Thursday, March 10, 2011

blah Thursday...

Its thursday. Its crappy weather outside.

Im done beating myself up about the job. I dont think I really want it anyway - another potential job came to me yesterday (from a colleague at another office), and its something that im REALLY looking into. So we'll see. After 6 months of preparing, tears, stress, and meltdowns....the job that I just interviewed for might not even be what I want. Funny how life works out like that. (and my apologies for putting you all through the stress as well. LOL)

My shoulder feels much better. Thank you for all of your condolences.

Nothing really new to report. I wont hear about the job for at least 2 more weeks...shoulder's doing better....broke my toe on Tuesday (I THOUGHT i broke it, cause it turned black within a minute of being injured, but im more mobile today, and its feeling better, and is less black - so i dont know about broke anymore - maybe just fucked up. Which i'd settle for)

Im longing for spring - im sick of this weather...So i think we all need a little pick me up. There is a man who's doing some reno's at work here, and he reminds me of Richard Simmons....DRESSED like Don Johnson in Miami vice - white pants and all (I WISH i could post pictures of him). He ALSO consistently smells of rotten eggs, feet, and mouldy cabbage.

Feel free to discuss: Are eyebrows considered facial hair???


Anonymous said...

Eyebrows are not facial hair. Facial hair is only on the lips (mouth not vagina), cheeks (head not butt) and chins.

berly02 said...

Why do people smell?
It really concerns me that with indoor plumbing being so readily available and all, that someone could smell like that.

Glad your shoulder is better.
Take it easy on your slef already!

yrautca said...

I'm sure it will all turn around for you very soon. Just keep knocking.

Miss Ash said...

I HATE when people stink! This man I know always smells like coffee/BO/bad breath...yuck!

I think deep down you really do want the job, you were soooooo excited about passing the tests and getting the interview and more money etc. Keep hopes high nerd.

Christielli said...

I hope whatever happens with whatever job, it all works out in your favour.

I am so sick of this weather too! I'm glad that I'm leaving this country tomorrow! ;)

Princess Pessimism said...

wigsf - BUT..eyebrows are on your FACE.

Berly - tell me about it. GAG.

yrautca - Thanks - I will. Fingers crossed that someone opens

Ash - I WAS so excited about passing....Im just numb to it now. I was stressed, but I honestly dont care either way. I like the prospect of change, but im still in a job that I love..The money would be nice though.

Christi - take lots of pictures and have a great time!!

Phil said...

I think eyebrows are facial hair and deserve grooming. Don't worry about the job interview. If it's meant to happen it will and if it doesn't something better will come along. Good luck with the shoulder and toe. I hope your parents appreciate how you sacrificed your body to clean house for them. They better have brought you home a nice gift.