Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Even a helmet wouldnt help...

This past weekend was SUPPOSED to be wonderful - a night of living it up and dancing with Jenni and Miss A...a night of fun and frolic...a night of greasy 3am post bar food....I had great intentions for a FABULOUS saturday....and then i got out of bed.

Went to kickboxing - everythings good. Time is being properly managed....I have 1.5 hours to work out, not the 2 that I need to do core and kickboxing, so i decide to go home, and do my core exercises there.

Its not that im a particularly CLUMSY just really accident prone.Long story short, I was on the stability ball, face down. Lost my balance, went face first into the wall, sliced my eyebrow open, blood everywhere, shattered a glass and had an immediate bump that looked like a golf ball under my eyebrow.

Spent the next few hours in the hospital. They glued my eyebrow shut, and I have a concussion - and therefore, had to spend the next 3 days on the couch (minus lunch with Miss A on Sunday).

I still feel like shit. my eye is JUST starting to turn black (perfectly in time for the lion king this saturday I might add!!!), and it hurt to laugh or smile for 2 days cause of the swelling.

SIlver lining? Doc said that if i had hit one inch lower - I would have lost my eyeball. So i might have gotten into a fight with a wall, and lost - but at least I still have my eye. :)

This was taken yesterday morning - I can assure you its much more purpley today LOL


Anonymous said...

Scars and such make you look tough. Nobody's gonna mess with you now.

Christielli said...

Omigosh! What a crazy accident! Hope you heal soon and can reschedule the bar night!

jason said...

I'm in agreement with wigsf3. You're totally hardcore.

berly02 said...

Damn girl.
You need a protective bubble, like now.

Miss Ash said...

You are soooo accident prone!!! At least we got to have a yummy lunch!