Sunday, August 21, 2011

A moments reflection

I think I had something to say...honestly - it wasnt about guys, or how busy it was. I think it was a response to another post that ive read recently...but it doesnt matter - inconsequential ramblings.

I realize that ive been a terrible blogging buddy - and while my life was crazy and hectic, I missed out on the moments in your lives. i dont have internet at home yet - so it makes blogging more difficult, but im here and dedicated to reading and catching up.

Things have been lovely on this end. No complaints (shocking..i know). Work's even going well.

the place is great - the neighbors are great - I honestly live in Sesame Street...all of the neighbors know each other, they all hang out in their front/side yards, and trade gardening/bbq/weeding/household tips. They all wave and say hello by name. Its something else. the kind of community that you have where you grew up and no one ever moved and everyone knows each other well. Its honestly divine.

I'm still thinking of applying for my PhD, and have to get all of my references to write me letters, and approach them prior to their semesters start in September....Im hopeful. I need a change.

I hope that you are all doing well, and that this has been a fantastic summer so far.


Christielli said...

Awww, we all go through hectic times where catching up on blogs suffers, but it's nice to know you are back!

I love the sounds of your Sesame Street-ish neighbourhood! I would love to live in a community like that! I live in an apt building and I don't know my neighbours at all.

Good luck getting your application together! I know what you mean about needing a change. I've lately been thinking that I need one too.

Anonymous said...

Is there a funky green guy living in a trash can too?

berly02 said...

I think your the best kind of blogging buddy. The kind that actually cares!

So happy your living somewhere so great.

Princess Pessimism said...

C-Elli!!! Sesame street is great. Such a nice neighborhood and totally fun and close to everything (including the subway!!!)

wigsf - No. Thats your house. LOL

Berly - THANKS :)