Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Santa Monica = sunburn and wicked times.

Well the first 5 days of my trip are done and overwith - which i CANT believe becusae we've been so busy, that the time has flown.

I do have this much to say...Hosteling, instead of hoteling while you're on vacation, leaves much to be desired...and I promise that it will be the last time - EVER. (I thought my idea of "roughing it" was the travel lodge....i was wrong. Its staying in a hostel - especially the one in Santa Monica.

We arrived VERY late...and my travel buddy turned on the royal wedding coverage. I went to bed.

Day 1 started VERY early as we went to the airport for 6am to get her friend who's flight was delayed 2 hours. Awesome...but after meeting up and getting our car, we drove to Santa Monica, and found the famous pier (which was the film location for a great 80's movie...Back to the Beach - no one else was excited...but I took pictures)....we walked 2.5 hours to Venice Beach, living it up in the ocean, and watching the surfers. Found this great mexican hole in the wall, and had margheritas on the beach. Ended up coming back, and I was burnt. If WIGSF thinks that Miss A transforms yearly into lobster girl....i swear...5 hours in the sun left me with 2nd degree burns. its day 5, and the blisters are JUST starting to pop...

Day 2 brought us to LA - hollywood, celebrity homes - or 40 foot high hedges -, rodeo drive...(which was AMAZING)...Peter O'Toole was doing his hands and feet at the Chinese was a fantastic day...there is SO much money here.

Day 3 Brought me to La Jolla - which is SO beautiful, I would do it as a vacation on its own. Then to San Diego - and the zoo. Im not a Zoo person, but I wasnt about to complain - there is something VERY unnatural about polar bears that Pant due to was upsetting, and most likely my LAST animals in captivity adventure ever.

Day 4 and 5 brought us to Disney....which if you've been to the one in florida...they're SO different...the castle isnt even the same (i'll post pictures when i get back).

Tomorrow is a 12 hour coastal drive to San Fransisco - and then ALCATRAZ!!! i cant wait.

Hope that you are all awesome, and i'll continue my travel journaling...The hostel could be 10 posts on its own. GAG.


wigsf3 said...

I gotta give you a sunburnt superheroine name now too. You can be Lobster Girl's sidekick.
How about...

The Tomato Kid
The Ragin' Raspberry
The Super Strawberry

I know,

Hot Cheeks

Missy Aggravation said...

Disney Florida is Cinderella's castle. Disney California is Sleepy Beauty's castle. I thought you'd have known that! :)

Miss Ash said...

I can't wait to see your photos when you get back. I've had interesting hostel stories, but I kinda like them as they're always an adventure in that "why is this happening to me" sort of way.

Christielli said...

Glad that you are having fun so far, even with the hosteling! I can't wait to read about San Fran because I love that city!

Hope the vacay continues to bring the fun!

yrautca said...

Fun times eh. Post pics.

Princess Pessimism said...

wigsf - LOL @ the tomato kid.

Missy - I DIDNT!!! Thats fascinating. Thanks - i'll share that info.

Miss - I have SO many, I actually had to buy another memory card today.

Christi - Its VERY Sketchy so far...

Yrautca - I will!!!