Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Im an idiot - AKA, I hate my phone.

So i blew it with the new guy...

long story short - my phone's a peice of shit, and sent text messages to everyone that I had texted in the last 24 hours, that SEEMED like i could be crazy if they were received by someone other than who they were intended for....these were sent to about 6 people out of my phone directory who I had been texting over the last 24 hours, including the new guy. HOWEVER, my one saving grace is that one of the texts out of 3 that was sent to everyone had her name in one of the texts....but still nothing

THEN i went to work and was laughing with my coworker about how he probably thinks im nuts, and I got another text from someone else, and when i replied, I watched it send and it said "Sending New Guy"....and my jaw hit the floor, and my face went so red that my coworker said that I looked like I was about to cry, and that she thought i got a message that said someone died.

it seems pretty unbelieveable I suppose and my coworker said that shed NEVER have believed it if she hadnt seen it herself - but for sure to never text again becuase he probably thinks im insane at this point.

I do have to say that everyone that I have talked to about this has been incredibly great and supportive - it just sucks, and I know that I have to leave it now and never contact him again...i just hate that its becuase of my phone and there's no way to fix it, or explain it.

But let me ask one thing - for those of you who have read this blog for years...WHY IS THERE ALWAYS SO MUCH DRAMA HERE?

I totally need to change the title of this blog - Dramarama, or A day in the life of a Drama Queen - but the thing is, i dont go looking for it - it finds me, and im sick of it. LOL

SO, because of this, I decided to get up this morning and go back to kickboxing. I needed to do something for myself to clear my head...and skipping, push ups, sit ups, squats, kicking and punching a bag for an hour - is a GREAT way to clear your head. Trust me. Its been a while since ive been, so I dont know how im going to feel tomorrow, all I know is that i'm going to sleep great and get up and go again in the morning. Its an amazing feeling to get all of the stress out. Ive put my goal list on hold for too long, and its about time that I said "fuck it" and did something for myself. So for now, kickboxing is it.

AND I started no carbs etc 3 - feeling great. And the wretched headaches are gone already.


Anonymous said...

Is it at all possible that the new guy got a hold of your cell phone and set it to send him texts of all of your texts so that he can spy on you and see what you're saying about him. You know, in case you're saying something juicy about him.


Is it at all possible that the new guy lost his cell phone five minutes before the first unintended text message was sent therefore all of this fretting has been for nothing. Meanwhile, he's digging around trying to find your number because he wants to talk to you but can't because he's lost his phone.

Miss Ash said...

I've already said my two cents privately LOL!

As for the drama, you can control some of it IE DO NOT call back or email any former ex's etc! Stuff like that is totally under your control.

yrautca said...

I personally wouldnt want to be in a situation where a text message can derail a relationship. We are in our 30s not in our teens.

rawbean said...

I just can't imagine what you could have written that would make someone actually go away forever. Really, what could it be?

This reminds me of the time I was texting my friend Jabba and I wrote "Am I the craziest person you know?" (just cause I was feeling sassy) but after it sent i saw that it went to my brother instead!

He texted back " you want to be?"

Hahaha - we're still friends (my brother and I...and Jabba for that matter)

Princess Pessimism said...

wigsf - Its possible but at this point, Im cutting my loss and not holding my breath.

Ash - I know, you're amazing. Thanks so much for your advice.

Yrautca - you're totally right. Its so juvenile.

Rawbean - it was pretty bad....I even thought I looked crazy...

berly02 said...

I can't seem to figure out the drama attraction to you. I mean, I have never met you in person, but you seem like a lovely, down to earth, non dramatic kind of gal.
But I agree with Miss Ash, NEVER respond to exes. That is recipe for drama. Always.

Christielli said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. But I think yrautca has a point; if a text message can derail a relationship, who wants it anyway?

Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

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