Friday, May 28, 2010

My Own List...

I find that Miss A has inspired me to make a list of my own....and since we've been friends a long time, I know that she's really worked hard on completing hers. However, instead of making a list as crazy as hers, Ive decided to make one just for the summer to see how it works out. And by summer, I mean June 1 to August 30.

Bring on the summer of the Unhinged Princess.....The official list:

1. Go to the gym 5 days a week, every week from June 1 until August 30. I worked out religiously from January 29 to April 4, 5 days a week - and loved the results. From April 4 to today, Ive sort of slacked....but havent gained a pound back. I just dont FEEL as good as I did, so back to working out - and i have a star chart on a calendar posted on the fridge.

2. Read all of the books on my bookshelf - no explanation needed

3. NO MORE CARBS OR JUNK. I swear - from January to April, I gave up all sugar, and all carbs, and now that im eating that stuff again, I feel on the insides feel gross. LOL. So thats it - Im done with the carbs again for the next few months

4. No more restaurant food - I SAY this one, but its tough when you're out drinking with friends, and they want to eat after the bar....One night, i went out with the girls, and Miss A brought me a to go container of cereal cause she knew i wouldnt eat at the restaurant. You want a GOOD friend?? Shes it. LOL

5. No more unnecessary spending - and by this I mean, no more trips to the convenience store during work for a diet coke...but this ALSO means that I can buy all of this stuff at the grocery store to make sure that I dont slip. Unnecessary spending means whatever you want it to - to me, it means snacks, and books - until I finish the books on my shelf, etc etc...when i finish the list i'll let you know what my "unnecessary" things were....

6. NO GUYS. None. I decided to swear off dating for the month of December, just to give myself a month to figure out what I wanted from a dude, and then when i thought i figured it out, i dated 2 guys who turned out to be what I thought i wanted...and they both turned out to be crap. So im going to give it another go.....Please note, that this one will be the hardest one on my list.....i really like having guys around. BUT im going to try my best.

7. Meet more people, and take myself out of my comfort zone - put myself into situations that I usually wouldnt be in. I dont know what that includes just yet - but I think All of these listed will be a part of that.

8. More road trips - which directly conflicts with no unnecessary spending, and no restaurant food, BUT, directly supports meeting more people and putting myself into situations i wouldnt usually be in. I do want to go to the Smithsonian this summer...ive been thinking about it for a while. Destinations include: Massachusetts to visit friends, DC, and Chicago - and watch out Yarautca, if i make it to Chicago, you have to meet me. (See # 7)

9. Spend more time with myself - on the beach - working on my tan, and reading.

10. Look into applying for, and finding a school that i want to do my PhD at.

11. Look into applying for my permanent residence card for the states.

12. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail - 100 miles. Im off for a week in June. This is what I want to do. 50 miles one way, and 50 miles back. Which means - CAMPING. Ive never slept outside....i would consider this a personal triumph.

This summer is dedicated to rediscovering my love of working out, eating healthy, spending less time inside, texting less, watching less movies, less time online, and spending more time figuring out what I want to do with my life. Im hoping that September 1 brings a renewed sense of clarity in the direction i'm taking my life. Im 32 done fucking around.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Im lost in a[n] (Asian) Supermarket

I thought that title would be a funny Clash reference...but I digress.
I LOVE the Asian Grocery Store....its so wacky, and full of stuff that baffles, yet amazes me - AND it also has my super yummy Thai Green Curry Paste, and cheap coconut milk. And so, with my computer fully fixed.....lets get on with the show (as promised.)

Durian - possibly one of the most bizarre, yet healthy, fruits around. Important points to know about this fruit:
1. Its Creamy - like custard. So if you're a texture person like I am, consider yourself warned.

2. It smells - REALLY bad infact, that it is banned on public transit in Singapore, Thailand, and im sure other countries as well (I only know those 2 becuase my sources provided me pictures with a durian inside of a big red circle with an X over top of it.)

3. If you can get past the smell (which is similar to sweaty feet and rotton eggs), it is quite delicious.

Exotic popsicles
I think these were Mung bean, red bean and tofu, green bean and tofu, and peanut flavor.

Dessert Sticks:
I tried to zoom in on the price tag, so that you could get the full effect...but I PROMISE you that the flavor is Cream Corn Soup.
Self Explanatory.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stupid viruses

So now that ive started blogging again, I have taken it upon myself to start carrying my camera EVERYWHERE to document the ridiculousness that accompanies my life on a daily basis. Unfortunately, last night, I attempted to find the 90210 season finale online, and got a MASSIVE virus that has disabled my antivirus software, and completely blocked me from getting online.

Who knew that 90210 was so damaging.....But in doing so, I am unable to blog about what I REALLY wanted to blog about. I'll have to leave it until next week im afraid....which means, that Miss A ALSO wont be able to blog about something that she wanted to...becuase I was supposed to send her the pictures.

So to the person who has given me a virus...and has only allowed me to email, blog, and FB from work - I hate you. Jerk.....spend your time doing something more productive than attacking the computers of those who want to watch 90210.

That is all.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ridiculous BEYOND all that is rational

Impossibly...I have lost my voice...AGAIN. So much for my 12 hour day at work. I couldnt even call in sick this morning.

Come in to work, and tell them in person that I am sick, and couldnt even call in on my own behalf - Check

Email supervisor and BEG her to rescheudle appointments for next week - Check

Find out that im working alone, all day, while the person on swing shift is on vacation - Check

Recognize that I can't do ANYTHING that is required of me for this shift, as I have a million phone calls to return, and cant even talk to the PO's about anything that I need to talk about - Check

Text all of my relief staff on their cell phones trying to cover my shift - Check

Keep your fingers crossed - if I cant talk to ANYONE today, and no one covers my shift, its going to be an utter nightmare in here.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Im back from a much needed week in Vancouver/Seattle with my loveliest of lovelies...H, and his delightful partner, and equally gracious host, P.

I had no voice, from the day that I got to Vancouver (Friday) until the day before I left to come back to Ontario (Wednesday). Nice way to spend a vacation trying to catch up.....I FB'ed my dilemma 4 days in a row, to which I got a number of "LUCKY H & P" comments. Assholes.

It got me to thinking about how much I communicate - Verbally that is - and how im really at a loss when i cant. I mean sure, i text (As i typed those 5 words, i got 3 texts), and provide every other daily FB updates, email, etc....but I REALLY talk a lot....and when i mean a lot...its a lot. And not only do i talk a lot...i can talk pretty fast sometimes - especially when im revved about something.

I like talking, not only to hear my own voice, but because I think im fairly interesting, and all of my friends are fascinating - so there's never really a lull in conversation. Ive known Miss A for 32 years.....we've never really run out of things to talk about (although, let me just say this. For the past few months, a lot of our conversations have revolved around SOMETHING associated with facebook...and what nerds we are.) This topic disgusts, and amuses me at the same time - which reminds me Ash, i need you to sign in later to do a C.S. LOL!!!!

I think that I prefer one to one face to face interaction..and im a big phone person - and a super multitasker. I met someone a while ago....and when we introduced ourselves he looked at me and said "Well now what? I require engaging conversation"...and from that point ive always had to start my conversations with some CRAZY story that happened to me.

Like for example - I fly into vancouver - the lady on the plane beside me sees that im reading a book about the last hangings in Canada, and asks me how it is. I explain what I do for a living, and she makes the connection, since I work with people in conflict with the law. Turns out shes a foster mom, and the conversation turns, inevitably to children's aid, and foster care.

After the plane, I get onto the sky train, and im looking at a hang nail that i have. I have nails, just not especially long ones, but long enough to paint. And the lady sitting beside me taps me on the leg and says "You know...I used to bite my nails like that too" which i put all five fingers out, and show her my nails and say "Ummm...i dont actually bite them" and she looks at me, horrified, and gets off at the next stop.

And then i go out for dinner with H & P, and we're walking back to their house, and a man jumps in front of us, throws his arms open and screams "I LOVE YOU GUYS" which i walk past his arms and keep going without even looking twice.

What do you guys think is appropriate in terms of conversation? Do you feel the need to jump in and put in your two cents when you see someone reading a book that youve read, or wearing a shirt of a band that you love, or is debating renting a movie that you hated? I do that all the time...but I never stopped to consider that the other person, might not self-centered of me....because usually when that happens, and someone interjects their opinion, i can honestly say that I only care 50% of the time.

Friday, May 07, 2010

the rebirth of a new love....

I havent loved Nine Inch Nails since Pretty Hate Machine, becuase as far as i was concerned, they'd never write a better song than Ringfinger.....and to me, they havent.

I always liked Trent Reznor, hes a musical genius.....but i was so disappointed in him after PHM....until now.

the newest Trent Reznor, post NIN music was released on May 4 - A Drowning - from his new band How to Destroy Angels, with his wife singing. And its fantastic!

Ive been such a "poopooer" of NIN and Trent since for me to say that i REALLY like this, says a lot. Its really really REALLY amazing.

Now, lets see if i can post a video here.....Yea, I have no idea how you guys do that. But the link to the song is here. If you hate it, im sorry for recommending it. But if you love TR, or NIN, you'll love it. I promise.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK - You may find this highly offensive.

I had a first communion this weekend. Im not a church goer....We have discussed many times on this blog, beliefs, and religion, and who does what for their own purpose - And for those of you who dont remember how I feel about religion, please revisit this site.

But I went, and didnt burst into flames!!!

And while he did this......

I'm getting ready to go to Vancouver and Seattle this week. Who wants postcards???

Saturday, May 01, 2010

My adventures in online dating...

Im not an online dater. I dont get the whole "online thing"....

A friend of mine is over one night, and shes bitching about guys, as it turns out that we are both going through some stupid times when it comes to members of the opposite sex. To me that is fairly common, but she's not used to how annoying men can truely be as she was in a long term relationship and is brand new to dating all over again.

I said "THATS IT. Lets go online and find you a boyfriend". So we go to plenty of fish, and start flicking through the profiles - which seems like rocket science becuase you have to input your postal code (Canada's version of a Zip code for our American readers), and find people in your area, or within x amount of miles.

I can barely navigate this site, but manage to find myself looking at THOUSANDS of men in Toronto who want to date. I click on guy, who's not particularily attractive, but its not for me, so i dont care. I read his profile, and his job in his 20s was building muppets and fraggles.

My heart skipped 10 beats.

If you are a long time reader of this blog, then you are well aware of how much i love the Muppets, and in turn, found myself registering on this website just to tell him so.

If you have signed up before for online dating, then you know what an intense process it is....if you have NOT signed up before - spare yourself...its a fairly intense process. But I digress.

I sign up, and email this guy about how cool his job is, and we email back and forth about the Muppets for approximately 10 minutes, and then i get bored. becuase "THATS must have been the coolest job, i love the muppets" conversation has exhausted itself, and I cant figure out how to delete my profile - so i go to bed.

I call up a couple of my friends the next day, to ask if they have ANY idea how to delete my one does, but they listen to my story, laughing, and all agree that "Only you would do soemthing this ridiculous". Miss Ash suggets meeting him becuase maybe he'll build me my own muppet, which is something i never thought of asking, and as I told a few friends about what has happened, a number of them inquired about whether he takes orders.

I sign into Plenty of Fish, and send him another email, explaining what has happened over the past 24 hours, and asked him if he would make Muppets for people he doesnt know....and he never emailed me back.

C'est la vie. But I found out how to delete my profile.