Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In recent, I have become something of an "ebay shopper". I have posted, many...many...MANY years ago about the crazy shit people sell on ebay....but until recently, I never bought anything. Mainly becuase I was too afraid to give out my credit card information online.
I think my first ebay purchase was a snoopy snow cone machine. I had two when i was a kid. Good memories of that thing. I never used it when i got it, and i actually think i donated it...i havent seen it in a while. HOWEVER - I have, in the past month - bought 4 peices of Clash history that have made my entire year so far....and i LOVE 2010 so far...so thats saying a lot. Let me see if I can post some pictures here for your viewing pleasure.

First purchase: Clash poster Circa 1977

LOOK!!! How exciting (i still remember how to post pictures). I had to have this. Its actually quite large and framed already. I had an empty space on my wall across from my bed, and was looking for something to put there....and what better than the Clash. Nothing that i can think of. It looks gorgeous in a frame BTW. This poster started my obsession with collecting music memorobilia.

Purchase 2:

Thats right people - you are looking at an ORIGINAL rolling stone magazine, from 1980. UK version. sigh.....this one is at my moms still. I havent been there to pick it up yet...but it will also be framed...after i read the article of course.

Purchase 3 &4:

These two fantastic peices of paper were seperate auctions, but the original prints that were obtained through a collector from a magazine in London. And he was stupid enough to sell them, so i was smart enough to bid on them. I saw the one on the left and fell in love with it. i didnt want the one on the right, but I thought it wasnt fair to separate them....and i figured the could be framed and hung one on top of the other.

The one on the right ended first....i won that one. It wasnt the one that i wanted initially, so i stalked ebay like mad for the one on the left. if i didnt win that one, i didnt want either of them, even though i already had won the one i didnt want. I changed my bid for the one on the left with 5 seconds left just to be on the safe side...but someone tried to Ebay snipe me, and came up short.....by 1.99. LOL!!! These two are coming this week. The dude charged me 6 dollars for shipping, and sent me a digital photo of him sending the pictures today....the shipping ticker said $1.90. Asshole. LOL

So thats it for now. im done on ebay for a while - although, one of these fantastic sellers has an original newspaper from england that says "BOWIE'S BACK!!!" and its a wonderful picture....which would also look really good.....im not an ebayaholic yet...but its there...lurking.


Kris said...

Oh man. I used to have an ebay addiction. Now it's aallll craigslist for me!

Princess Pessimism said...

Kris - im looking on Craigslist for a new apartment!!! LOL

honkeie2 said...

I used to buy all my school books on ebay. I even bought a washer and dryer on ebay, got a damn good deal too! Happy hunting

Princess Pessimism said...

Honkeie - How did they ship your washer and dryer???

yrautca said...

Hey peepmeister is back (reference from American Pie). Your weekend updates weer awesome. But I digress. Like the posters.

wigsf said...

I've bought so many Bowie things on eBay over the years. I was afraid to add up all the charges because I don't think I can live with myself after having spent more money on used CDs than on tuition. So it's best that I don't know.

Miss Ash said...

I'm not an ebayer at all, I wouldn't even know where to start.....but I do love me some Bowie!!!