Sunday, April 29, 2012

The bucket parts

over the last 6 weeks, ive been thinking a lot about my life, and things that im doing and things i want to be doing..and have decided that i need to compile a list of things that i'd like to do before i kick it. (as has been all the rage lately).

off the top of my head...i want to do the following things.

1. write a book (ive written several actually, but they're in boxes in my parents basement - so maybe start sending them out...just incase - AND a friend who works in mental health, asked me to coauthor something she's working this one might be done before 2014).

2. be bold...almost daily. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

3. get back to my original hair color (which i think is posted here like..7 years ago in a a half blond)

4. really lose those last few pounds that i always seem to put off becuase chocolate/thai food/sushi/pizza/etc tastes so delicious

5. read one book a month (i read all three hunger games in 3 days - no problem)

6. take a serious vacation by myself - location to be determined

7. travel outside of north america

8. stop taking myself, life and my job so seriously and relax more often - going on vacation with a book on incest/victims bill of rights/suicide/addiction/etc...isnt really a vacation.

9. take comfort in small things

10. learn to write with my left hand

11. become FLUENT (not just functional) in french and italian. - this one is currently in the works :)

.....i need to work on this - but its a good start so far.


Christielli said...

Great list. I think it's important to make these lists. I have to update mine, because I've really done a lot of things (visit Paris, see a Broadway show, learn to knit mittens, go to SXSW in Texas) that were on my list years ago. It's time for a new one!

wigsf3 said...

#2 sounds like motivational speaker mumbo jumbo. Please replace it with something real.

"We like Roy!"

Miss Ash said...

I love goal/bucket lists! They help you learn, grow and accomplish new things!