Monday, March 12, 2007

Holy shit...i can breathe

I survived my first placement....barely. And just in time too....I'm feeling very out of touch with everyone.

And now I get two weeks off...well, not off from working, but off from school.

It feels nice to not have anything to do, considering I was SO busy, but Saturday was the first time that I was able to go to work with no homework, or no lesson planning since September. I have to admit...i was a little bored. Aside from doing my job, and being crazy busy while I was there, in the moments when the crisis lines werent ringing, or people werent wanting things...i was bored. Those were the minutes that I filled up with marking, or making tests.

But I have a few things planned for my time off.

- I'm going to watch the last two weeks worth of episodes of the Amazing Race that I never had time to watch over the past 8 days.

- Im going to organize my life, and sort out all the shit that I didnt get to do for the past 7 weeks.

- I'm going to find a pair of shoes to wear to my friends wedding, and get my dress altered.

- Im going to finish up my last asignment for my administrater at the college about this past placement.

- i'm going to BC and Seattle....I CANT WAIT. I know I vacationed less than a year ago, but it feels like its been 5 years since we all went to Vegas. I'm going to visit my lovely and dear friend Howie who lives out there. He would like to take a roadie to Seattle, I said "Of course"...*first starbucks ever...mmmm*

I have already been to BC before, so I know what Im in store for, but ive never been to any of you out there, who might have gone, or live there, let me know what's FANTASTIC and a total "cant miss" of the city. We're only there for the day.

I cant wait...I havent seen the ocean in a year and a half....its been way too long.


berly02 said...

Enjoy your time off!!!

yrautca said...

Good job. You deserve the time off.

Princess Pessimism said...

Berly - THANKS!!!

Yrautca - Come on...there's not one thing in seattle that you are recommending??

Natalia said...

*snoopydance of finished-ness*

Yaay for you and the time off and the visit to BC and Seattle.

Yaay for catching up.

And I wish I knew what having nothing to do felt like.


Miss Ash said...

Why don't you get Yrautca to give you a tour of Seattle?

Yay Amazing Race!!!

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Never been to Seattle, but I have been to BC - love it! Have fun =)

Px said...

yay for time off :)
i take it you're now not thinking about teaching over here then ;)
oh yeah and here's thekissing injury post

Steven Novak said...


The organizing your life thing...hmmm...I've tried that...

Best of luck to you. ;)


tkkerouac said...