Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Canadian Patriotism at its Finest.

And Who says we arent patriotic??? This picture HARDLY does this house justice. See the window on the side? It's got the Canadian flag painted on both sides of it, the theme wraps all the way around the entire house, and apparently, the inside of the worse. If you can even BEGIN to imagine what that might look like.

I wonder what this house looks like at Christmas time....ugly lights everywhere I imagine. Which reminds me....I think that christmas lights are ugly, not all of them, but those "Griswald" type houses....and SO funny that we crying laughing. There's this street in St. Catharines, the entire street gets in on the decorating, and when you move in, you have to sign a contract that says you'll participate, cause if you dont, they decorate your house for you. It's say the least.....

5 years ago, me and Miss Ash drove around a couple of cities making "A Christmas Lightmare" that was us videotaping ugly lights, and all you can hear is us laughing in the background. I havent been home the month of december for a few years, as I have been living in other cities, and only home for Christmas itself. Maybe since i'm home this year, we should go make another video....and you'll all have something to look forward to in december....besides presents...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Blogger Confessional© So Busy..

So much happened this week, that i'm just going to jump right in.

This week I:

- Heard Mr. Big on the radio...and it wasnt one of those stupid cheesy stations either....and I TOTALLY sang along.

- Saw a spider crawling on my pants, wiped it off, and then i squished it

- Was in the midst of packing, and had shit thrown all over my apartment, and my landlord knocked on my door, and said that she was going to show my apartment right then, no notice. I was SO embarassed that she had people with apartment was a bloody disaster.

- Went home, drank a LOT partied all night, every night, slept VERY little, and hung out with my friends.

- Took my neices to their first bar. LOL!!!! Well, its a bar/restaurant, with an AWESOME patio. So i'm sitting there, with them *they're 3 and 5* they were having milk and a deep fried mars bar. I had a martini, and as people walked by, and were watching us, I thought "This must look like absolute trash"...and then I laughed to myself. So I took the kids in to the bar to pay, and the bartender leaned over the bar, and looked at them, and said "You guys are 19 right??" They giggled..and so did I.

- Of course, went to the Cult, and bought my new purse.

- Went to the reception, and had the greatest night ever. I laughed until I cried at my one friend dancing. Miss Ash and Jennifer made video of it....we died laughing. We all of course, drank an obscene amount....but it was SO worth it, and one of the best nights of the year so far. I also brought my new purse, and dumped something all over it. LOL!!! I wasnt sure if it was wine, or water, or I licked was tea. if it was wine, I would have CRIED!!! But Miss Ash took a picture of my purse, with tea all over it....i guess you had to be there

- had dinner with my family last night. My mom buys these chicken on a stick things, they're good, Italian, breaded chicken on wooden skewers and then baked...mmm. Anyway, she makes them for me, becuse I eat chicken, except when I take a small bite of it...It tastes funny, and with the ball of mystery meat in my cheek, I say "this isnt chicken"....then then preceed to tell me how crazy I am, and that it is....the sticker said so. With the ball still in my cheek, I say "the dont make mistakes???" They insist and insist that it's chicken, so I take another small bite, and the meat is dark, not white, like it usually is. I give it to my mom, and ask her to try it....I sit there with this second small bit in my cheek, and my brother in law is smiling watching me, and I say "im not chewing anymore until she tells me what it is" takes a bite and says "Oh...ya...that's veal" To which i'm immediately upset, and spit the bite thats in my mouth, into my brother in law laughs and says "I cant wait to read your blog about this...I knew it wasnt chicken"....sneaky bastard...that's okay. Paybacks a bitch.

- drove home today, it was 95 degrees outside, and my arm was on the window track the entire drive home, well, at 95 D, and my arm not moving for 3 hours, it got so burnt, that its for REAL, the color of red grapes.....its starting to burn...thank god for aloe.

So that was that. I drank a lot, partied a lot, and was occupied every minute that I was home this was totally worth it, one of the best weekends so far this year. And in ending on a good note, This is the picture of my new purse...without the spill marks. LOL

Friday, May 26, 2006

Good Times and Rock and Roll....

So we went to see the Cult perform at the Masonic Temple Dawn and Ash were able to make it to the Show, as well as my awesome commenter Blepharisma, who I have known since I was 4 or something like that. And I hadnt seen her in a while, so it was awesome to see her.

So we meet up, hang out, the Cult did a three song set, as well as an interview for the was awesome. They sounded awesome, except the band was so loud, you couldnt really hear Ian perfectly.....

Mentionable moments??

- Ian had snake skin Cowboy boots on....Thats breaking my rule #1. Yuck....cowboy boots.

- Dawn's good eye caught the duct tape across his cowboy boots....silver duct tape, strung across his boot...after the show, when we all parted our own ways, the MTV staff joked about it being a new fashion statement.....I mentioned that I had a friend who was trying to bring the "fanny pack" back....not like it was ever "in" to begin with.

- Ian Winked at Dawn...and yes, he's old...and he wobbled all over tth stage like he was ridiculously drunk, and had big buggy eyes...but come ON....Its the Cult......5% margin of error

All in all, it was a GREAT time...if you are interested in checking out the 2 song performances they did for the internet, the site is, and then you just have to find the episode of their performance.

Other mentionable moments of the day??

I met up with Jennifer for lunch. After we finished, I went upstairs with her back to the office, and was blah blah blahing while she was working....and she had this huge mail merge to do, so she asked me if I would stay and help her with it....after much bitching about not wanting to volunteer my services, I stayed...and helped her.....

Bought myself the MOST gorgeous Miu Miu purse.....Miu Miu people!!! I picked it up, and immediately fell in love with it, it was like that scene in the first harry potter movie...when he touches his wand for the first time....his hair blows all over the place, and a light shines on him....That's exactly what it was like for me....When I touched this was like a choir of heavenly angels...and finding the holy grail...*spare all Da VInci jokes please*

Anyway, I had the BEST Day...and after 6 hours of sleep, in the past 48 hours...i'm beat. Night all...happy weekend

Monday, May 22, 2006

Blogger Confessional© Canadian Long Weekend Edition

This has been an ODD week....a lot of bizarre things happened, that I cant quite figure out what to think of them....

This week:

- One of my clients at "Supervised Access" hit on me after I finished his intake...thats always awkward, but at least I could fall back on the "we are not allowed to date clients, but thank you i'm flattered" response....Such a treat

- A man walked by me when I was at the college before class, and told me that I looked delightful, and smelled even better

- I got the results back from my blood test, which turned out awesome, now I just have to get that MMR shot tomorrow...that's the 4th needle since January.

- I got a phone call from some guy who insisted that he knew me, the conversation went something like this

Me: Hello?
Random Stranger: Hey *** hows it going?
Me:...Uhhh....good?? Whos this?
Random Stranger: You've forgotten me already? I'm insulted
Me: Uhh....who is this? *laughing*
Random Stranger: you really dont know who this is? *getting obviously annoyed*
Me: NO CLUE. *odd, becuase he knew my name, but I really had no clue who he was*
Random Stranger: Did you get my message I left earlier on your machine?
Me: Oh..that was you??
Random Stranger: really dont know who I am?
Me: Nope.
Random Stranger: WHATEVER!!!! And then he hung up on me.

- I went to my Italian class, and I CANT believe how horrendous mangia cake pronunciation is...i know I know, they're learning, but it still makes me giggle.

- Went to see the Da Vinci Code...and ate a box of Smarties ...I figured that since it has been an exceptionally long time since I had eaten chocolate, that I would be okay....turns out I was wrong. My throat sorta closed up, and I couldnt breathe properly. The person I went with wanted to take me to emerg, but I took some benadryl, and insisted that I would be fine. I coughed through the entire movie, and barely slept becuase I couldnt breathe right...I Love chocolate...but its not worth it anymore. My throat hurt for 2 days...

- I watched fireworks from my balcony....

- Talked to an ex, and although we are quasi friends and I am over him, he had a date...I have to be honest, it sotra bothered me...

- Ran into This guy. You wanna talk about awkward??? That was awkward.

- Went to a petting zoo with this guy and his daughter, and a mutual friend. As you all know, I hate nature....and animlas, as cute as they are...are a lot cuter, in designated animal areas. We stepped out into the open area where the people, and animals roam freely together, and when a goat came running at me, i'll admit it...i ran behind the guy....and then, when we were leaning over the fence looking at the animals in their designated area, the cutest fuzziest animal ran over to the fence...and I said "Ohhh look at you. You're're going to make a pretty sweater". I might not like nature, but I know sweaters...

Have a good week....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Friday, May 19, 2006

Blood not so nice

I had to get a blood test yesterday....they wanted to check for everything...and I mean everything. I think that they took like a million vials of blood....

HOWEVER, my blood test came back 100% clean, except I need an updated shot of Measels mumps reubella...i guess my immunity levels to those diseases are quite low. Which makes me feel yucky, becuase my sister had the mumps last year. BARF. Im all good though, new immunization is on tuesday.

I was reading the newest version of McLeans magazine while the nurse was draining my veins....A couple of recent magazines have had G.Bush on the cover with the article "Worst President in History"....all of which are worth the read. me. I have a medical question about these MMR shots....Ask Dr. Trib has to be a confidential one this time around.

Monday, May 15, 2006

A Very Vegas Blogger Confessional©

What a vacation!!! Im still exhausted, after tying to catch up on my sleep, and doing as little as possible, I'm beat.

The trip was VERY exciting, and lots of things happened....The one thing that I noticed about Vegas, is that no matter who you go with, and how many people are there, everyone has a VERY different vacation. So without further adieu....the highlights.

The trip started with me picking up Jennifer from the GO station. As she was loading her bags into my car, she noticed a pack of Big Chew laying on the know that bubble gum that looks like shredded tobacco? Anyway, she tells me about it. I say "Grab it", not to eat..but for fun. She sits down in the car...and I say "As someone who lives in Toronto, you are well aware that people ALSO put things down for a reason. I dont want it anymore" So she throws it out of the car, back onto the sidewalk and closes the door. I change my mind and say "Nope, grab it." And at this point I notice the tire marks on the back of the pack, and think that it's a funny beginning to the trip. That night, we are out for prevacation drinks, and I think that it's SO funny, that I tell the people im with about it....i guess you had to be there...but Free Big Chew made us laugh really hard. I have NO idea what happened to the pack of it.

The flight was okay....long, but there were stunning views of the Rockies, which Ash got a phenomenal picture of, and we flew right over the Hoover Damn, and Jennifer's good eye caught was a really cool thing to see from that high.

Our first night there, we went to the bar on top of the Palms Hotel. It was on the 55th floor, outside, and had the most amazing view of the city. It was by far, the coolest bar ive ever been to...and the pictures I took out there turned out great.

I DO have to admit that I was ridiculously over enthusiastic about booking this vacation. I didnt realize how much there was to do in Vegas, and didnt realize that of everything that there was to do in Vegas, if you wanted to do half of it, the grand canyon would be impossible time wise. After people started changing their mind about Vegas, I thought that maybe, trying to book two vacations in one, was slightly too much, and we therefore didnt make it. I did feel totally responsible for planting the GC seed in everyones head, and then not going at the last minute, but I think that what we all ended up doing instead made up for it.

Me and "the Bride and Groom" ran into a homeless man holding a sign that said "I wont lie, I need beer". We went to a bar down the street, and bought him a beer each.....he was more than greatful. We watched the pirate show at Treasure Island, rode the Roller Coaster around the New York New York hotel, watched the water show at the Bellagio, saw a little person dressed up as a leprochaun, who then proceeded to jump on the bar and pour shots down the Grooms throat. Im touristed out. Oh, And I saw Carmine Gotti. I recognized him by his hair....

Friday and Saturday, I started drinking my pina colodas at the pool while I tanned at 9:30 am, and drank so many more of them after that....ate some killer food, and got burnt a bit. Not drunk, I wanted to make the most of my days...but I had a great time, and i cant wait to go back. I did SO much while I was there, but left more than half of Vegas to be discovered....

Monday, May 08, 2006

Blogger Confessional© I confess...I forgot.

I didnt even realize until last night, that I didnt post a confessional.

I have been SO bloody busy getting ready for vegas, and the grand canyon, that the only thing that I HAVE had time for, is calling Jennifer and Miss Ash and Dawn, to tell them how excited I am about going to Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

This week...uhh...lets see.

Shopping, shopping, shopping and more shopping. In Windsor, and Detroit. That pretty much sums it up. Shopping and phone calls....I'm SO exciting.

OH...although, I did start my beginner Italian course today, as my language requirements for teachers college...what a fucking joke that class is going to be....

The neighbors across the street had a party on saturday. They had all these cars parked in their yard, and when they started to leave, you could hear them all driving into one another. It was a real live version of bumper cars....mighty funny...And then, after everyone had left, the guy and his girl decided to have sex on the front yard. CLASSY!!!

Got my grades back, all A's people...christ i'm smart.

Thats it....its been all about the trip. We looked up the most poisonous critters in arizona, and I swore to Jenni that I wouldnt point it out to anyone if I saw one. I dont want anyone jumping on me.

Have a great week everyone....

Friday, May 05, 2006

I thought it was the Dali Lama...and he was drinking a Grande

Before, I have been to Chapters *the Canadian version of B&N*, and have seen the Buddhist monks, dressed in traditional robes, hanging out...reading books. But yesterday, I went to starbucks, which is in Chapters, and I was wandering the aisles, and I come across a Buddhist Monk, that looks SO much like the Dali Lama, that I actually stopped in my tracks.

I know that there is a professor, at the University of Windsor, who is a personal friend of the Dali Lama, and he stops here every once in a while to say hi. Im not should hear all of the sociology professors. If you ask them about the DL, they ALL have stories of him being on campus. If it were only one prof, i might question it...but since its like 6 profs that I have heard from personally, it makes me more of a believer. I mean, COME ON...the Dali Lama??? HERE??? In Windsor??? I dunno, it sounds sort of "Lochness Monster" to me....

So with all of these alleged sightings and stories floating around, I am wandering the aisles, with my Gingerbread Steamer, and almost walk right into him. And he laughed and said "You almost dumped your starbucks". And we giggled about it, and I apologized for being a total klutz. But when I actually looked at his face, I stumbled over my words....I wasnt sure...he looked SO much like him...and after a brief exchange of words, I was on my way.....Right to the Eastern Religion section, to find a book with the Dali Lama on the cover, just to make sure.

It wasnt him...but Even still, I felt like a moron anyway.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ummm...Where's the outlet for my hair dryer???

Thats it...its official. We're stepping out of the box...we're being brave, and adventurous, we're taking on the elements??? Oh god..we're going to the Grand Canyon.

As many of you know, we have a wedding to go to in Vegas. About a year ago, maybe more, I started talking about the grand canyon, and how fun it would be to get a bunch of us together, and go just to say that we've been. Of course, everyone has travel plans of their own, and the GC gets bumped to the bottom of the list. However, when Vegas came up, the GC plans took priority!!

I booked the car yesterday...and spread the word. We know it's a 6 hour drive....each way....sigh...BUT, if Jenni's really planning on burying a body in the desert, and playing CSI, this is going to be the easiest way to do it.

Of the 5 people going, we represent a variety of attitudes that will make this adventure that much more fun...but in an attempt to divulge a bit more about myself, to you, my dearest reader, I feel that I must be completely honest in this matter.

I HATE Nature.

Ive never been camping, ive never even slept in my yard in a tent. I have not once, in my life ever slept outside of a house/hotel and bed. That doesnt mean i'm high maintenance, it just means that I enjoy the comforts of electricity, and running water, in a bathroom, that has a door that closes. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE hiking and rock climbing, and am sure that I would love white water rafting....but the majority of my hiking has happened in a quasi-controlled area, in the gorge, on the Niagara Parkway. I dont worry about the things that are lurking down there, at best, maybe a chipmunk, and bunny....but those are the biggest threats. Plus ive hiked there a million I know what i'm up against.

Ive known the people im taking this trip with, for a long LOOOONG time, and feel safe in saying a few things, on their behalf. Lets go down the list...shall we?

DAWN: ALSO hates nature, and confessed to me, that if she sees a snake, scorpion, or any other menacing looking creature, she will not hesitate to jump on the person closest to her in fear of her life. **Make a mental note people...Dawn is planning on using you as a human shield, do not, under any circumstances, walk beside her.

Miss ASH: Doesnt hate nature to the extent that we do, she's city, but flexible...she also enjoys a good hike, and has a sense of adventure like no one else.. She does, however, hate DIRT. Oh...its true. She hates dirt....she ALSO hates getting her clothes wet...which I dont blame her, and as long as its not raining, we're okay there.

JENNIFER: A real trooper!! She's city for sure, but can make the transition easily to "whatever" and thank god shes going...becuase when i wipe out, in the grand canyon, and land on a rattle snake....she'll be already prepared with the anti-venom, and med-evac waiting on standby.

**UPDATE: Jennifer has commented that she will also jump on someone else to save herself. So, we resolve to let Dawn and Jenni to walk beside one another, and let them scramble for it. Oh god...what a comedy of errors we are....

NATHAN: What can I say? Give the guy a toothpick and a bowling ball, and he can last out there for a year, plus build you shelter, find food, learn to talk to the animals, and make friends with the local cannibals. Nathan is our own "Survivor" meets "Cast Away"

We run on a scale really....that looks something like this

Me Dawn. . . . .Ash Jenni Nathan

With of course, me and dawn being the most leery of nature....And everyone getting progressivly stronger and more adaptable as we go. However, notice the distance between Dawn and Ash? I did that on purpose. We all have our own sense of adventure in certain degrees. We are all flexible...we all love adventure. I just know myself....And of the 5 of us going, if we happened to get stuck out there, for any reason, i'd DEFINITELY die first.

I'm not saying that I dont want to go...I TOTALLY do. Its just....LOL...well...its going to be interesting to say the least....