Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Now what?

WOW. What a month.

I spent so much time studying - that I barely had any time for anything else...but its over....and let me tell you, after spending so much time doing one thing - I dont know what to do with all my spare time.

For all of you LSAT enthusiasts out there - let me be the first to assure you that this test is HARD. Not that the content was overly difficult...but the amount of the content was overwhelming. At the bottom of one of the pages in the booklet, I actually wrote "i ran out of time completely for this question. This test is too long." (and yes, the actual question was the entire page) - lets hope the fine people at LSAC have a sense of humor.

OMG...one guy actually almost got kicked out of the test for opening a bottle of water before break! the lady yelled at him and said that she read the rules to us at the beginning of the test and let us all consider ourselves warned that ignoring the rules will not be tolerated.

I had a good giggle over this.

But of course at the end - with 15 minutes left to go, and 4 questions, I pressed my fingers into my eyes and thought to myself that I couldnt read another word and guessed at the last 4 answers.

On the whole, I feel like I did not bad actually. I feel quite confident about my test in general. Lets just see how the score comes out - January 6.

I wasnt sure I wanted to be a lawyer...i wanted some doors open and quite honestly, took this test for the hell of it - but now that ive done it...I WANT to do well. If I dont, then i wont be that disappointed. But if I do well - then i'll apply to law school.

And now - moving forward onto everyone's happiest and most favorite time of year - Christmas (insert eyeroll/sarcasm here)