Thursday, November 03, 2011

LSAT must be the initials for the Devil himself....

Oh dear God....

Has anyone ever studied for the LSAT before??? I dont know how they do it. All these people who are lawyers. How did they manage to pass?

Im a fairly smart individual - 2 undergrads and a Masters of Education (im a certified teacher for fucks not exactly stupid).... but this? This studying...makes me feel like a moron.

Logical reasoning, would make you think that its logical common sense. Not so much. The first practice 13 questions I got 7 right...the second practice 13, I got 2 right. The time constraints for this test are almost unmanageable....

Logic games? The (sadistic) "game" starts out with a scenario where they give you clues, and then the questions follow. Lets have an example shall we?

Scenario: 7 men standing in a row. 3 with blue hats, 2 with red hats, 2 with white hats.

Clues: A red hat stands first, a blue hat cannot stand beside 2 red hats, the white hats cannot be second or third

Questions: What is a logical order of how these men are standing from first to last? Who's the tallest? WHICH MAN IS NAMED PAUL??? (ok, well the last 2 arent really questions, but they may as well be)

You know - I always wanted to be a lawyer, and the story i'm about to relay has certainly been written here before somwhere in the archives....In my third year of University, when i was still gearing up to write the LSAT, I got a riddle on email - similar to the above noted scenario. 6 hours later...i was still struggling with it. I had drawn diagrams, and no avail. I looked at my friend, who'd watched me work on it (which i did through an entire 3 hour class sociology class), and I looked at her and said "i'll NEVER pass the LSAT"....and that was it.

I havent even TOUCHED the other 2 sections yet....

Its all word problems. There's SO much organization needed, and i'm a VERY organized person. Thing is, im very overwhelmed with all of the stuff I need to learn in 4.5 weeks when people study for this for a year or more.

I need a strategy to study....I have already tabbed off the sections in the books, and organizing myself as best as possible. Im definitely feeling the pressure, but I need a proper strategy to organize myself to maximize study time.

I'm open to all help and suggestions :)