotbed of ex texts and calls - the curse of having the same cell phone number for almost 10 years I suppose.

I know that this doesnt seem like much - but i'm prepared to follow up with some examples. Every story is true - and I have indeed blogged about all of these "men" (and I use the term loosely) before.

E - We went on 2 dates, 2 years ago. I'm out for lunch with Miss A, and start getting these random texts to which I reply "Who is this" (All of them go that way, i never save phone numbers)...and he tells me, and asks me to readd him on msn - cause i never save email addresses either. I add him, and am reminded of how hot he is, and we've been hanging out since March. He annoyed me 2 years ago - but we're both older now, and its great this time. We've had some good times.

M - We became friends a month before me and someone else broke up last year. I knew that M was moving to San Fran in September - so when me and the other dude broke up in July, me and M hung out for 2 months, until he left. We both knew it would be very short term. A WEEK after E texts me out of the blue, I get a call from M, hes moving back to town he wants to hang out and see where things go - we catch up, but nothing comes of it. Although, I get random texts asking if he can come over - i never answer them.

M - We had a few dates, but were better friends. I was much more attracted to who i pictured when i talked to him on the phone, than i was when we were together. It didnt work, but he ended up moving to Montreal I guess. Earlier this year, I get a text "Who's this" is my reply, and he proceeds to tell me - and that he is in town for a wedding the next day, can we please go for dinner - he really misses me, etc etc etc. I never did, but still....

M - my ex...from when i was 25. Finds me on FB and says that he misses me - and that he feels like he's been a terrible friend - im a great fantastic etc person and he wants to reconnect. He calls (cause I have the same number still)...we breifly catch up. Neither one of us ever calls the other again, although I have gotten some FB messages about how i havent called again...

S - A Cop...from last year. We met through work...we go on a date, we go on a second date. At this point, he tells me that he's married and just looking for something on the side. I get up and leave. I get a text message last week "Who's this" is my reply...its S. He's wondering if i've reconsidered. I never responded.

G - A guy I had something with 9 years ago. NINE YEARS AGO....he got married, we sort of kept in touch. He's busy, im busy - we havent talked in 2 years. I deleted him off of everything. FRIDAY, he finds me on msn. I guess I deleted him, but didnt block him. He's divorced now. His first question is - When can i come visit.

G - another cop....who i suspected was married but could never prove....calls me out of the blue after a few months, and asks me to hang out again.

My question to all of these people was - "Why do you still have my phone number"...which I think is a fair, and legitimate question. Seriously. This isnt like, last week we talked, and got into a fight, and want to reconnect. This is YEARS of not talking, and people still having my phone number. Every time I asked that question, I always got the same response, that ran something along the lines of "Just incase I wondered about you". I never save phone numbers or email addresses - once you're gone out of my life, you're gone. If I hold onto your contact info - i'll probably use it. So i get rid of it.

I dont WANT to change my phone number, as i've had it for so long, and everyone has it - but seriously. There are some exes that i definitely dont want to hear from. Does this happen to anyone else?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Driving

I came to my parents this weekend to go to the drive in with LD. (I invited Ash...but no reply yet. her poor ankle. :o) I also came here to pay some bills that come to my parents house that I have to pay in person. Its a shitty system - but im such a transient gypsy, that im usually never in an address for more than a year. No point in changing all of my mail until I settle.

Heres one thing I dont understand about drivers - WHY do you drive in the fast lane, if you're not passing anyone? Its such a simple concept - pass, and get over. Simple. I drive fast. I wont lie - Of all the times i ever have driven in the past 16 years since getting my license (EEK!!!), Im SHOCKED that I havent gotten more speeding tickets. IN FACT - the only speeding ticket i've ever gotten in my entire life, was just last year - for going 45km/h in a 40 zone. Seriously. The ticket was $27.50.

Of all the times that ive driven - and the people who know me who read this blog can attest that I am indeed an "Exciting" driver - im counting my blessings that i've only ever been pulled over once, and 5km over, isnt even speeding. But I digress....

I left my apartment this morning, and drove down to my parents - at 8am-ish. Traffic. No joke. So of course it takes me almost 2 hours to get here, but as im driving, and hitting pockets of traffic, I finally get to the end of each jam, to find 2 or 3 cars driving relatively the same speed across all lanes. 80km/h. Sigh. So after passing all of these idiots finally, I cant help but think (as i listen to the Cult - which also increases my average driving speed), that these three people were the reason that I was just stuck in traffic for 35 minutes.

This post also reminds me of a great story I used as my facebook status a couple of months ago - it reads something like this( I cant find it): I raced you all the way to Niagara, but I saw the cop first - I cant even imagine how expensive your ticket was going as fast as you were.

Pass - get over - repeat.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Notable things that happened on PP's drive to work today:

Police were directing traffic at Dundas and Coxwell. I snapped a picture - but it turned out to be really boring of a cop standing in the middle of the intersection, so i decided to use this one instead - id say that that was a fairly accurate description of my drive to work this morning.

And as i sat there - for 19 minutes waiting for my turn to go - I couldnt help but wonder the following things about this poor bloke standing in the middle of it all.

1. Who do you have to piss off at the office to get this gig?

2. Why do they flip their hands around like the Queen of England...does it have to be so dramatic, and flippy...or can it be more solid, and less "look at me showing off my huge engagement ring"

I ALSO saw a rather large woman - who graced the intersection of Broadview and Dundas with her GIGANTIC braless boobs, that hung down to her hipbone at least. Best part - she was wearing a shirt that looked like this, and everything was visible. I did not take a picture.

I got to Dundas and River - which is ALWAYS exciting because this is the first intersection of Regent Park. And right at this corner - there is a house they always talk about on the Dean Blundell Morning show. Its the house that put their inside table outside on the front lawn. There's usually a bunch of people hanging out smoking - doesnt matter what hour. Which also means there there are usually cops. At 11:30am, it was a full out rocking party, complete with music, coolers of beer, and cops.

And then I got to Sherbourne and Dundas - the worst, and most dangerous intersection in Toronto (as rated this past year in the newspaper). And of course the usual riff raff were out - Woman holding her crack pipe and screaming at man - and then man chasing her down the street. Another man carrying a womans backpack, screaming at each other - and man throwing the backpack in the street and telling her to carry it herself (she couldnt I imagine from the 2 cases of beer she was holding). Cops at this corner too.

After this, I turned on to sherbourne to get to work - and all of the excitement stopped. They werent even filming on Sherbourne today - but I heard on the radio it was closed between Dundas and Gerrard for a police investigation. I either missed the action, or drove right through the crime scene....

Isnt Toronto GREAT?!?!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Please note that I spelled Missy Agravation's name wrong....and am pissed at myself becuase when i said that she was an awesome chica and all around party girl - I should have added that she's known for rubbing bad charms with holy fingers.

Dammit. I must have been sick when i wrote that - to let that one get away from me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Im hot..and stuff.

Ive been working on a new post - which i described to Miss Ash tonight, and she laughed and told me to blog it in parts since it would be TOO long to do in one post. Its taking me a long time to come up with parts to the post - but once you see it you'll understand why. And i dont want to blog it in parts - because it will give me a reason to review it and recognize that i forgot things i wanted to say....and whats the point of fixing part 1 if youre already on part 3?

Please note a new addition to my blog roll. An awesome Chica, and all around Party Girl: Missy Aggrivation.

I have the stupid Dog wedding tomorrow. Im working for the day, and then headed to Niagara for the reception so im actually missing the dog part - but my brother in law is the professional photographer for this wedding...so i'm sure the pictures, will be ridiculous. And available here once i get my hands on them.

The only shitty thing, besides a dog in a tutu leading the wedding party - i cant fathom how i am sick...AGAIN. But im sitting here, unable to taste or breathe with kleenex shoved up my nose to prevent it from dripping - and it stops the sniffling if you only have your mouth to breath through.

i know. im hot. Get over it.

Friday, August 06, 2010


Ok - So after this week's freak out - ive decided that its time to get my ass in gear and get back to what i planned ohh....2 months ago.

I havent even TOUCHED a book....ive been working out 1 day a week instead of 5....ive been eating cupcakes (although, it seems to be the theme of this summer and everyone is blogging cupcakes!!! so i dont feel so bad about that one.) I havent taken one road trip....etc...etc...etc...It was supposed to be the summer of PP...and so far, it SUCKS. Except I have a really nice tan.

I even put off the new guy - and explained that if he didnt want to wait, that there would be other hot doctors around. (not so much in those words...but i dont plan on hearing from him ever again...)

I do realize that its August 6 already but better late than never.

One thing i DID do - was go to Harry Potter Exhibit at the Science Center. This has been on my "To Do" list since April. If you are a fan of the movies, this exhibit was amazing!!! There were so many movie props, they recreated Hagrid's hut, and had an exact full size replica of the entrance to the Great Hall with all the Decrees on it from the 5th movie! I try to buy the exhibit book if something I go to was REALLY great, to have it as a momento. I definitely bought this one. (The only exhibit that I went to, that I never found an exhibit book for was the Clash exhibit at the rock and roll hall of fame a couple of years ago...)

On another aside - My family has been talking about going to Florida for my birthday this year - now i usually go to Vegas with a friend of mine to celebrate both of our birthdays, but shes busy this year, and my family was talking about Florida. I have been asking when, so that i could book the time off work - but no one could seem to get themselves organized.

I open my email the other day, to find a ticket confirmation. I'll be in orlando from the 29th of October until the 5th of November. Halloween night at Universal afterhours??? YES PLEASE. Harry Potter theme Park??? YES PLEASE!!! Florida on mom and dad's tab??? YES PLEASE!

So...things arent ALL bad. But Florida in 3 months? Im done with the cupcakes....at least until i get back.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fuck Everything.

Fuck my last post...Fuck Karma. Karma is bullshit.

After I posted that - I had the WORST day at work....fuck people who lie straight to your face. Fuck people who steal. Fuck incident reports. Fuck 12.5 hour days. Fuck sunburns....

OH. And Fuck smashing my knee off the desk and getting an immediate bruise.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuesday Shenanigans

Following up a long weekend - where I spent a lot of time doing the following (in no particular order): Cooking, Cleaning, Shopping, hanging out with friends (And I met someone im interested in getting to know better - so we'll see where that goes....)

I followed up the weekend with Great conversations and a short, but effective meeting at work today (even though im working 4-12 this week, I had to come in 9-11 for staff meeting).

After this - I went home and hooked up with a friend for a walk on the beach. On my way there - I found a gorgeous diamond ring laying on the street. I picked it up, and looked up the stamp inside. Its legit people. So i posted it on Craigslist, and Kijiji. So if any of your friends were irresponsible with their diamond engagement rings in the beaches area of Toronto, let me know. I might have their ring.

After that, I went walking on the beach with my friend. After I went home, and felt my face getting cunchy. I left for work and by 6pm, my face is the same color as a tomato. I seriously look like Tickle Me elmo right now. Sigh...and worst of all - i feel sick to my stomach - so im thinking too much sun. And if I feel sick tomorrow too - im calling in sick.

Thursday im off cause I am headed to the Science Center for the Harry Potter exhibit. and have a number of people coming into the city for this exciting adventure.

Friday I have my first counselling session for this. I have spoken to a number of people about my work problem, and all have agreed that counselling is the way to go just to wrap my head around how to maintain a better level of professionalism.

I think that about sums up my week - next week I will have my first date with "the new guy"....i TRIED explaining my goal list to him. He doesnt want to wait until September....and neither do I. Hes pretty cute. Wish me luck!

Then I came into work, and bought a scratch ticket, which I havent done in a year easy. My lucky symbol on the card was a diamond ring - and I won 4 dollars! Yippee....does anyone believe in signs???

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1. Today was my first ever venture to Good Will - I was accompanying a client who is restricted in her acess to the community. But as she shopped - I found a BRAND NEW Kate Spade purse that retails for almost 200 dollars....for $4.99. SCORE.

2. Wretched last names. Do we date people with them...how do we feel about them? would you ever date someone with the last name "Pooslop"?

3. I am being antagonized constantly by a variety of people. UGH.

4. I hate all Mac products. BOO to the evil empire.

5. I hate being allergic to red dye. I went to get some of that Crystal Light Raspberry - hoping that it wasnt pink, but I cant even drink it....sucks.

6. Work still sucks.

That is all. Proceed with your day.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

PP has work problems....

So after my grandfather died - the dude I was hanging out with since March, turned out to be a douche, and that ended...and then someone broke into my car and stole my work binder that I take to prison, that has heaps of confidential information. All in all - not a good 2 weeks. But i'm moving on......Even though I said no dudes from june to september - this guy was in before that took place. So in all reality, I should have said no NEW dudes. But I digress....

I have a new client on my caseload - a sex offender. Im anxious about this. I sort of compartmentalize my clients by their charges - and if their charge is murder, or fraud, or theft, or importing or whatever - I sort of have a mental rolodex of things, and programs they can take part in. But sex offenders....i've never worked with someone who had this charge before, and I never thought my job was hard. I've never stressed over a client until now.

Here are the million dollar questions: How do I put my personal feelings about their charge aside? How do I look past their charge, and help them out, when I don't want to? How do I not have bias and judgement against someone like this?

Im professional, ridiculously professional (except for having the binder stolen which wasn't my fault)....In November, a client who commit murder went to stab me in the rib cage, and I deflected it, and they ended up slashing my hand open for fucks sake - and we had lunch together on wednesday. I know how to be professional.....

But sex offenders make me nervous. And this one is on the worse end.

Im considering going to see someone professionally. Just to get another professional opinion of maybe how to deal with my anxiety over having them as a client, and to help me put aside my biases. But in the end, I don't know.

If I think about how I compartmentalize my clients by their charges, I'm nervous because I don't know the community supports to offer this client. But if I think on a personal level, i'm nervous, because I don't know if I can put my personal feelings aside to do my job in a productive, and nonjudgemental way.

any suggestions?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crisis Averted....

YIPPEE!!! all fixed. Thanks internet stranger!!!


I Pushed a button to see what a new template would be like. it CHANGED everything. my blogroll is gone - I dont know what any of your addresses are, and I have NO idea how to put it back or edit HTML, or do anything like that.

I changed my blog to this stupid grass, by accident, and it fucked everything up.

Please understand that I didnt even know what html is. I dont know how to change it, edit it, add it, I dont know where it goes - HTML might as well be Anciet hebrew + rocket science.

I know i know...you get it. Its hard. HELP!!! LOL

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sigh to July

I cant believe its July already. From June 17 to yesterday, the entire month has disappeared - wrought with trips to the hospital, Canada Day shenanigans (that involved the combination of cotton candy and beer - which tastes as gross as it sounds....), and a funeral.

The death of my grandfather was very fast and unexpected. I worked 3 days from June 17 to yesterday. This will be my first week back at work in almost a month!!!

My poor goal list has taken a serious hit. I havent done anything of what ive supposed to have done. I havent read any books....I havent been working out....i have eaten sort of healthy, and I havent gained a pound, which is a testament to eating well enough - for now. but worst of all...i havent gotten rid of the dudes. I started out really well with that, but it sort of went downhill, and have been sort of "whatevering" with someone. BUT - it ended recently when he expressed certain opinions which i did NOT agree with.

However, ive got a renewed sense of clarity in regards to my job, and feel refreshed and stress free. So the next little while is all about regrounding myself and getting myself back on track....and catching up on a month of life that I missed.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its Summer!!!

thanks for all your "well wishing" on my last post - things are looking worse than the last time i posted - which explains the MIA.

I went to a wedding shower on sunday - for my cousin Big Al....the one with the dog in her wedding - did I blog about that??? Lets see shall we? I did not. although i could have sworn i had.... Prepare yourselves ladies and gents...this one's going to blow you away.

my cousin is getting hitched in August. Im not the biggest fan of her fiance - weve had "words" before - and gotten face to face in anger...blocked each other off FB (the horror!!!)....literally havent spoken more than 2 words to each other since Christmas 2009.

But they're engaged - im happy for my cousin - but as the date draws nearer, the plans are being finalized - and when I heard about the wedding my first thought was "ok, ive got 8 months to get out of going to this thing"....

Turns out they're getting married on a Friday. Im scheduled to work - my manager is off, and one of my coworkers is off - so PP cant make it, until about 8pm...im time for dinner, but I get to miss the churchy bits.

But the best part of this ceremony - is the decision that they've made about who's leading their wedding party. - Their 5 pound Pomapoo...Muffin Top. sigh

Muffin's leading the wedding, and is the flower girl/bridal party. There is a real maid of honor, but the dog is the main attraction....AND not only this...my cousin called the biggest news paper in Toronto, told them about it - and they published an article about her, and her dog.

Who else's family is crazy???

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I can't believe that its already been a week since I blogged. (considering im just coming off of a year not blogging, a week should feel like nothing, but ive noticed)

Im supposed to be on vacation this week - but my grandfather decided that he's had enough of this life, and has found himself in the hospital with a variety of cancers, and its only a matter of days.

So, my trip to Myrtle beach (I decided against sleeping outside on the Apalachian Trail, but will still do a day hike) has been postponed. Nothing better than summer on a hot beach, thats 100 degrees your entire vacation.

I love the heat - I love that hot summery haze, and being exhausted from the sun. Laying around by the pool - with chips, diet coke, and suntan lotion that smells like coconuts. Swimming occassionally - and then upstairs for a mid afternoon nap before getting ready for dinner. Hitting the town for a few drinks and some food, calling it a quasi early night, beccuase you have to wake up by 8 to get the good deck chairs, and have to prepare yourself for another day of laying around doing nothing.

I think - after all of this sadness and stress with my grandfather is over, I shall take a real vacation, and not one thats classified by sitting in the hospital day after day. I'm actually really glad that im off this week, and have that time to spend there saying good bye.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'll have the Scrapple please...

I recently heard of this edible monstrosity, and had to say that id never heard of it before Monday.
SCRAPPLE -Any guesses??? And no googling...
Scrapple, as the name suggests, is the scrap bits of the pig that didnt quite meet the requirements for hotdog (which I always thought were fairly low on the standards scale).
The left over floor scraps of the pig are deliciously pressed together into a brick of meat that looks worse than spam. Apparently it is best served with Ketchup and pancakes.
What I don't understand...is that if its the bits that NO ONE would eat - why would marketing them together as a brick of quasi edible meat, make it any more appealing.....
I dont know, what do you guys think?

Are we encouraging this - that looks oddly enough like dog food - becuase it utilizes all parts of the pig (there was also a chicken and beef scrapple i believe) - or do we think that the scrap bits of the animal, are best left to be consumed by the garbage?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Story of Alex

We met when I was 19 (Summer, 1997). He, a radio DJ in Windsor, living in Detroit. Me, a summer student at university after being kicked out for not going to class.

We met, we clicked long story short - we dated until November 20 1998. We didnt see one another very often. I was young and didnt care. He lived in Detroit, and only made it to Windsor for his radio show, and other performances (singer of a band). We saw one another, mmmm....maybe 3 days a week. He talks about music, bands, porn, travelling, and has this obsession with pausing songs and sipping coffee VERY loudly on the air, and has an even more absurd obsession with talking about heroin.

He introduced me to the Psychadelic Furs and I LOVED them. I would lay in bed with "The Ghost in You" on repeat until I fell asleep, and would wake up to it even still. It was perfect - there wasnt anything I didnt like about that song, and for a long time, it was my favorite.

October 1998 - Enter Geoff, friend of Alex's, who also had a radio show. Geoff and myself establish a tight fast friendship, and he lives close, I see him more than 3 days a week. Geoff likes to talk about alcohol, Pink Floyd, concerts, and Channel 99 (White noise) on his tv.

One night, me and Geoff are talking, and he says something about Alex, and heroin - but certainly implies that he is addicted to this drug, and not just a fan of talking about it. I inquire further to find out that its true - Alex has a "recreational" heroin habit.

November 20, 1998. I confront Alex - who admits his favorite past time, and informs me that he injects inbetween his toes, being careful to hide it from the world, never used more than 2 or 3 days a week, and never used on days he was seeing me. This is too much - I dont want to date a drug addict. We break up.

Skip to November 20, 1999. I get a phone call in the middle of the night that says that Alex has passed away of a heroin overdose - a year to the day of the end of our relationship.

I stop listening to the Psychadelic Furs for 10 years.

Im heartbroken, there is no closure and I immediately want to apologize for not being more supportive, or a better person - and forget all of my opinions about sleeping with an IV drug user.

10 years go by, and I rekindle my romance with the Psychadelic Furs and I have forgotten how much i love their music - But I cannot bring myself to listen to "The Ghost in You" for obvious reasons.

I find out in April that the PF's are coming to town. Me and LD decide to go. June 8, 2010 - we're at the concert, and I say "I hope they play the ghost in you"....even though, I sort of wish that they dont. I havent heard it since 1998.

But they do - And hearing that song live, was one of the most touching, and amazing moments of my life. And I immediately felt at peace with myself, and the part of me, that still felt unresolved in regards to Alex, was healed that night.

One of the most amazing concerts...Ever.

No one bothered me at the concert, no one annoyed me - although there was this HORRIDLY drunk man, who was approximately 70, and he kept wobbling into other people, and i swear the guys beside us were going to punch him out. OH and of course, the crazy girl at the end of the night, who stomped on my foot, threw herself at me, apologizing, put her hands on both of my biceps, leaned in and said IM SO SORRY!!! To which I replied - yea, you stomped on my foot, and dont touch me, its hot in here.

She jumped to the side, grabbed some random stranger, switched spots with him, and dramatically pointed at me with both fingers and said "YOURE FUCKING CRAZY!!!".....After the concert ended, me and LD were discussing this - and I said "You know...she was wearing velvet. And IM the crazy one".

Monday, June 07, 2010

Quick updates

I dont even remember the last time i posted - not that long ago....

BUT i'd like to point out the following fact:

I've been back to blogging long enough people!!! Readd me to your lists. and SHAME on you to those who havent yet....

Im off to see Psychadelic Furs and She Wants Revenge tomorrow with the lovely LD. I shall blog about how fantastic it was later this week.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Changing my style....

im bored of this stupid backgroud - and lists on the side....everyone else's blogs are so fancy. Mine is dark and moody.

I dont know how to change ANYTHING on this site - my ex put it all together for me when i started writing it....5 years ago.

And since then, the ONLY thing that ive changed, is the background, but I copied and pasted the blog roll, just becuase I had no idea where it went, or anything like that.

I want a fancy background.....I want a fancy blogroll that says what your guys' posts are and how long ago you updated them. I want a change. Whos going to help me? LOL

Ive been having wacky dreams lately....last night, I dreamed that I wasnt allergic to dyes anymore, and ran right out and got a tattoo - of a big footprint that went diagonally across my left bicep. LD was with me - and when she asked why I got that tattoo (in my dream), I said "i dont know, i didnt really think it through - i should have gotten A Clockwork Orange symbol instead" (Long time readers know that this is my favorite movie...)

Oh well. At least I can get tattoos in my dreams....Now - onward with the tech support.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Day 1 of the list

Its day 1 of my list. and i ALMOST ate a cookie today...becuase I forgot, and as my fingertips were a quarter inch away, something inside my head screamed at me, and i stopped just in time. Hold all applause to the end.

I am ALSO guy free as of today....I kicked out all the bad ones who were pissing me off, and told off all the ones who were dragging their feet in noncommital. This was really hard. I sorta like having the randoms around, but I figured if I really want to take some time to myself to figure out what I want, then this is the way it has to be. Some of them called me some CHOICE words, and there was a dramatic exchange with one of them, but its done. And im that much better off. I think my goal for the rest of 2010 is to determine whether or not there are REALLY any nice guys out there. Like sincerely nice - not just the kind of nice they have to be to get you to have sex with them.

Maybe my standards of people are too high - is it too much to ask to really expect to be treated the same way that you treat people?

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Own List...

I find that Miss A has inspired me to make a list of my own....and since we've been friends a long time, I know that she's really worked hard on completing hers. However, instead of making a list as crazy as hers, Ive decided to make one just for the summer to see how it works out. And by summer, I mean June 1 to August 30.

Bring on the summer of the Unhinged Princess.....The official list:

1. Go to the gym 5 days a week, every week from June 1 until August 30. I worked out religiously from January 29 to April 4, 5 days a week - and loved the results. From April 4 to today, Ive sort of slacked....but havent gained a pound back. I just dont FEEL as good as I did, so back to working out - and i have a star chart on a calendar posted on the fridge.

2. Read all of the books on my bookshelf - no explanation needed

3. NO MORE CARBS OR JUNK. I swear - from January to April, I gave up all sugar, and all carbs, and now that im eating that stuff again, I feel GROSS....like on the inside....my insides feel gross. LOL. So thats it - Im done with the carbs again for the next few months

4. No more restaurant food - I SAY this one, but its tough when you're out drinking with friends, and they want to eat after the bar....One night, i went out with the girls, and Miss A brought me a to go container of cereal cause she knew i wouldnt eat at the restaurant. You want a GOOD friend?? Shes it. LOL

5. No more unnecessary spending - and by this I mean, no more trips to the convenience store during work for a diet coke...but this ALSO means that I can buy all of this stuff at the grocery store to make sure that I dont slip. Unnecessary spending means whatever you want it to - to me, it means snacks, and books - until I finish the books on my shelf, etc etc...when i finish the list i'll let you know what my "unnecessary" things were....

6. NO GUYS. None. I decided to swear off dating for the month of December, just to give myself a month to figure out what I wanted from a dude, and then when i thought i figured it out, i dated 2 guys who turned out to be what I thought i wanted...and they both turned out to be crap. So im going to give it another go.....Please note, that this one will be the hardest one on my list.....i really like having guys around. BUT im going to try my best.

7. Meet more people, and take myself out of my comfort zone - put myself into situations that I usually wouldnt be in. I dont know what that includes just yet - but I think All of these listed will be a part of that.

8. More road trips - which directly conflicts with no unnecessary spending, and no restaurant food, BUT, directly supports meeting more people and putting myself into situations i wouldnt usually be in. I do want to go to the Smithsonian this summer...ive been thinking about it for a while. Destinations include: Massachusetts to visit friends, DC, and Chicago - and watch out Yarautca, if i make it to Chicago, you have to meet me. (See # 7)

9. Spend more time with myself - on the beach - working on my tan, and reading.

10. Look into applying for, and finding a school that i want to do my PhD at.

11. Look into applying for my permanent residence card for the states.

12. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail - 100 miles. Im off for a week in June. This is what I want to do. 50 miles one way, and 50 miles back. Which means - CAMPING. Ive never slept outside....i would consider this a personal triumph.

This summer is dedicated to rediscovering my love of working out, eating healthy, spending less time inside, texting less, watching less movies, less time online, and spending more time figuring out what I want to do with my life. Im hoping that September 1 brings a renewed sense of clarity in the direction i'm taking my life. Im 32 now....im done fucking around.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Im lost in a[n] (Asian) Supermarket

I thought that title would be a funny Clash reference...but I digress.
I LOVE the Asian Grocery Store....its so wacky, and full of stuff that baffles, yet amazes me - AND it also has my super yummy Thai Green Curry Paste, and cheap coconut milk. And so, with my computer fully fixed.....lets get on with the show (as promised.)

Durian - possibly one of the most bizarre, yet healthy, fruits around. Important points to know about this fruit:
1. Its Creamy - like custard. So if you're a texture person like I am, consider yourself warned.

2. It smells - REALLY bad....so bad infact, that it is banned on public transit in Singapore, Thailand, and im sure other countries as well (I only know those 2 becuase my sources provided me pictures with a durian inside of a big red circle with an X over top of it.)

3. If you can get past the smell (which is similar to sweaty feet and rotton eggs), it is quite delicious.

Exotic popsicles
I think these were Mung bean, red bean and tofu, green bean and tofu, and peanut flavor.

Dessert Sticks:
I tried to zoom in on the price tag, so that you could get the full effect...but I PROMISE you that the flavor is Cream Corn Soup.
Self Explanatory.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stupid viruses

So now that ive started blogging again, I have taken it upon myself to start carrying my camera EVERYWHERE to document the ridiculousness that accompanies my life on a daily basis. Unfortunately, last night, I attempted to find the 90210 season finale online, and got a MASSIVE virus that has disabled my antivirus software, and completely blocked me from getting online.

Who knew that 90210 was so damaging.....But in doing so, I am unable to blog about what I REALLY wanted to blog about. I'll have to leave it until next week im afraid....which means, that Miss A ALSO wont be able to blog about something that she wanted to...becuase I was supposed to send her the pictures.

So to the person who has given me a virus...and has only allowed me to email, blog, and FB from work - I hate you. Jerk.....spend your time doing something more productive than attacking the computers of those who want to watch 90210.

That is all.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ridiculous BEYOND all that is rational

Impossibly...I have lost my voice...AGAIN. So much for my 12 hour day at work. I couldnt even call in sick this morning.

Come in to work, and tell them in person that I am sick, and couldnt even call in on my own behalf - Check

Email supervisor and BEG her to rescheudle appointments for next week - Check

Find out that im working alone, all day, while the person on swing shift is on vacation - Check

Recognize that I can't do ANYTHING that is required of me for this shift, as I have a million phone calls to return, and cant even talk to the PO's about anything that I need to talk about - Check

Text all of my relief staff on their cell phones trying to cover my shift - Check

Keep your fingers crossed - if I cant talk to ANYONE today, and no one covers my shift, its going to be an utter nightmare in here.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Im back from a much needed week in Vancouver/Seattle with my loveliest of lovelies...H, and his delightful partner, and equally gracious host, P.

I had no voice, from the day that I got to Vancouver (Friday) until the day before I left to come back to Ontario (Wednesday). Nice way to spend a vacation trying to catch up.....I FB'ed my dilemma 4 days in a row, to which I got a number of "LUCKY H & P" comments. Assholes.

It got me to thinking about how much I communicate - Verbally that is - and how im really at a loss when i cant. I mean sure, i text (As i typed those 5 words, i got 3 texts), and provide every other daily FB updates, email, etc....but I REALLY talk a lot....and when i mean a lot...its a lot. And not only do i talk a lot...i can talk pretty fast sometimes - especially when im revved about something.

I like talking, not only to hear my own voice, but because I think im fairly interesting, and all of my friends are fascinating - so there's never really a lull in conversation. Ive known Miss A for 32 years.....we've never really run out of things to talk about (although, let me just say this. For the past few months, a lot of our conversations have revolved around SOMETHING associated with facebook...and what nerds we are.) This topic disgusts, and amuses me at the same time - which reminds me Ash, i need you to sign in later to do a C.S. LOL!!!!

I think that I prefer one to one face to face interaction..and im a big phone person - and a super multitasker. I met someone a while ago....and when we introduced ourselves he looked at me and said "Well now what? I require engaging conversation"...and from that point ive always had to start my conversations with some CRAZY story that happened to me.

Like for example - I fly into vancouver - the lady on the plane beside me sees that im reading a book about the last hangings in Canada, and asks me how it is. I explain what I do for a living, and she makes the connection, since I work with people in conflict with the law. Turns out shes a foster mom, and the conversation turns, inevitably to children's aid, and foster care.

After the plane, I get onto the sky train, and im looking at a hang nail that i have. I have nails, just not especially long ones, but long enough to paint. And the lady sitting beside me taps me on the leg and says "You know...I used to bite my nails like that too"....to which i put all five fingers out, and show her my nails and say "Ummm...i dont actually bite them" and she looks at me, horrified, and gets off at the next stop.

And then i go out for dinner with H & P, and we're walking back to their house, and a man jumps in front of us, throws his arms open and screams "I LOVE YOU GUYS"....to which i walk past his arms and keep going without even looking twice.

What do you guys think is appropriate in terms of conversation? Do you feel the need to jump in and put in your two cents when you see someone reading a book that youve read, or wearing a shirt of a band that you love, or is debating renting a movie that you hated? I do that all the time...but I never stopped to consider that the other person, might not care....how self-centered of me....because usually when that happens, and someone interjects their opinion, i can honestly say that I only care 50% of the time.

Friday, May 07, 2010

the rebirth of a new love....

I havent loved Nine Inch Nails since Pretty Hate Machine, becuase as far as i was concerned, they'd never write a better song than Ringfinger.....and to me, they havent.

I always liked Trent Reznor, hes a musical genius.....but i was so disappointed in him after PHM....until now.

the newest Trent Reznor, post NIN music was released on May 4 - A Drowning - from his new band How to Destroy Angels, with his wife singing. And its fantastic!

Ive been such a "poopooer" of NIN and Trent since PHM....so for me to say that i REALLY like this, says a lot. Its really really REALLY amazing.

Now, lets see if i can post a video here.....Yea, I have no idea how you guys do that. But the link to the song is here. If you hate it, im sorry for recommending it. But if you love TR, or NIN, you'll love it. I promise.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK - You may find this highly offensive.

I had a first communion this weekend. Im not a church goer....We have discussed many times on this blog, beliefs, and religion, and who does what for their own purpose - And for those of you who dont remember how I feel about religion, please revisit this site.

But I went, and didnt burst into flames!!!

And while he did this......

I'm getting ready to go to Vancouver and Seattle this week. Who wants postcards???

Saturday, May 01, 2010

My adventures in online dating...

Im not an online dater. I dont get the whole "online thing"....

A friend of mine is over one night, and shes bitching about guys, as it turns out that we are both going through some stupid times when it comes to members of the opposite sex. To me that is fairly common, but she's not used to how annoying men can truely be as she was in a long term relationship and is brand new to dating all over again.

I said "THATS IT. Lets go online and find you a boyfriend". So we go to plenty of fish, and start flicking through the profiles - which seems like rocket science becuase you have to input your postal code (Canada's version of a Zip code for our American readers), and find people in your area, or within x amount of miles.

I can barely navigate this site, but manage to find myself looking at THOUSANDS of men in Toronto who want to date. I click on guy, who's not particularily attractive, but its not for me, so i dont care. I read his profile, and his job in his 20s was building muppets and fraggles.

My heart skipped 10 beats.

If you are a long time reader of this blog, then you are well aware of how much i love the Muppets, and in turn, found myself registering on this website just to tell him so.

If you have signed up before for online dating, then you know what an intense process it is....if you have NOT signed up before - spare yourself...its a fairly intense process. But I digress.

I sign up, and email this guy about how cool his job is, and we email back and forth about the Muppets for approximately 10 minutes, and then i get bored. becuase "THATS AMAZING...it must have been the coolest job, i love the muppets" conversation has exhausted itself, and I cant figure out how to delete my profile - so i go to bed.

I call up a couple of my friends the next day, to ask if they have ANY idea how to delete my account...no one does, but they listen to my story, laughing, and all agree that "Only you would do soemthing this ridiculous". Miss Ash suggets meeting him becuase maybe he'll build me my own muppet, which is something i never thought of asking, and as I told a few friends about what has happened, a number of them inquired about whether he takes orders.

I sign into Plenty of Fish, and send him another email, explaining what has happened over the past 24 hours, and asked him if he would make Muppets for people he doesnt know....and he never emailed me back.

C'est la vie. But I found out how to delete my profile.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In recent, I have become something of an "ebay shopper". I have posted, many...many...MANY years ago about the crazy shit people sell on ebay....but until recently, I never bought anything. Mainly becuase I was too afraid to give out my credit card information online.
I think my first ebay purchase was a snoopy snow cone machine. I had two when i was a kid. Good memories of that thing. I never used it when i got it, and i actually think i donated it...i havent seen it in a while. HOWEVER - I have, in the past month - bought 4 peices of Clash history that have made my entire year so far....and i LOVE 2010 so far...so thats saying a lot. Let me see if I can post some pictures here for your viewing pleasure.

First purchase: Clash poster Circa 1977

LOOK!!! How exciting (i still remember how to post pictures). I had to have this. Its actually quite large and framed already. I had an empty space on my wall across from my bed, and was looking for something to put there....and what better than the Clash. Nothing that i can think of. It looks gorgeous in a frame BTW. This poster started my obsession with collecting music memorobilia.

Purchase 2:

Thats right people - you are looking at an ORIGINAL rolling stone magazine, from 1980. UK version. sigh.....this one is at my moms still. I havent been there to pick it up yet...but it will also be framed...after i read the article of course.

Purchase 3 &4:

These two fantastic peices of paper were seperate auctions, but the original prints that were obtained through a collector from a magazine in London. And he was stupid enough to sell them, so i was smart enough to bid on them. I saw the one on the left and fell in love with it. i didnt want the one on the right, but I thought it wasnt fair to separate them....and i figured the could be framed and hung one on top of the other.

The one on the right ended first....i won that one. It wasnt the one that i wanted initially, so i stalked ebay like mad for the one on the left. if i didnt win that one, i didnt want either of them, even though i already had won the one i didnt want. I changed my bid for the one on the left with 5 seconds left just to be on the safe side...but someone tried to Ebay snipe me, and came up short.....by 1.99. LOL!!! These two are coming this week. The dude charged me 6 dollars for shipping, and sent me a digital photo of him sending the pictures today....the shipping ticker said $1.90. Asshole. LOL

So thats it for now. im done on ebay for a while - although, one of these fantastic sellers has an original newspaper from england that says "BOWIE'S BACK!!!" and its a wonderful picture....which would also look really good.....im not an ebayaholic yet...but its there...lurking.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

YIKES - im terrible at blogging.

Ok the REAL title of this blog should actually be "How many times do you have to tell someone to fuck off before they get it? (AKA: They called us young!!!)" But i feel like, having a half hearted apologetic title would be more appropriate.

Me and LD went to see Echo and the Bunnymen last night - and as far as concerts go - id have to say that it was in my top 10 of best shows ive seen. Echo was great - but thats not what this post is about - its about everything else that happened last night - i had to tell someone - so im telling you. Not to mention Miss A took me off her blog roll - i was horrified. So im back for my own selfish reasons.

Kelly Stoltz opened up, and they were SO bad..LD looked at me at one point and was like "BORING"...and I agreed that I was bored. There were three dudes behind us that also seemed bored. The band sucked. However, before they started - they made loose mention to the fact that the do a cover of Rolling Stones "Miss you" - so i was hopeful. But it just turned out that they liked to sing songs about Jesus, and pinecones...and fire escapes.

So my crazy dancing boyfriend was there - and tried to grind with me during the boring band - to which i replied "Are you fucking kidding me right now???" And when he tried to engage me in conversation, im certain I could have been ruder, but I was my charming self and only 3/4 rude.

So he goes away, and LD decides to get a drink. I turn to the three dudes behind me and say that if he comes back, im with them. And of course, my crazy dancing boyfriend comes back, and the dudes behind me are giggling. To which i tell this guy to fuck off again and he goes away. I accuse the 3 dudes behind me as being the WORST wingmen ever - and we proceeded to chat with them all night. They must have been around 50, were TOTAL music snobs like me and LD, and were undoubtedly the coolest people at the concert - besides me and LD of course. They said we were too young to be Echo fans, and we were happy they thought we were young. They'd seen the Clash. sigh - my heart broke. I'll never see the Clash.

Other notable points in the evening - Skanky pot smoker was screaming "I LOVE YOU" at every quiet moment during the evening. So they hustle their way right in front of us from the other side of the room, and continue to scream "I love you - give it to us - take off your clothes" - to which Ian McCulloch actually tells them to "Shut up" at one point, and we all burst out laughing.

There was a woman in front of me - who wouldnt move no matter how many times I bumped into her on purpose. At one point i actually asked her to move, but when she came right back, i learned about myself - that if im annoying someone i dont know, i wont stop doing it, no matter how many times they glare at me.

Ian Mcculloch throws a pack of cigs into the crowd at the end of the show, it comes right to me, and bounces off the palm of my hand, and lands directly infront of the chick i was bumping into all night - and she got them. I wanted to give one to everyone around me - just as a fun memory of the concert....but I guess its karma for being such a bitch all the time. Oh well....

For those of you who are interested - Echo sang: Lips like Sugar, Bring on the Dancing Horces, Seven Seas, The Killing Moon, plus a variety of new songs....

Miss A has a quota for me to get back onto her blog roll. I'll be back soon - I have a YEAR to catch you up on!