Wednesday, August 30, 2006

10 Years have come and gone so fast...

I know I wasnt very clear about this whole "10 year ago ex" thing that I wrote about in my last post.

We broke up amicably, when I moved to Windsor the first time, in 1996, for my first year of University. We were going to see how things went, but he ended up sleeping with someone else about 3 weeks after I left, so, in all reality, it didnt go very well between us.

After my anger went away, we became friends, and hung out only 2 times, but saw eachother out a bunch of times. Of those 2 times we saw was friendly, the other, a little more than friendly. So that was about 5 years ago....since then we have not seen eachother, but exchanged a couple of emails, and I have indeed blogged about him in the past, as someone...well...Whatev. Anyway, I wasnt clear when I explained. YES he was an ex from 10 years ago, But No, this is not the first time we have talked in 10 years. We are friends. And he's a great guy.

We talked the other great depth about the possibility of maybe starting something again. He sat there, on the other end of the phone, and I asked him what it was that made him constantly come back to me, and why I always felt comfortable going back to him....and he said that maybe, sometimes, people have such a good strong connection, that the connection, never goes away. I dont know. All of my exes are quite jerky. Except him...he's the only one I managed to remain great friends with.

And with his ideas about the connection lasting through out the years, I remembered that I really cared about this guy, a LOT. And if we were to get back together, would it be just like old times? In a situation like this, we were great together, and we could be great again. So I asked myself, how I really felt, and I thought about it, and wondered that maybe there really are people out there, who are just pieces of you...that complete who you are. Ash is one, Jenni is one, LD is one, H, H, T, M, D, B, A, N are all one peice each, and this guy is one.

No matter what path he travels, it always winds up coming back to me. I'm not trying to be conceited, but he always manages to find his way here....and when that happens, i'm always more than happy to have him back.

However, this time, he's got a girlfriend....And that confuses me, because if I am really who he wants to be with, why didnt he see that 5 years ago, when we hung out....10 years ago when we dated...Why havent ANY of the guys ive dated noticed that, until we break up, and then they call me crying about how breaking up was the stupidest decision they ever made, and the biggest mistake of their life.

Ive been very confused about this situation...and In all reality, every piece of me wants to see, but then i realize that he has a girlfriend, and I dont even want a part of it....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Blogger Confessional© Musical Melodies and Homes on Wheels

I dont remember everything that happened this week. Im going to be perfectly honest.

- I went hiking with my neices, and they cried the entire time....They saw spiders, they screamed. They saw bees, they hid. They thought we were lost, they wanted to throw up. It was entertaining enough that I would take them again...if I could get them to go without crying.

- Even though I have ever played poker 4 times in my entire life, I'dlike to announce, that I won a game. I am the greatest champion of the world!!! I played with 4 people who kick ass at poker. And I'd like to say that I am undeniably impressed with myself.

- I wish that I had someone with me all week, everywhere I went to verify that this actually happened, but every single building I went into this week, that had music over the PA system, had the song Downtown, playing. I was going to blog about it, but forgot, until I was watching Big Brother tonight, and there was a commercial, with the song Downtown, playing in the background. Quel Surpise!! I think, from Sunday to Sunday, I heard this song, about 35 times....I wish I was joking.

- I got gas in my car today, and infront of me, was a trailer home, as big as a tour bus. It was the guy gassing his monstrosity up, noticed me looking at it, and said "Its a big on eh?"....I laughed and said that it was, and that I didnt know mobile homes were made that big. I said that i'd never even seen one this close before. And at that, he called his wife over, and honestly said "Bring this youngin inside..she wants a tour". I didnt want a tour, but I was definitely not going to say no to taking a peek. It was a trailer on was huge inside, and actually, If I was ever forced to have to be in one of those for a long period of time, I figured it wouldnt be so long as you had someone else to hang out with, besides the driver.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

**UPDATE: My ex, from TEN years ago, called me just at 9pm tonight, and said that he misses me, and wants to be with me. After 10 years...i am left sitting here, with too many thoughts swirling.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Day of Immigration Fun!!

So I went over the border today to get my visa all sorted out for school. It starts in 13 days...I cant believe it. I pull up to the bridge, its packed, and takes 25 minutes to even get to a customs officer. I park my car at customs, and go in. Its more packed than the bridge was. Im all for uping security, but this was insanity. It was me, and about 100 other people.

However, there were a few mentionable moments that helped pass the hour and 39 minutes that I was waiting.

1. Little kids running, and doing cartwheels inbetween the hordes of people, and their parents screaming at them...and then the kids crying.
2. A guy, sitting beside me sees the paperwork that I have, and says "Teachers too." I'm looking the other way, vaugely recognize that someone is trying to communicate with me, so I turn to him and say "Huh?" becuase I wasnt paying attention, as I dont usually try to meet people at US customs and immigration.

He says "you're getting your visa...for school (he points at what im holding, and says) Me too. Im James". Turns out we're in the same class for teachers college, so he asked for my email address. Whatev, it wont be so bad knowing one person on the first day.
3. A group of German travelers are sitting across from me and James while we talked. The entire time, they were whispering pointing at us, and nodding approvingly. He noticed and said "those people are staring at us...". (He's just like me Ash!!! LOL.)

Anyway, after about 40 minutes of them looking, and James, at this point, was gone, im sitting there, with my sunglasses on. I am not in the habit of wearing sunglasses inside, but it was really sunny in that room, and I was sitting right by the window, so I felt justified.

As im waiting to pay my processing fees, this group of German Adventurists moves really close to where I was now standing by the cashier. One guy, probably close to my age, turns to me and..well...this is what happens.

German: You har in dat mofie?
Me: What???
German You har in dat mofie?
Me: What movie???
German: You har dat mofie star?
At which point I BURST out laughing...I couldnt help it...His accent was ridiculously cute.
Me: Uhh...No.
German: Dat man ask you...ummm...sign???? (and then proceeds to act out writing, with his finger as a pen on the palm of his hand...and I assume that this is what he meant)
Me: Autograph??
German: YES!! YES!!! autograph. He gettem you autograph?
Me: (laughing, and wiping the tears out of my eyes, having removed my sunglasses) No, we go to school together. He asked for my email. (I wasnt sure if he understood what I meant, but then he said)
German: No Autograph? (he puts his hand out and moves it horizontally back and forth, and smiles..he was a total cutie)
Me: No Autograph
German: Not Mofie? (pointing at me)
Me: No Movie
German: (looking totally embarassed) I Sorry. (and then he walked away)

I watched him as he walked back to his group, shaking his head. Their smiles disappeared, and that was the end of it. But I couldnt help but wonder, who they thought I might have been.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


See, heres the thing. I dont get how like 12 year olds have expensive expensive accessories. Coach bags, Armani sunglesses, Tiffany jewelry, Louis Vuitton purses....

See, I have those things. I do, I wont lie. *exept i dont like Louis Vuitton, i think the design is hideous*....And the thing about my accessories is, I hate knock offs. I do, I hate them. I dont own a knock off, and will never own a knock off. If I want the original bad enough, i'll save up, and buy it myself, or ask for it for christmas/birthday.

However, what does a 12 year old need with a 300 dollar purse? Theyve only got one thing to put inside of it anyway. Cell phones. A 12 year old with an expensive purse...and a cell phone. I dont see how this can say anything good about our society.

Kids are too fucking spolied. Thats what it comes down to. Expensive clothes, cell phones, whining and temper tantrums, designer shoes and accessories. I dont know if im just getting older and hate everyone under the age of 20....or if its a generational thing. I wonder if when I was 18, 28 year olds looked at our age group, and thought the same thing....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Countdown is On

There are 44 days left until I cut 12 inches off my hair and donate it to Locks of Love.

There are 19 days until I start my Masters...

And while we're at it...445 days until i'm 30.

I'm anxious about all three.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Toronto Shenanigans

Me and Miss Ash had the same weekend. No point in reading it twice. She's written about the nicer bits of our weekend. I've written about what a bitch I am.
We head to "T dot", to attend some events that we were invited to, as we are very popular (haha). We hit Jenni's neighborhood, notice that a movie is being filmed, ditch our stuff, and go check it out. I see this guy.

Jennifer's got this carty thing loaded with all the BBQ stuff we could ever need (minus the buns) and we're on our way to the ferry docks. At the streetcar, these 2 "posh" bitches, are there, complaining they wont get a seat because of all the people and proceed to point infront of Jennifer and say, "get ahead of THAT girl".

**DISCLAIMER: As a general rule, we're not really particularily mean people. Okay, umm, hm...well, we're mean, but we're only quasi mean, which doesnt make us mean at makes us assertive, and straight forward, but I digress.

The street car miraculously stops directly in front of where we were standing, which never happens. Jenni makes a b-line to the door, I help her lift up that carty thing, and the one "posh bitch" is rubbing her tits on my arm trying to get into the street car. And since I dont particularily like being jostled by anyone, I look at her, and say "I cant GO any faster". Which i'm sure, didnt come out in my nicest tone.

We sit down inside, and Miss Ash sits in front of me giggling, that she also told these women off. And said something to the effect of "Is it really going to fucking matter if you have to stand?"
On the ferry on the way back, my friends are playing this charades type game. I dont really like games, so I wasnt playing. This random quasi-hottie jumps in, and wants a turn. He had a can of "Bud" in each hand, and when "S" hands him the thing to join in, he put the beer cans in his pockets. Ugh...trash.

Its random's turn and he starts pointing to his friend. I know I wasnt playing, but couldn't help but yell out "Alpha Male" (we laugh, out loud) and when that was wrong, I yell out "Frat Boy" (we laugh again). Wrong again....he was trying to act out "Beside" Hm...Whatev.
I think I broke my baby toe today (actually I call them piggies, but you guys dont know that about me) hurts, and its so fat that i put my sandals on, and it was squashed in there. So if I had an excuse to not do anything before I hurt my piggy, i have an even better one now.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Crap, my life's boring... know, for the past like few days, i've been sitting here, trying to think of something to write about, and as far as my days go, they're uneventful...aside from the drinking and going out bits....and of course spending time with my most amazing friends.

Im trying to remember what happened this week, and all I can think of is:

- I got new earrings...i had the same gold hoops in for 14 years, and finally decided to ditch them and get something new. But because the ones I had were so little, I forgot they existed...But I bought new ones today, and becuase theyre a thicker gauge than my old ones, i had to jab them through....ouch.

- I tanned....

- I drank

- I tanned some starting to get dark. It looks nice.

- I went out

- I keep getting phone calls from this guy "Steve". I have ZERO idea who steve is...but he calls me almost everyday, and leaves messages on my cell phone. I was out for dinner with "N", last friday, after Miss Ash's Cricket scare, and he called me then, I was talking to him, N asks me who it was, and I looked at him and mouthed "i have NO idea"...but he hasnt stopped calling.

- I doubt I got that job that I had the interview for...they havent called me back, but they asked to keep my presentation...which makes me think that they stole my ideas, and since they have those, why bother getting me to run the groups that I created...assholes.

- oh oh...I Went to a dinner party with a bunch of girls I went to highschool with. We all hung out in highschool, and one of them now lives in france and comes home once a year, so we all hung out...i did too many shots of tequila.

**Allow me to say, in defence of myself, that I know it sounds like i'm turning into an alcoholic, but really, I do drink in moderation. Just because I drink almost everday, doesnt mean that I get means that I have a couple...or more.

Me and Miss Ash are off to toronto tomorrow until sunday night....we have some events to least that will make for a good post. You know, usually im laughing about something during the week, with my friends saying "haha..that would make a good blog"...and then I sit down at my comptuer, and i have already totally forgotten what was so funny to begin with. Thats whats happened to my brain this summer, i've become a forgetful drinker who tans too much....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blogger Confessional© A treasure from the Vault of the Unhinged Princess

My interview went okay *and of course it doesnt hurt that I know the CEO personally* but we'll see. However, After the interview, I came home and of course everyone asked about it, and started to giggle about some of the interviews I have had in the past. And if you think you've had bad interviews, well...let me just say this.

I had an interview at Family and Children Services. It was winter, and very snowy. My interview was at....2. (had to think for a minute. This is important for the story)

So for this interview at FACS, I had to do an intake call from the cops, write an essay, and answer questions. Totalling an hour and a half. (This is common in social services, they want to see how you work under pressure)

Just after 3, they sit me in a room to write my essay, and close the door. Over the loud speaker, the intercom comes on and says "due to the snowstorm, the building will be closing at 3:30". Perfect. Ive got just enough time to get this done....

So I wrote my essay, and read it over a couple of times, and im sitting there....and think for SURE that it's 3:30. So I grab my stuff, and get up to go back out to where I was in the main foyer, so that the receptionist can call the people and I can give them my stuff, and leave.

Except when you walk out of one area, the doors lock automatically behind you, and when I get out to the main area, the receptionist is gone, and it's 3:25. I know the buiding isnt closing for another 5 minutes, and im like "fucking bitch..she left early" I grab the house phone, and call my mom. I dont know why. I finish telling her everything, and she says "Uhhh...PP, Its 4:30, not 3:30." Problem is, I looked so fast at the clock, that I didnt notice the hour. And the building had closed at 3:30.....everyone was gone, and I was locked in. *ya ya...laugh it up*

I hang up, and call the crisis center where I worked, and asked for the number of one of the girls I worked with because she also had an interview, and I couldnt remember the names of the people who were interviewing me...but she wasnt home.

So im like stuck in this building, and I have no idea what to I pick up the house phone again, and call FACS' after hours line, for the crisis response team. So I get someone and explain my situation, and she's like "Uhhh...okay...oh my god".....shes got me on hold, and i just happen to look up, and the guy who interviewed me happens to be walking by on the other side of a door with a window. He sees me out of the corner of his eye, and comes back, and comes out and says "what are you doing here?" And I say "'s my essay" And a look of horrid recognition comes over his face and all he could say was " I'm SOOOO Sorry". I honestly say "get me the fuck out of here". At this point, I didnt care.

I find out the next day, that the CEO of the job that I already had, went to a conference at the FACS building the next morning, heard about me getting locked in the day before, found the guy who interviewed me, and ripped him a new asshole infront of his boss...

Needless to say, I didnt get the job.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Holding my breath for the weekend...

Aside from the hig points of the week (drinking and going out almost everynight) , this week has been highly uneventful.

Its been so hot this week, over 100 for 2 days, that I thought my skin was going to melt right off of my body.

I managed to secure myself an interview for tomorrow.....I dont want to work, but living like a rockstar, is, shockingly, starting to get boring.....I didnt want to have a job, but I find that since all my friends are working, its rare that they want to go out during the week, because they all have to get up so early. I can usually get different people to go out different nights of the week, but we're still done all of our drinking by midnight.

So ya....job interview. Its all good though, i miss my field. And considering how easily I get bored, this will give me something to do.

I literally almost got in 4 car accidents today, all with in an hour and a half, and when I decided to go shopping, I almost got into a fight with some 18 year old. And when I went in to one store, there was a kid having a full out tantrum on the floor, complete with kicking and screaming. When I gave her the slit eye, she noticed, and thought that it was really funny, so for the remainder of my time in the store, she would run up to me, poke me on the leg and giggle and run away. So, controlling my temptation to slap the shit out of her, I left.

I ran into Miss Ash's mom, while I was out, and then went to LD's to watch Big Brother.

I just got home, and have yet to prepare myself for my interview should be easy enough though, I only have to facilitate a 10 minute group session on Anger Management. Piece of cake....You know, in all honesty, figuring out what to wear is what I stress about the most in these situations. I could care less if I get this job. I'm almost positive it's full time, and once September comes, I have class 2 days a week, so would have to quit anyway, unless they're about to pay me an obscene amount of money...which in social services...i'm not holding my breath.

Wish me luck.