Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Its the end of October already

Well....again, its been a nightmare of a month, and the lady who threatened my life is now gone from the agency and continuing to threaten my life.

I know its time to leave - and i've decided to write the LSAT and have applied for a number of jobs, so we'll see. Its time to get the fuck out of dodge because at this point - if this lady who's BANANAS has her skin head gang out here, blames me for going back to jail, and they're on the hunt for me - no thanks. I'll be happy to go thank you very much.

So that brings us pretty much up to speed. Im being threatened by a crazy lady, who has a number of equally crazy associates out here.

Its time to get out while i can.

And its my birthday next weekend. I'll be 34...... Aren't I too old for this shit???

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happy Spooky Season

Wow. This month. I cant believe how fast its gone.

I had my life threatened at work - so i went on stress leave, and all i did was relax. It was quite nice to just lay around and do nothing for 3 weeks.

I met a new dude, who Im actually enjoying spending a large amount of time with. We're incredibly similar, and have turned into fantastic friends - which was unexpected and surprising. We met on the beach....and one comment turned into a 5 hour conversation. Its nice when things like that happen. So weve been spending a lot of time together, and hanging out. His birthday is even the day before lots in common.

Some ASSHOLE hacked my credit card and charged 4200 dollars at some conference in Texas. That was a pain in the ass to sort out...but its all sorted, I suppose, until I hear something else from the credit card company.

Its my 34th birthday in a month. I dont know where the time has gone, considering I started this blog when i think i was 27 or so. (ive not been the best blogger, but im working on it).

I moved into my new place, and I still dont have internet at my house - and since I was off for a month - it made internet time difficult. But I'm back to work now, and things are going well - although, I feel like its time to move on from my agency and find something new.

I've kept myself so occupied that I havent even gotten an answering machine, or call display on my phone yet - that I set up August 5!!!

Its time for apple picking, hoodies, pumpkins, scary movies, fireplaces, and warm cozy drinks. Happy fall everyone :)