Saturday, January 29, 2011

catching up on life.

The last 10 days has been CRAZY. All I did was study. Sacrificed sleeping, eating, going out (well...not so much going out..but you know). And it was so qiuet at my parents house - until they got home, and then it all went to hell.

My old room mate from toronto came to visit and she'd never really been down that way before, so i gave her the grand tour plus we did a whole bunch of touristy things etc. It was my dad's 60th birthday - so there was a party last weekend that we also had to get ready for.

I ended up staying at my parents sunday night too becuase I had to go to another office monday that was half way between niagara and toronto - which made sense to me, but I had lost so much study time, and was so frustrated at how loud everyone was - that I was in tears, and went to the quietest place I could think of....Miss Ash's sisters house. AND she has two teeny kids. I got more done there in 3 hours than i did all weekend.

Then i spent the majority of the week in the library studying with ear plugs (which i also had on the weekend, but my family is too loud for earplugs even) - and by wednesday night - I was so frustrated with the material, that I ended up leaving the library at 7:30 and going home. While i was walking home - and had resolved to never touch a CSC document again - I ironically got about 6 different text messages from people saying that they were thinking about me, and that they were wishing me luck for the test and that they knew i would do great.

It actually made me feel much better, and i went home, and studied some more.

The test was divided into 4 parts. First part was 5 MC questions, 2nd 10MC questions, 3rd 14MC questions, and 4th 5MC questions....

Thats it. LOL and after all the tears and frustration...i feel confident for the most part. Im not going to say that I passed for sure...but im feeling confident. I never understood when people ask how the test went - if I passed, it went well - if I didnt pass, it didnt go well. I mean, I know that you can gauge how you think you did - but If university taught me anything, its that sometimes I thought I aced a test, and then failed...and sometimes I think that i failed, and got an A.

(Side note - this actually happened to me once when i was taking one of my upper year sociology courses. I almost dropped the course before the midterm becuase I was so frustrated wtih the material, and trying to memorize it - but I wrote it anyway - and thought that i failed it, but when my score came out, and I got 87%, i had to go back and check three times).

SO - for now, we'll say that I answered the questions, and I feel confident. :)

Then i got pulled over by a cop - but I can save that for my next post.


Anonymous said...

Driving nude again?

rawbean said...

Whoah pulled over? That sounds like an interesting story.

Also, I had no idea Miss Ash had a sister. Come to think of it, she never mentions her family in her posts....come to think of it, she's VERY mysterious....

Wishing you the best results on your exam. I know waiting can be super nerve racking.

Christielli said...

Glad that you feel confident about the exam! I hope the results are awesome!

Haha, rawbean makes me laugh!

berly02 said...

When do you find out your score? Did you say and I missed it?
Yeah for it being behind you and you feeling confident!

And now I'm ready for the cop post. :)

Miss Ash said...

I'm laughing at Rawbean! I think my 2nd post ever was about my mom at the gym with me, but she's right, I don't talk about them.

When do you find out the results?

Princess Pessimism said...

wigsf - wish.

Rawbean - omg youre hilarious.

Christi - you and me both!!!

Berly - no, I havent posted the results yet....i dont know them - it was one of those "dont email us, we'll email you". So i have to forget about it, and just wait until they send it to me.

Ash - I have no idea they never gave us a time frame - but I DO know that one of my referencecs is on the hiring committee for this competition....i feel lucky for that.

Phil said...

Well congrats ahead of time. I'm sure you passed. Testing is as much about being relaxed and confident as it is about knowledge.