Monday, November 03, 2008

My bday...Yawn.

My 31st birthday may be coming up, but I am WAY more excited about the election tomorrow!!! Such a pivotal point in US history...and may I say North American history in general.

I am starting to, as time gets closer to the election, to become more excited about the prospect of a democrat in office again! I am sick of sick of their "Pro-war" bullshit, and im SUPER Sick, of the one who's currently in office.

I think Dubyah might be the stupidest man alive...after 8 years of countless idiotic quotes to back him up, I for one am not going to miss....well thats not true. I will miss making fun of him on a daily basis, and the Bushisms that come up in the calendar every year...

But as a general whole, I will not miss the idocy of GWB. And with this, I am recommending the show "Lil Bush" which plays on the comedy channel, but you can catch a glimpse of this here.

Also, happy birthday on the 4th to one of my closest friends Tim...and happy Guy Fawkes day on the 5th!

*Bday plans include SottoSotto for dinner on Wednesday, and then off to see Dirty Dancing! Plus the usual boozy shenanigans with the gang.


Anonymous said...

So what if Dubya is an idiot, he's a funny guy. Much funnier than this new guy comin' in. And right now, America needs laughter. The whole world needs laughter.

wigsf said...

oh, and happy birfday.

Princess Pessimism said...

WIGSF - I said that bush was a funny guy! I really enjoyed making fun of his Bushisms! But the problem with Bush, is that no one is laughing WITH him.

Thanks for the BDAY wishes!

Anonymous said...

31! damn you're old!

slopmaster is BACK!