Sunday, January 29, 2006

A slight case of over anxious appointment booking.

A few years ago, I was the maid of honor at a friends wedding....I had booked an appointment at the same place to get my legs waxed in the early afternoon, and a pedicure right after. I was really looking forward to having this done. I love getting pampered like that.

However, on the day of the appointment, the place, a VERY fancy salon, calls me up, and says that they had a cancellation that morning, and since i'm a regular at this place, and I have 2 appointments back to back, they wanted to know if I wanted to switch my pedicure to that morning. Not even thinking, I say "Oh my god...of course, i've got so much to do this afternoon, I'd love the extra time to get it done." Appointments set, I hop in my car to get going. When I get there, They bring me my water with lemon, and let me pick out my nail polish color. I'm SO looking forward to a couple of hours of relaxation and pampering, that I sit back in the pedicure chair, kick my shoes off, and am JUST about to pull up my pant legs and stick my feet in the warm water when I realize that my legs are now being waxed AFTER my pedicure.

In a state of SHEER horror, I just about die, when the girl *one i'd never had before* sits in front of me, and tells me to stick my feet in. Im am about to cry, i'm SO embarassed, because for anyone who has ever had their legs waxed, you know how long your hair needs to be, for them to do it.....Which is why I booked my waxing appointment first to begin with.

I look at this girl, and say "Uhh...I just remembered something, can you go see if my original appointment is still available??" She says "Uhh..okay", and of course comes back with the horrendous news "unfortunately, that appointment has been filled. Is it an emergency?? Do you need to cancel?"

I sigh audibly, and say, "No, it's not an emergency, I just havent shaved in over 3 weeks as I am getting my legs waxed immediately after this, and when they called me to change my appointment to right now, I didnt even think." She insisted it couldnt be bad, and insisted that I stop being so silly, and relax. Well..for those of you who have been reading my blog a long time, know how dark my hair is....and After 3 weeks of not shaving, I was utterly horrified, and the MOST humiliated i've ever been.

After 3 years of going to the same salon, I wasnt all that upset about having to find a new place for pedicures.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Tag and Update.

To those of you who tagged me, Keep your shirts on. I told you i'd get around to one has to boycott me...yet....

5 crazy things about me *which is nothing in comparison to the post that I wrote called "100 things about me"...but everyone seems to forget that I wrote this post, and continue to tag me. If you're that interested, go read that post again...LOL...I think it was done in september or october. I digress....

5 MORE things about me

1. At the movies, when I get a drink, I pull out the first 20 or so straws, until I get one that's from deep inside the dispenser. I have this freak thing where I think people lick the straws and put them I grab one a few in, and then throw the ones before it away.

2. I LOVE martinis....they're usually all I drink. I love all kinds of martinis, but the truth is...I REALLY like the glasses they're in..SO fancy...they make it taste better.

3. My comfort food is animal matter what the hurt is, they always make me feel better....

4. I have really taken a liking to blogging. I usually check my blog comments before I even check my email....And I read all of your blogs before I check my email...Oh god..i'm such a nerd.*OH and speaking of nerds....I ALSO decide to do crazy things like find new friends...That post should have told you a lot about me....LOL!*

5. When I eat a banana, I take all the peel off, and rip the top 1/2 inch and the bottom 1/2 inch off immediately and eat the rest....And when I eat oranges, I am anal about peeling all the white stuff might take me a half hour to eat one orange...I dont like that white's stringy and gross.

Speaking of Incognito Mike...he called me in the WEE hours of the morning last night and woke me up. And seeing as I usually stay up pretty late myself, he called when I was already sleeping. And then told me how cute I sounded when I just woke up, and how snuggled I must have been in my blankie *yes, I still call it a blankie*, and he told me that he thought I sounded really sexy. I didnt remember the phone call until he found me on messenger today...and reminded me of how cute he thought I sounded. It all came back to me in a horriffic rush....I was talking to a guy with a quasi-mullet in the middle of the night, while I was half asleep in bed. And I was SO horrified that I told him I felt so uncomfortable with him calling late at night, and if he wanted to be friends, that was okay....but there was NO way that I was looking to form any other type of extra curricular relationship with him, so if thats what he was after to screw off....

Now that I have this nerd, I dont want him....See what you get for being nice to people? Take this as a cautionary tale kiddies....give people attention who dont usually get it, and they cling to you like plastic wrap on honey...UGH. A quasi-mullet....BARF...What was I thinking?? I've set my "nerd" standards too high, and now that i've found one, I feel that i'm in over my head. I hope Incognito Mike got the message....the LAST thing I want is his girlfriend thinking i'm trying to steal her man...LOL!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


So after class last night, I went to the comptuer center to check my email...and since it was like after 10pm, there wasnt anyone there....except for about 10 other people. So I grab a computer, and sit down 3 seats away from this guy, and since i'm on alert, I notice everyone.

So After about 5 minutes, I notice this guy's staring at me, and I turn to him with my eyebrows all scrunched and my best suspicious look on my face, and say "HIIII??". And he says "I'm SO sorry i'm staring, but I think I know you". I laugh and say "Well..that's cause i'm so popular". LOL!

He laughs and says "I think you know my your name xxxx?"....And so it turns out that I know this guys girlfriend, and there's a couple of pictures of me and her together, and he recognized me, which is ODD because I barely remember being anywhere with her where there was a camera *possibly including a lot of booze on my part*.....So we totally start talking...and stay there talking for like an hour.

He's got the beginnings of a quasi-mullet, and a moustache, and some fuzz on his chin that makes him look like he's wearing a disguise....from this point forward, I will refer to him as INCOGNITO MIKE. LOL!

Reason he was at the computer center after 10pm? Simple...He was looking up jokes online.

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Of Richard B. Lee and Cyber-Athletes

In a follow up post to "Search for Nerds", i've had a lot to think about, considering I had NO idea the vareity of nerds that existed...and am on the path to figuring out what I want.

Cyber-Athletes - I GUESS this is a new phenomenon. Loads of guys, battling it out on their computers for thousands of dollars and endorsements. I cant BELIEVE that this is the wave of the future...i like Built athletic guys as much as the next girl, but this, doesnt do it for me. And i've decided that THIS isnt the kid of "nerd" i'm looking for. These guys spend 8-12 hours a day playing video games....When would they have time for me??? Never. So, by process of elimination, i've decided that i do NOT want nerds who play 8-12 hours of video games. I want someone i'll actually be able to get out of the house and hang out with....

Richard B. Lee - World famous anthropologist, written many books. Came to my school yesterday and gave a conference on Aids in Africa. I love richard lee, and anyone who's ever taken an anthropology course, and liked it, will completely agree. It was a fascinating lecture, that lasted 2 hours almost....and I enjoyed it immensely....

In realizing that I am somewhat of a nerd myself about world issues, i've ALSO decided that I want a nerd that is interested in world issues....and actually has an i'm looking for an intellect, who's doesnt play video games the entire day. And I think that's a pretty good start.

**I realize that people are tagging me to do those blog surveys, I'll get to them. I promise, dont boycott me. LOL

UPDATE: So i'm in class. this guy sits down beside me, and since i'm on this quest, I'm in the frame of mind to talk to anyone. Well...I opened the floodgates, and asked him something about the online notes that he had...and from then on, he proceeds to ask me a million questions about my very personal life. Once he established what program I was in, and how old I was, class was starting, and he starts to write me notes. First thing he asks? "Are you married." I have no ring on, I cant he's passing notes to me....asking millions of questions, at which point he thinks its a great idea to ask me on a date. To which I say "you ask too many questions".

Let me say, that I am NOT looking to date this person, I am looking to expand my "friend" circle, and learn about new things....Ugh....You know, i never have any clue when someone is hitting on me...but when they're too agressive, it makes me so uncomfortable.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Search for Nerds

So I wanna meet a "nerd". And Yes....typical classification makes me shallow and judgemental, blah blah blah...but hey. I've accepted it. *it's funny to me that the kid who drew this picture has the same stereotypes that I do about what "nerds" look like...not funny ha ha, but funny ironic.* I digress.

I've been on a mission these past few days. I've decided to expand my social circle *as small as it is in this new city*, and meet someone who's the complete opposite of me. Star trek MIGHT be interesting...I dont know, but if it is, so help me god....

Last friday, I was going out with a friend of mine, and had decided that I wanted to find a cutie geek to make friends with. I told her that we would start our evening in the "Science Fiction" section of Chapters *Canada's Barnes and Noble*, and then proceed to the theater to see King Kong. I figured it was a nerdy movie, and the kind of show that guys go to togehter, without dates. My friend, who isnt as open minded as I am, told me that although she okayed the Sci-Fi *look at me with the lingo* section, she refused to see king kong. And we went to see Munich instead. The guy beside me was there alone, and he was sort of nerdy....but I didnt want to launch into a huge conversation with someone before the movie I just asked him if he minded if I kept my water in his side of the cup holder. LOL.

I havent met anyone yet who i'm happy with, so I went BACK to the mall this past thursday, to spend a longer time in the book store. There was one man, in the Car section, but he looked like he'd just hiked to Ontario from Alberta...and he looked homeless. He might have been totally interesting, but thats not what I was aiming for....With no prospects, I left the mall not having met anyone, but bought the cutest shirt at old navy, and a new pair of suede gloves that match my purse. I was happy.

I've been conducting MSN surveys, and phone surveys all week long about where to people, and the responses i've gotten have been helpful. One store that I settled on in the mall, is that Games store, the one where they have all those little pewter's like a game of Risk, but with pewter characters, in make believe places I suppose. When I was at the mall...i paced back and forth outside of this store 5 times debating whether or not to go in. The only people in there were the 2 working, but sitting at a table, battling one another....I decided against it, becucase I didnt want anyone to see me go in there...but I had previously decided that I was going to walk in there and say "'s this stuff all about?" My nerves got the better of me, I never went in.

So for all of you out there who like these things...leave a comment...i'm interested....Really. =)

I realize this post might make me look completely shallow, and like a total snob, and It isnt intended that way....I just dont know how else to say these things. Any suggestions on where to meet people with these interests??

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A moment of truth for HNT.

Tomorrow is the 7 year anniversary of the death of my best friend...The one who died under questionable circumstances. I havent felt like doing much of anything this week, and dont feel much like blogging today, or for the next couple of days.

I'm miserable....i miss my friend. I'll be back in a few days.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh Happy Day

Although Linny commented by asking me to post something new, as she was tired of looking at that penis "Wally", in a confessional email, she told me that the real reason she wanted a new post, was because it was turning her on. I'm SORRY linny, the public needs to know. =)

I had company over the other day, and they were watching Dr. Phil. There was a guest on saying that she had broken up with her serious boyfriend a number of times because of trust issues, or personal insecurities. He looks at her and says "Why do you want this drama in your life? Do you get bored that easliy?" She looks at him and says something along the lines of "I dont know", and he says "People who get bored easily have a tendancy to create drama, or invite drama into their lives, becuase it keeps them entertained." And Since avoiding drama is my own personal new years resolution, I really payed very close attention.

I have discussed this with Jenny and Ashley, and they'll confirm that I get EXTREMELY bored rediculously easy......And so i've vouched to myself to no only avoid Drama this year, but have agreed to extend my resolution to Avoid Boredom!!! As I now believe the two are intrinsically linked....getting rid of one will help get rid of the other. But as it now seems, boredom is the key to a life time of drama.

Things are slowly turning around for me....I was up when the sun was still asleep, and got ready to go to the bookstore to grab all of my books used. I managed to get 350 dollars worth of books for 75. And then, right after that, I went to see a professor about a paper I wrote last semester that was holding my grade back from a B-. I asked him to regrade the paper as I believed I did better on it than I actually got. HE was EXTREMELY grouchy about and threatened to lower my grade.....I went back today, he pulled my paper out, agreed that the paper deserved a better grade, and increased me a percent *still leaving me at a C-*....he confessed to me that he hated leaving students right on the cusp of a new grade, and AGREED to give me a B- in the course!!! HORRAYYYYY! On the condition that I dont tell one person about it....and technically, no one from that class reads this blog, so i'm not too worried...especially since I never disclosed what course it was.

This is turning out to be a GREAT day.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Canadian Definition of Comedy

This is Wally and Murk....the Internet Slutts. Used to be a tv show about 6 years ago, on the comedy network. I dont know one person who lives in Canada who hasnt at least HEARD of this show.

Wally is your average 2 foot penis. *and I remember one hilarious episode that had him smoking, and he had a ciagrette standing straight on top of his head....well...THE was very funny, and I laughed until I cried. I usually dont think of THAT hole as an option for smoking....*

Murk's always been a bit of a question mark. People thought he was a fallopian tube, which I suppose makes no sense, but there's been controversy surrounding his character ever since I can remember. Apparently he's a postal worker.....I dont see it.

I think there was only 17 or so episodes, and the premise landed the characters searching the bizarre and freakish sites of the internet...always revolving mostly around sex.

These are the posts that happen after a night of drinking, and no sleeping at 3:18 AM...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Nothing like feeling like an ugly cow to want to make you change your life.

They call eachother fatass, fatso and other equally supportive things, and in the loving friendship that they have, Jenny and Ashley have decided to do their own version of "The Biggest Loser".

New Years Day. We're sitting at a pub on Younge Street *possibly one of the greatest streets in the world, if you ever get the chance to make it to Toronto, aside from Bloor, and Queen West of course* We're reliving the events of the previous night over diet coke, chicken fingers, fries, veggie something or other, fried mars bars and other not so healthy things like that.

Jenny and Ashley have decided to kick their asses in gear and have dedicated themselves to a number of New Years resolutions. One of them being to get in better shape. I appluad them for this, and their trials and insults are linked on the side entitled "the biggest loser".

Yrautca has decided to partake in this, and I have predicted that their motivated insults will lead to this years newest cult following. Go check it out and root for who you want to win. Their motivations are varied. Jenny has a gorgeous green summer dress that is her driving force...I cant remember Ash's. But I'm sure it's something exciting....Maybe they'll be kind enough to write a post about what their motivating factor is.

They're so intent on losing weight, that their attitudes are somewhat infectious. And dieting is always easier when you have someone to compete with.....

And I had a friend over tonight. He wanted to watch TV. I rarely watch tv....but he put on the new Bachelor, that one in paris....Someone I "was with" dated one of the girls on the new episodes....and I know that she makes it to the final I wont ruin it for you if you watch, becuase I know how some people get about spoiling tv shows. *Ashley...*

But when I saw this girl, she was so cute and pretty, and adorable, that it made me feel like an ugly cow....And today, was the first day that I considered partaking in Jenny and Ashley *and now Yrautca's* Biggest loser competition.

*I'm cutting this blog short. I got the jist out, but i've got someone on the phone who's demanding my attention....boys...What are you gonna do?

For my girls....

There's a lot of Blah feelings going around, I saw this years ago, and held onto it.
Hope if makes some of you smile.

On Being a Girl

You were born a daughter.

You looked up to your mother.
You looked up to your father.
You looked up at everyone.

You wanted to be a princess.
You thought you were a princess.

You wanted to own a horse.
You wanted to be a horse.
You wanted your dad to be a horse.

You wanted to wear pink.
You never wanted to wear pink.

You wanted to be a veterinarian.
You wanted to be president.
You wanted to be the president's veterinarian.

You were picked last for the team.
You were the best one on the team.
You refused to be on the team.

You wanted to be good in Algebra.
You hid during algebra.

You wanted the boys to notice you.
You were afraid the boys would notice you.

You started to get acne.
You started to get breasts.
You started to get acne that was bigger than your breasts.

You wouldn't wear a bra.
You couldn't wait to wear a bra.
You couldn't fit into a bra.

You didn't like the way you looked.
You didn't like the way your parents looked.
You didn't want to grow up.

You had your first best friend.
You had your first date.

You had your second best friend.
You had your second first date.

You spent hours on the telephone.

You got kissed.
You got to kiss back.

You went to the prom.
You didn't go to the prom.
You went to the prom with the wrong person.

You spent hours on the telephone.

You fell in love.
You fell in love.
You fell in love.

You lost your best friend.
You lost your other best friend.

You really fell in love.

You became a steady girlfriend.

You became a significant other.

You became significant to yourself.

Sooner or later you start taking yourself seriously.
You know when you need a break. You know when you need a rest.
You know what to get worked up about, and what to get rid of.
And you know when it's time to take care of yourself, for yourself.
To do something that makes you stronger, faster, more complete.
Because you know it's never too late to have a life.
And it's never to late to change one.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


I wonder if George W. remembers the 1994 Rwandan Genocide....and I wonder if it made him sad.....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Resolution 2006: "Avoid Drama"

...for those of you who know me, and know me well....please refrain from making too many negative comments in regards to the post that follows...You know who you are.

I love drama. Actually, I hate it. But i'm always so wrapped up in it, that I find myself oddly entertained by it. So for all of you who THINK you attract is the original transcript of the most recent to you from MSN. I think you'll find it as entertaining as I did.

** It starts out with him having said out of nowhere that it's going to take a strong man to be with me, becuase i'm opinionated.....and goes from there. This is copied word for word, I swear I havent changed one thing about it.

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
....well why do you think it's going to take a strong man to be with me?

Franco says:
well if your up to it maybe we can share our thoughts over coffee sometime

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
Just like it's going to take a weak minded woman to be with you

Franco says:
lol what ever thats fine i would love to have this debait with you over coffe for some reason i find myself very attracted to your thoughts

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
frank...well why do you have to be so mean, and rude. Those are NOT the ways to my heart you know

Franco says:
I know bella but its Ok bcause at this moment i feel this passion for you its like opposites really do almost feels like we would be arguing about something but after a bit we just would grab each other and give each other a huge hug a i guess it all part of it Ok I have a hard shell with a sweet center and this is what it takes to get through it then so be it

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
you made rude comments about gay people, you said I was rebelling against my family because I have had interracial relationships, you made very RUDE comments about people who date interracially.....what do you think we could possibly have in common???

Franco says:
again these are my thoughts its not being rude and its part of seeing how we are in all situations just wanted to feel you out . being rude would be say the N word and all that good stuff. just wanted to see how you bounce back from this

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
are you seeing how much you an piss me off before we even get to know eachother?

Franco says:
its more like just seeing if your a crazy person or if you are a bitter person thats all...I just want to share time with someone that is possitive and is gonna make us feel good I but want no bushit or drama Im alergic to bullshit i get a rash when im around it...this is so i know the real you

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
...okay. You're allergic to bullshit....but you tested me, and said a bunch of bullshit to see what type of person I Was. Isnt that drama and bullshit??? Isnt what you did the OPPOSITE of positive?

Franco says:
what i said was not bullshit those were my you need to get over it...are you gonna be able to get past this

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
get over what? The fact that you pushed all my buttons to see what kind of person I was when you would have learned it eventually anyway? this is drama...i dont want it.

Franco says:
can you pleas stop looking at it in a negative way

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:'re insane I think

Franco says:

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
Go read what you've written

Franco says:
cuase i know how to expres what im feeling

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says: that what you call it?

Franco says:
so do you want to do this

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
do what?

Franco says:
get married

That's when I blocked him.....but he's so's actually entertaining.....

Monday, January 02, 2006

The Case of Us vs. Them

A day or so ago Linny almost fainted becuase I didnt know what sweet tea was....and I started to comment back to her about Poutine but realized that it would make a better post. So here it is....


1. Poutine - Its SO yummy....french fries, with cheese on top, and then gravy covering makes the cheese all of Miss Ash's favorites.

2. Rye - NOT the same as's so much better, get thee to Canada, and a bottle of Crown Royal.

3. Coffee Crisp - I've not tried it, but I know people that love it. I guess it's like a chocolate bar, with wafers, and Mocha flavor inside *help me out Canada...i dont know if this is right or not*

4. Smarties - Yes, I know, you have Smarties, but not the same kind WE have. Ours are like plain M&M's....candy coated with Chocolate in the middle. And M&M's competator....but so much better than M&M's....What you guys call Smarties, we call Rockets.

5. Free Health Care - Okay...not free, it's included in taxes....but when you go to the hospital to have a baby, you leave with a baby. No bill. It's quite lovely really. You need stitches at your doctors office? No get "See you soon". No bill. The eye doctor and the dentist are something different, but surgery, doctors visits, those types of things, are all covered.

6. Summer - We do not have snow all year long. And in fact, where I live in Canada is below 12 or so states. And warmer than parts of America itself. *eg. North Dakota, Wisconson, Iowa, Maine...etc* We do not ski all year long, we do not live in Igloos, In fact, Buffalo NY gets about 7 feet of snow a year, Windsor only gets about 10 inches. I dont know what you'll do what that information, but there it is....LOL

7. Colored Money - Yes, our dollar is called a "Loonie" our two dollar is called a "Tooney" and they're both coins. Our 5 dollar bill is blue, 10 is purple, 20 is green, 50 is red, 100 is brown. When I lived in the states, I had the hardest time discerning what bill was what without at least looking at the presidents first. I cant tell you how many times, I didnt take out the right note, as I looked quickly and thought a 1 was a 10. Ugh....Colored money makes life just pull out the right color, and you're done.

8. Back Bacon - I just know it exists here, i dont know what it is....i've never had it. I dont eat bacon....Someone please post a comment about this. HELP!!!! LOL

9. Thanksgiving in October, and Boxing Day - I dont know why our thanksgiving is different than yours, but it is. It's the first monday of October, so it changes yearly as to the particular day. We also have Boxing day, its the day after Christams, and a stat's sort of like your Shopping day right after American Thanksgiving with loads of deals.

10. Provinces and Territories - No States here....And No president Either. We have a Prime Minister *although WHO that is going to be, is up in the air right now....Federal election up and coming*

Provinces (In order, west to east)
British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland

Territories (In order west to east)
Yukon Territory (that's the one touching Alaska *see how I tied the states into this*), Notrhwest Territories, Nunavut

The sad thing? Most of you had NO clue what the names of the provinces are, or that we even HAD provinces...and I can name all 50 states, AND capitals.

Republicans, guns, weapons of mass destruction, states, a moron pretending to be president, Cocoa Pebbles, and Sweet Tea....thats about it right? =)