Thursday, February 10, 2011

PP gets pulled over....

So after my test, I went to visit a friend - and following 10 days of studying and being drained, i was so tired, i just wanted to get home. So im driving and I sort of stopped at a stop sign. A cop sees me and pulls me over.

He proceeds to be the biggest dick, and asks me to step out of my car as he takes my license. im standing at the side of the road, and he honks at me to come over - and he proceeds to show me the tape of me sort of stopping - I mean, he could have easily let it go, since i came to a 99% stop - but we all know how badge happy the police usually are....anyway, he had his car heat set to "cremate", and i said that it was so warm in there. He invites me to sit down inside (front seat) and proceeds to start a conversation as hes writing my ticket.

Turns out that we grew up in the same smallish city, and that we know a lot of the same people and that he grew up on the same street of an old friend. He then says "so what brought you here?" I tell him what I do for a living, and as a volunteer position, and he snaps his head at me and says "You're a fucking (insert position title here)????" and I say "yea, sorta. Why??"

He says "Why didnt you say so??? I dont even want to give you this ticket anymore" I ask if its a kickback of the one position that I have, and he puts his fingers to his lips and taps the car camera with his pencil and mouths to me that the car is miked. He gives me the ticket and says that he wants to walk me back to my car.

Outside, he says "so if you take it to court...and if you GO TO COURT, and blah blah blah court...Do you understand what im saying to you?" I said "no".

**For the record, I am fairly law abilding and fairly dense - apparently.

He says "OK - IF YOU TAKE THIS TO COURT..blah blah blah...then you come see me, and we work something out...and start carrying your business cards"

I go home that night, and call a friend who works at the same division as he does. She says that hes an idiot and that she'll call him tomorrow to see what sort of evidence he has...turns out, he doesnt have any.

I go to court in 6 months :o)


Anonymous said...

I have a lot of faith in the police services but every once in a while, a real jerk gets through who uses his power and his position to, you know, try to cop a feel, if you know what I mean.

Christielli said...

Well that was some pretty good luck. :D Hope your court date goes well!

Miss Ash said...

Good luck at court! Maybe he won't show up!

Alan said...

Ha! I'm sure you'll get out of it.
And it sounds like he was hitting on you.
Did you get that feeling?

Alan said...
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berly02 said...

That post of Alan was from me. :)
I didn't realize my hubby was signed in. Sorry.

yrautca said...

Wow! This is the stuff porno movies are made of. Its like a glamorized version of the pizza guy story ;) Good on ya!

Phil said...

I'd be a little worried what he meant by "work something out"