Saturday, March 19, 2011

A peice of advice.

IF you are married...tell me, or at least delete my text messages - so that I can avoid SCREAMING phone calls from your wife Asking me who i am, and where I know you from.

You these situations - why is NO ONE Ever mad at the dude...ive seen Jerry Springer - the chicks always go after each other. Its mind boggling.



berly02 said...

I get that.
I'd totally be bad at the dude in situation.
I'd be mad at the woman as well if she knew about me. But only after I had dealt with the hubs.

Anonymous said...

You have to figure something about this wife. She's neuritic and paranoid. She's proved she's willing to spy on her husband and call numbers she finds on his phone. That's why she's pissed and screaming at you. She crazy! If she was a logical, reasonable human being (well, she'd be a guy) she wouldn't be snooping on her husband.

Christielli said...

Your life is way more interesting than mine. ;)

But seriously, she should be screaming at him.

Princess Pessimism said...

Berly - I dont think that she did...she sounded quite shocked and angry...Maybe just about as shocked as i was to hear her screaming cause I didnt know that she existed either.

wigsf - i dont know - maybe they share a cell phone and he was too stupid to delete my number and texts. I dont know what happened. I didnt ask - thats between them. BUT when he did email me the next day, I texted him and told him he was psycho and to stop emailing me. I hope his wife got that one too.

Christi - LOL...i dont think its MORE interesting...maybe mroe drama...but not more interesting.