Friday, August 12, 2011

Moving = Suckage

its been a long 5 weeks friends.

moving sucked the life out of me - and trying to maintain my phone number to port to my new iphone, which has been in the box for the last 7 days unused.....has caused me stress BEYOND stress.

I hate bell canada. I hate moving. I sat on the phone for 30 minutes with customer service to complain about their customer service.

My new place is amazing though. I got my bed finally (after sleeping on an airmattres for 10 days - which hasnt helped my mood).

I dont have internet or a phone yet, and havent since July 31, i feel so out of touch with Everyone. Miss A went on vacation and I didnt even know she was going.

Im hoping that everything will settle VERY loving my new apartment, its really huge, and gorgeous. And my parents brought my furniture, which I love, and is so cozy and reminds me of home. You know, I dont watch tv....and ive never had cable or anything like that - I mean, ive always had like 8 or 10 channels....but when you dont even have the option of those 10 really makes a difference.

Im in need of some severe retail therapy this weekend. I need some quiet "Me" time, and have no problems doing that - shutting the world out and going shopping.


Christielli said...

I hope that all the stress ends soon and that you enjoy your well-deserved "you" time. I'm glad that you love your new apartment, and get settled very soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. All will be well soon. Just imagine all the cool stuff you can put in your new place. Desks, wall units, life-size blow-up Charlie Sheen dolls.

berly02 said...

How's your yard though?
Gotta be enjoying that!

Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy. So I hope you got your fill.