Sunday, November 11, 2007

Randomness 30.

It was my birthday just on the 5th, and i had a lovely time celebrating with all of my incredible friends. And one of my good friends birthday's is the day before mine, so there's always extra celebrating to be done as we usually do both birthdays together.

I had 6 days of fun filled birthday enjoyment, but to be perfectly honest, im done with my birthday. Im happy to be 30, as my 20s brought me LOADS of incredible opportunity and education. Im hoping my 30s will be the utilization and implementation of all of my experiences and education put together. I think 30 is going to be a GREAT year!!

Besides, its not even like im 30' not even 30 something. i'm 30 nothing. 30. Thats it. 30 nothing.

And sicne everyone was so generous with me, allow me to return the favor. I was emailed this website recently, and I dont know what type of person you are....but this is a website of all of the movies currently out at the theater, or recently at the theater to watch for free online.

You can also browse through old movies, and a variety of tv shows...again all for free, with nothing to download.

If you have not seen, or heard of the show Dexter (SHAME ON YOU if you have not)...please start watching from season 1. You wont be sorry.

Happy watching!


Miss Ash said...

I was there for the bday fun yay, good times!!!

Are you sure there are no strings attached to this tv website....if not WOO HOO!!!

Princess Pessimism said...

ABSOLUTELY no strings. I have already watched Bee movie, American gangster, hairspray, War, and saw 4

Natalia said...

I didn't get an invitation *pout*

But I am loving 30 so far.


SS said...

Happy belated birthday! And, welcome to the 30 club. It rocks!

uphorium said...

30 is good
i'm heading that way quicker than i'd like and it's dawned on me that i've done nothing that i planned to have done by this age

Px said...

oh PP
it's been months since you've written anything!
even i've blogged a couple of times recently...and that's saying something!!

Natalia said...

Dude...high time you posted something new? Where are you?