Saturday, April 24, 2010

YIKES - im terrible at blogging.

Ok the REAL title of this blog should actually be "How many times do you have to tell someone to fuck off before they get it? (AKA: They called us young!!!)" But i feel like, having a half hearted apologetic title would be more appropriate.

Me and LD went to see Echo and the Bunnymen last night - and as far as concerts go - id have to say that it was in my top 10 of best shows ive seen. Echo was great - but thats not what this post is about - its about everything else that happened last night - i had to tell someone - so im telling you. Not to mention Miss A took me off her blog roll - i was horrified. So im back for my own selfish reasons.

Kelly Stoltz opened up, and they were SO bad..LD looked at me at one point and was like "BORING"...and I agreed that I was bored. There were three dudes behind us that also seemed bored. The band sucked. However, before they started - they made loose mention to the fact that the do a cover of Rolling Stones "Miss you" - so i was hopeful. But it just turned out that they liked to sing songs about Jesus, and pinecones...and fire escapes.

So my crazy dancing boyfriend was there - and tried to grind with me during the boring band - to which i replied "Are you fucking kidding me right now???" And when he tried to engage me in conversation, im certain I could have been ruder, but I was my charming self and only 3/4 rude.

So he goes away, and LD decides to get a drink. I turn to the three dudes behind me and say that if he comes back, im with them. And of course, my crazy dancing boyfriend comes back, and the dudes behind me are giggling. To which i tell this guy to fuck off again and he goes away. I accuse the 3 dudes behind me as being the WORST wingmen ever - and we proceeded to chat with them all night. They must have been around 50, were TOTAL music snobs like me and LD, and were undoubtedly the coolest people at the concert - besides me and LD of course. They said we were too young to be Echo fans, and we were happy they thought we were young. They'd seen the Clash. sigh - my heart broke. I'll never see the Clash.

Other notable points in the evening - Skanky pot smoker was screaming "I LOVE YOU" at every quiet moment during the evening. So they hustle their way right in front of us from the other side of the room, and continue to scream "I love you - give it to us - take off your clothes" - to which Ian McCulloch actually tells them to "Shut up" at one point, and we all burst out laughing.

There was a woman in front of me - who wouldnt move no matter how many times I bumped into her on purpose. At one point i actually asked her to move, but when she came right back, i learned about myself - that if im annoying someone i dont know, i wont stop doing it, no matter how many times they glare at me.

Ian Mcculloch throws a pack of cigs into the crowd at the end of the show, it comes right to me, and bounces off the palm of my hand, and lands directly infront of the chick i was bumping into all night - and she got them. I wanted to give one to everyone around me - just as a fun memory of the concert....but I guess its karma for being such a bitch all the time. Oh well....

For those of you who are interested - Echo sang: Lips like Sugar, Bring on the Dancing Horces, Seven Seas, The Killing Moon, plus a variety of new songs....

Miss A has a quota for me to get back onto her blog roll. I'll be back soon - I have a YEAR to catch you up on!


rawbean said...

Awhh Princess P! You're back! Yay.

MY GOD - I feel your pain on the concert thing - I am getting way too old for that shit but somehow I keep buying tickets. I hate when you choose a spot that ends up being a thoroughfare for everyone else, when someone tall stands in front, someone steps on your toe etc etc.

At City and Colour the crowd was brutal and yelling "I Love You Dallas" to which Dallas replied "I can't hear what your saying past the first three rows so take that into consideration."

Great to have you back and hilarious about Miss Ash. She's a tough cookie!

Miss Ash said...

This post made me laugh so hard! Hilarious, I wonder if this kind of shit happens to other people or just us?

Ha Rawbean, she didn't blog for a whole year, she deserved to be turfed from the blogroll :)

Princess Pessimism said...

YAY Rawbean!!! im back...Youre NEVER too old for concerts!!!

Ash - i dont think it happens to anyone else....

Christielli said...

My BFF and I have a term for the annoyance that befalls you at concerts: we call it concert-going rage or CGR.

This concert post was extremely enjoyable to read! I love shows.

Also, I like how it says on your profile that you are into playing "there's your boyfriend". That's a game that me and my pals play too!

Princess Pessimism said...


Me and my friends play that ALL the time...unless its too easy because of the the casino..or Buffalo NY. LOL

honkeie2 said...

I still go to concerts from time to time but I think I need to stop. My last concernt almost ended with me killing some want to be mosher with bad breath and body odor.
And you know, i have never even noticed if i was on someone elses blog roll. So i guess i would never notice if they took me off lol. Come to think of it I think I need to go clean mine out.

Princess Pessimism said...

honkeie - Never stop going to concerts. they're SO much fun. If you are being annoyed by someone, I have a rule. If you are being annoyed by someone, become the most annoying person in the room. It works everytime.