Thursday, November 03, 2011

LSAT must be the initials for the Devil himself....

Oh dear God....

Has anyone ever studied for the LSAT before??? I dont know how they do it. All these people who are lawyers. How did they manage to pass?

Im a fairly smart individual - 2 undergrads and a Masters of Education (im a certified teacher for fucks not exactly stupid).... but this? This studying...makes me feel like a moron.

Logical reasoning, would make you think that its logical common sense. Not so much. The first practice 13 questions I got 7 right...the second practice 13, I got 2 right. The time constraints for this test are almost unmanageable....

Logic games? The (sadistic) "game" starts out with a scenario where they give you clues, and then the questions follow. Lets have an example shall we?

Scenario: 7 men standing in a row. 3 with blue hats, 2 with red hats, 2 with white hats.

Clues: A red hat stands first, a blue hat cannot stand beside 2 red hats, the white hats cannot be second or third

Questions: What is a logical order of how these men are standing from first to last? Who's the tallest? WHICH MAN IS NAMED PAUL??? (ok, well the last 2 arent really questions, but they may as well be)

You know - I always wanted to be a lawyer, and the story i'm about to relay has certainly been written here before somwhere in the archives....In my third year of University, when i was still gearing up to write the LSAT, I got a riddle on email - similar to the above noted scenario. 6 hours later...i was still struggling with it. I had drawn diagrams, and no avail. I looked at my friend, who'd watched me work on it (which i did through an entire 3 hour class sociology class), and I looked at her and said "i'll NEVER pass the LSAT"....and that was it.

I havent even TOUCHED the other 2 sections yet....

Its all word problems. There's SO much organization needed, and i'm a VERY organized person. Thing is, im very overwhelmed with all of the stuff I need to learn in 4.5 weeks when people study for this for a year or more.

I need a strategy to study....I have already tabbed off the sections in the books, and organizing myself as best as possible. Im definitely feeling the pressure, but I need a proper strategy to organize myself to maximize study time.

I'm open to all help and suggestions :)


Anonymous said...

woman = man - logic

Princess Pessimism said...


Christielli said...

wigsf's math doesn't add up whatsoever.

I am totally sure that he meant

man = woman - logic

All of my experiences with the male gender prove the above equation.

Hope your studying goes well. Give yourself breaks and rewards.

Also, those questions make my head hurt.

yrautca said...

PP, the LSAT is not easy, none of the standardized exams will be easy. You just have to commit a lot of time to it. They make these tests difficult as a barrier to entry because law school is not easy. So people can look at their performance in these tests and figure out if law school is for them or not.

I would use any number of manuals out there to prepare. If you feel you are rusty, you can postpone taking the test until you are more ready.

Just keep at it and hopefully you will do well.

Best of luck!

Miss Ash said...

Why don't you take more time to study and write the LSAT at a later date?

berly02 said...

I got nothing but good luck to you. I know a lot of really smart people who end up as realtors cause the LSAT is in fact the initials for the Devil himself.

But you CAN do it. Take more time to study. You shouldn't have to put more pressure on yourself.