Friday, February 15, 2008


I think that when we look back, over the course of our lives, we are able to reflect and think about the choices we made, reasons for making them, and whether or not they were the right decisions, we were able to project any type of consequences that may come about from said decisions. *hence my wish to be able to do everything without ever having to sacrifice anything*.

However....sometimes, looking from the outside in, at other peoples decisions, is somewhat mind boggling. I mean...ive often wondered about the mental state of some people *and I dont want to lump them into groups because where im going with this, it wouldnt be apropriate to point out specific examples..but I digress*

...and I think that professionally, I can SORT of see where certain issues might stem from...but i cant understand the thought processes in their minds, where they wake up one day and think that these things are fantastic ideas.

There are many examples we can use here.....
- murder
- the case of the man who posted an add in that german newspaper that stated his fetish was to torture and murder a woman, and then eat her and over 400 women replied to his add
- the case of a man who pretended to be severely special needs, move into a group home and wear diapers just so he could fondle the nurses with no repercussion

....and then of course this..the case of Michael Score (who IRONICALLY has the exact same birthday as me). The singer of a little band called Flock of Seagulls.

What do you think the thought process was behind that haircut?