Tuesday, November 25, 2008


1. I quit my job at WS and did NOT take advantage of the discount. I walked in there and said that my schedule had changed again and that I would be unable to accomodate them in working a day shift once a week. I said that I wanted to quit before the paperwork went through for the discount and all that stuff. They thanked me for being an hoenst and rspectable person and said that they hope they could still consider me a loyal customer. I said they could.

2. My OTHER new job is FANTASTIC!!! I love it, and despite the clients questionable pasts, I find that they are quite delightful.

3. There was someone in my life whos company I enjoyed. He called me about an hour ago to tell me that he slept with someone else, and that he does cocaine "recreationally", but felt that I deserved to know, because he wanted to be able to sleep with a clear conscience.....Ugh. Boys!

4. Im devastated about missing black Friday. The computer that I want is 280 dollars cheaper in the states...Im working the overnight that day, and dont get off until 8:30am. Id never get over the border if I decided to drive home after the shift, AND chances are, it would be gone by the time i got there anyway.

5. Ive decided I need a vacation. And not just a 4 day jam packed fun filled Vegas vacation. I need to go lay on a beach somewhere for a week. I get 5 weeks of vacation a year to start at my new job...i should probably use it.

Thats all for now. Sorry for the delay with the new post.

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Anonymous said...

I love the term 'use cocaine recreationally.' What other way is there so use cocaine? Professionally? Why yes, I am a pro coke snorter. This is the rolled up twenty I used when I was still on the amateur circuit. But now as a pro, I must use only hundreds.