Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Resolution 2006: "Avoid Drama"

...for those of you who know me, and know me well....please refrain from making too many negative comments in regards to the post that follows...You know who you are.

I love drama. Actually, I hate it. But i'm always so wrapped up in it, that I find myself oddly entertained by it. So for all of you who THINK you attract weirdos...here is the original transcript of the most recent loser....direct to you from MSN. I think you'll find it as entertaining as I did.

** It starts out with him having said out of nowhere that it's going to take a strong man to be with me, becuase i'm opinionated.....and goes from there. This is copied word for word, I swear I havent changed one thing about it.

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
....well why do you think it's going to take a strong man to be with me?

Franco says:
well if your up to it maybe we can share our thoughts over coffee sometime

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
Just like it's going to take a weak minded woman to be with you

Franco says:
lol what ever thats fine i would love to have this debait with you over coffe for some reason i find myself very attracted to your thoughts

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
frank...well why do you have to be so mean, and rude. Those are NOT the ways to my heart you know

Franco says:
I know bella but its Ok bcause at this moment i feel this passion for you its like opposites really do attract...it almost feels like we would be arguing about something but after a bit we just would grab each other and give each other a huge hug a kiss...so i guess it all part of it Ok I have a hard shell with a sweet center and this is what it takes to get through it then so be it

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
you made rude comments about gay people, you said I was rebelling against my family because I have had interracial relationships, you made very RUDE comments about people who date interracially.....what do you think we could possibly have in common???

Franco says:
again these are my thoughts its not being rude and its part of seeing how we are in all situations just wanted to feel you out . being rude would be say the N word and all that good stuff. just wanted to see how you bounce back from this

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
are you seeing how much you an piss me off before we even get to know eachother?

Franco says:
its more like just seeing if your a crazy person or if you are a bitter person thats all...I just want to share time with someone that is possitive and is gonna make us feel good I but want no bushit or drama Im alergic to bullshit i get a rash when im around it...this is so i know the real you

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
...okay. You're allergic to bullshit....but you tested me, and said a bunch of bullshit to see what type of person I Was. Isnt that drama and bullshit??? Isnt what you did the OPPOSITE of positive?

Franco says:
what i said was not bullshit those were my thoughts...man you need to get over it...are you gonna be able to get past this

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
get over what? The fact that you pushed all my buttons to see what kind of person I was when you would have learned it eventually anyway? this is drama...i dont want it.

Franco says:
can you pleas stop looking at it in a negative way

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
...you're insane I think

Franco says:

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
Go read what you've written

Franco says:
cuase i know how to expres what im feeling

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
...is that what you call it?

Franco says:
so do you want to do this

Pessimism Inc © Resolution for 2006: "Avoid Drama" says:
do what?

Franco says:
get married

That's when I blocked him.....but he's so crazy...it's actually entertaining.....


Chaz said...

*Rips off mask, exposing Franco's face underneath*

Aha! Now I can offend you and make myself look really stupid in front of the entire world!

Wow, this guy is funny. The best part is that even though you were ripping on him the whole time, he would have been at your doorstep in an instant had you allowed him.

*`~. R a j .~`* said...

Just came across ur blog while wandering ... nice coversation with that foolish guy .. like you being straight forward ... and guy being a dumboo...

Lindsey said...

Oh my god. What a fucking dumbass!! You're right...reading your blog is just like living my own life. Where do we get these losers from? Holy shit.

Princess Pessimism said...

Chaz - LOL...I know. Isnt that so funny?

Raj - Ahh...a newbie. Welcome. Thanks for the comment

Linny - LOL!!! You're comment made me laugh out loud you know...LOL!!!

Ragazza said...

OK... seriously now... where are all the normal, nice, sane guys? Jokes over... let 'em out.


Princess Pessimism said...

Ragazza - LOL!...I thought you'd get a kick out of it. =)

I believe that all normal, nice men are locked up somewhere, and held captive while we are left to populate the earth with morons.

Katie said...

that was great to read. I dont like drama at all but like you said i always some how, someway am right in the middle of it all.

the guys a nut! lol

Princess Pessimism said...

Kaite - It's SO entertaining sometimes though isnt it??? LOL!!!

Px said...

N's gone and done it, she's saved my comments section :D
i promise i will read this post properly later

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Is this Hernesto? It sounds like him. Crazy!

rawbean said...

Yea that guys sounds crazy. Way to stand your ground! And he can't spell can he?

Natalia said...

Hmmm the repellent still not working :(


Hernesto G said...

"We don't die, we multiply" - from the cartoon "Babe's Kids" happy new year PP!!!

yrautca said...

Oh my dear PP,
I missed you so. As you may know my computer has broken down and I need to get it fixed.
Franco is a psycho. But seems like you end up chatting with tons of psychos. Maybe you are attracted to them? Maybe it has to do with your job in Boston?

Why do you even bother with these guys? Why not just block him when he started the interracial and gay bashing? I could never have continued a conversation like that. Unless of course, its amusing to you.

Thank God I didn’t ask you to marry me or you would have blocked me too. I will be careful in the future. Besides you want to hook me up with your girlfriends instead of going with me yourself. How heartbreaking for me.

Miss Ash said...

So i agree fully with Rawbean that this gent is a terrible speller.

As for Yrautca's comment i find it funny because he says "But seems like you end up chatting with tons of psychos. Maybe you are attracted to them?" &
"Why do you even bother with these guys? Why not just block him when he started the interracial and gay bashing?" Yrautca i've been asking myself these questions for years....telling PP to hang up or block or don't call so and so back, i've given up. At least she admitted she enjoys drama as it entertains her...that's why she continues chatting with such people.

Princess Pessimism said...

Px - ITs all good...LOL!

S.Subs - AHHH LOL!!!! You're so funny!....

Rawbean - Nope, he cant spell....I always find that i'd rather have a dignificant other who was mildly intellectual.

Natalia - Guess not...I needed super extra strength

Hernesto - HNY to you too Hernesto, I thought you'd given up on blogging. =)

Yrautca - I deleted him, but I guess I didnt block him as I was still on his msn, but he wanst on mine. So this time, it wasnt my fault. I dont tolerate the racial slurs...that upsets me. Which is why I deleted him, I thought I blocked him, I guess I didnt.

Miss Ash - YOU are the person I was talking to when I asked you not to comment too harshly about that post. If you read properly, you'd have seen me say, I love it, but actually I hate it, but am always so wrapped up in it. Just because I find it funny, and it makes for good blog posts, doesnt mean that I live for it. And this time, like I told Yrautca, it wasnt my fault. I thought I blocked and deleted him, when I really only deleted him. And as for you commenting on my guys, i'd LOVE to read a post about your guys....as i'd have a few things to say myself. =)

Miss Ash said...

There's really not much to say about my guys. The last one i went out with a few times i didn't tell anyone where i met him but that was it. He met a bunch of my friends including Jennifer and a few of the rugby boys, he was good times. I don't think that's very dramatic do you?

Phil said...

Princess- That guy was a nutjob. I don't think it would take a strong man to be with you, just a normal one. Why don't you find one of those?

Jennifer said...

I thought you were talking about me when you mentioned negative comments. I guess we didn't know who we were.

berly02 said...

Is that guy for real?
Who talks like that?

yrautca said...

Can we please have a cat fight between Ash and PP live on webcam? I will pay money to watch.

Jennifer said...

Yrautca, if you're paying I'll hold the camera.

Miss Ash said...

You guys are silly, for the record i'm a very peaceful person...no catfights for me :)

yrautca said...

Will pay. Whats the going rate?

Princess Pessimism said...

Miss Ash - LOL!!! Maybe mildly. But I dont really think about it much. Actually I've never thought about it until I posted. LOL!....

Phil - Find one? I thought thats what I sent you $19.95 for....you're supposed to be finding me one. Its all on you now.

Jenny and Miss ASh - Ohh...you guys tease me all the time about my horrendous track record....Its all good...at least i'm consistent in finding losers to complain about. LOL!!!

Yrautca - Stop. I love them both dearly...there will be no fighting.

yrautca said...

PP says, " love them both dearly...there will be no fighting."

Well then how about a 3-some you guys? Will pay even more to watch that.

Miss Ash said...

I think Yrautca is lonely ...

Princess Pessimism said...

Miss Ash - LOL!!! You're the best. LOL!!!

Jennifer said...

Really, Ash? I just think he's dirty! I don't necessarily mean it in a bad way, though.

yrautca said...

Yep i am dirty. I need a sponge bath. any volunteers?

Princess Pessimism said...

Yrautca - I highly suggest that if you are looking to pay for a 3-way, you contact your nearest local prostitute. And while you're at it, you can also pay her/him to sponge bath you. =)

yrautca said...

But that would be me being shallow. I only wish to watch women I have known on blog land so that some emotion is involved, ya know!

Princess Pessimism said...

Emotion??? From blogland...You're mental. LOL!!!