Saturday, November 13, 2010

TGIF. Seriously

this week has been VICIOUS.

no word from the dude...its over. Moving on.

2 of my clients were arrested in the last 24 hours and i spent 6 hours at work today (on my day off, and cant get overtime).

But with all the shit this week, one good thing has come from it. I LOVE kickboxing. its been really good to help get the stress out - turns out that punching and kicking for an hour has been fantastic - helped me sleep better, and im much less stressed at work, and about life in general. The FIRST day....skipping for 15 minutes, 400 crunches, 200 squats, and 200 reverse lunges plus 35 minutes of bag work almost killed me. i didnt bring enough water, but im not in as bad shape as I thought i was...but i did learn that i need tighter yoga pants. By day 2, i was doing much better, and tomorrow is day 4. i'll be even better. My skipping coordination is shit...and i think that i whipped my arm with the skipping rope only 15 times today, instead of 50 like i did the first day.

Ive been everyday, and not eaten any carbs this week. Done so well that I treated myself to some ice cream tonight. and felt really good about my decision to do so.

Other than that, when i was holding the bag today in the circuit, my trainer kicked so hard and just the right spot that she got my finger, and she thought she broke me for sure. But my bones have been through worse than that, and are fairly resiliant. So i bounced right to wear the pink boxing gloves, and ran home from the gym. Go me!


Christielli said...

Oh hey... my sleeplessness is also caused by a dude. *Sigh* I'm actually sleeping better. I just woke up from being passed out on my couch since about 10 pm (what a wild Friday night, huh?)

Anyway, I think it's awesome how much exercise you are getting! You have definitely inspired me to spend some time at the gym tomorrow!

Hope both of us snap out of our funks soon! Stupid guys.

Anonymous said...

But now the week is over and you can begin to kick butt on next week.

Princess Pessimism said...

Christi - Isnt it amazing how someone else can affect our lives so much?? My friday consisted of 3 movies and shopping online. in bed at midngiht. TOTALLY WILD. I love how much exercise im getting too - with no carbs and kickboxing, i lost 3 pounds this week, how exciting is that??? Im just about over my funk, im not going to let Luca drag me down...screw him. Yrautca made such a valid point on my last post - and its really stuck with me. So im good, Hope youre doing better!!

wigsf - youre totally right. Im trying to work on my schedule how to fit all the classes I can, but shes changing the schedule, so maybe i'll hold off until Monday.

berly02 said...

I need to find a kickboxing class. It sounds intense and wonderful.

rawbean said...

Wow you are hardcore - that's awesome. Kickboxing sounds like a lot of fun actually! Hope your finger feels better!

yrautca said...

You sure about those numbers? Thats more than Tyson and Manny could do. Combined ;) But good for you.

Princess Pessimism said...

Berly - Very high impact and super intense, but so much fun!!

Rawbean - my finger feels great! LOL Thanks

yrautca - Oh im sure about those numbers. My ABS are sure about those numbers....we do 100 crunches 4 times in the hour session. Trust me...