Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1. Today was my first ever venture to Good Will - I was accompanying a client who is restricted in her acess to the community. But as she shopped - I found a BRAND NEW Kate Spade purse that retails for almost 200 dollars....for $4.99. SCORE.

2. Wretched last names. Do we date people with do we feel about them? would you ever date someone with the last name "Pooslop"?

3. I am being antagonized constantly by a variety of people. UGH.

4. I hate all Mac products. BOO to the evil empire.

5. I hate being allergic to red dye. I went to get some of that Crystal Light Raspberry - hoping that it wasnt pink, but I cant even drink

6. Work still sucks.

That is all. Proceed with your day.


rawbean said...

Oh no you didn't just diss mac. What the hell? PC sucks. Unless you mean mac makeup, which I also use, so "oh no you didn't" again.

Really odd that you're allergic to red dye no. 5. I've never heard of that.

Princess Pessimism said...

Rawbean - I dont wear makeup - so i have no personal opinions to Mac cosmetics...i meant the electronics. too advanced for me. And yea, im allergic to all red food dyes. not just #5.

wigsf said...

1 - That purse was probably stolen. Who give up an expensive purse to charity?

2 - Don't fret. One day you'll meet a guy who will look past your "pooslop" last name and see the wonderful person inside.

3 - But my antagonization of you is the harmless kind.

4 - Apple has begun using low quality parts in their devices. You'd think that they could have figured out how to put an earphone jack into an iPod, but they can't.

5 - I agree. Total suckage.

6 - If work didn't suck, it wouldn't be called work, it would be happy fun time or something.

Princess Pessimism said...

1. I never thought of that - and i even asked my coworker that exact question. Good point.

2. Its not me...jerk. lol

3. This point was about a variety of people.

4. proving my point

6. i wish it was called happy fun time - id totally want to go everyday..

wigsf said...

In regards to the antagonization of you, I just wanted you to be clear, that when I call you "pooslop" I'm doing it because I understand you are so much more than just a silly name, but a well-rounded person, with your own friends and credit cards and keys.

Christielli said...

1) Clearly someone who doesn't know about purses donated that purse, or someone who really wants to up their karma. What an awesome find!!!

2) Umm, I once dated a guy with a wretched last name and he lived up to it.

3) Boo to the antagonizers!

4) I'm like rawbean... I love Mac.

5) Oh no! That really sucks! Because that stuff is delicious. Have you tried the Tangerine Grapefruit flavour? That's tasty and must not have red.

6) Sorry. :(

berly02 said...

I feel like the last name "Pooslop" is quite unfortunate. I might date them out of sympathy, but if I fell in love and wanted marriage, I'd make them change to my last name.

Sorry about the red dye. Crystal Light isn't that good anyhow. ;)

Miss Ash said...

Ummm ya as long as I'm not marrying the person the name wouldn't matter.....wait i'm a modern woman, even if I got married I'd keep my last name so ... yes I would date someone named pooslop! I just wouldn't tell anyone else his last name!

Lindsey said...

LOL. I love love love Goodwill and thrift stores. I used to be embarrassed about it when we were you and mom would take us there but now I love it, I get some of THE best stuff there.

Princess Pessimism said...

Miss - Seriously....and make sure he tells everyone his name is Smith? LOL

Linds - TOTALLY. My mom never took us there, I dont think shes ever been there either.