Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Moving on up to the east side....

But not to a high rise apartment in the sky. I DID find a new place and im moving on August 1. Im SO stoaked. Its a HUGE apartment, and I have my own private yard. sigh.....my own private yard with a stone walkway - thats perfect for a bistro set and a BBQ...eek!!!!

Theres a massive fireplace - and a built in wine rack in the kitchen. its so nice, and pretty...and gigantic, and CHEAP. I really lucked out. Im leaving what my dad called "A rat hole" (even though hes never been here), and found myself a gorgeous place. I'm really in love with it....and i have a yard. :)

I've also been thinking about doing my PhD in sociology, or a second masters in Social work......im getting to the point in life where I need another change. This apartment will help, but I need something bigger. Ive been at the same job for almost 3 years, and its time to do something different. but I dont want any lateral moves. I want a huge leap. Its time to start researching what im going to be doing with my life - my mom thinks I should go see a psychic. Ugh....

Anyway, I had the BEST Canada day weekend, with amazing friends, and so much booze, (I cant believe how much we drank - 11am until 11:30pm people....straight - and that was me - Miss A and LD were troopers and stayed another hour after that). Met some amazing new people, and had a wonderful wonderful weekend.

This weekend also marked the 1 year passing of my grandfather - I can't believe that its been a year already...CRAZY how fast this year went by. We had something for him at the cemetary and then a yummy dinner of all kinds of food he would have approved of.

Its that many days closer to Harry Potter, and Big brother starts on Thursday.

I know I said last year that it was going to be the summer of CJ - but I wasnt motivated. I wasnt into doing all of the things i said I wanted to - so I totally honestly think I may have jumped the gun that one. If the last week has taught me anything - this summer is going to be divine.

Did I mention I get my own yard???


Christielli said...

Wow, congrats on the new place! You'll have to post some pictures when you move in. I am envious of your yard!

That's so funny that your mom thinks you should see a psychic. I've always wanted to go to one for laughs, but if they told me something I didn't want to hear, I'd be pissed off.

I hope this summer is the summer of you!

Anonymous said...

I dunno. It sounds too good to be true. Big, yard, cheap, yard, dust collector er wine rack, yard. What's the catch?
Oh wait. I know.

yrautca said...

Well is it in Detroit then?

Princess Pessimism said...

Christi - at least SOMEONE is supportive of my move :)

The psychic she goes to has known our family a long time, and read for my family a long time. She's been right on about a lot of stuff...its sort of creepy actually. I have had some CRAZY experiences with psychics, that made me never go back i was so freaked out.

WIGSF - NO. Just north of the danforth by Toronto East General hospital - which, is a GREAT place for me, since im usually at the hospital.

Yrautca. HAW HAW HAW...lol (although, im putting plans into gear that might move me BACK towards detroit....)

Miss Ash said...

Yay for the new place! Can't wait to see it!

berly02 said...

Your own yard?
And a built in wine rack?
Can I please move in with you. I love snow and will make dinner.

Phil said...

Is it all your own place or do you have to share? Hope you post pics when you get there. It sounds fantastic.

ghost said...

there was nothing pessimistic here at all.

Phil said...

Well congrats on another good thing in your life. How is the new place?