Thursday, July 28, 2005


So I went to the Casino tonight for a supposedly "Shi Shi" dinner of crab and whatever......Ya ya, we went to the casino for dinner...i know, it's TOTALLY cliche, but how much fun is it to go and watch all the grouchy people who've lost all their money, and decide that crab and chocolate ice cream heals all wounds.

Anyway, we end up going for was fun, our waitress was SOOOOO happy and excited to be there...more excited than we were I think. After dinner I totally wanted to play slots because i'm a Price is Right slot machine junkie....You get to play PLINKO people...PLINKO! I digress, I throw my $20 in the machine, and play like 3 times, and then stupidly, I push MAX BET *not even realizing that 9 quarters IS NOT the max bet* and I ended up betting FORTY FIVE quarters in one fucking spin....that's right people $11.25.

Now, those of you who are good at Math and all, will notice that i spent more than HALF of my money in ONE fucking spin...THAT pissed me off.....and plus, I had already played 21 of my quarters.....45+21=66......of 20 bucks, you only get 80 quarters. SO needless to say, I spent 20 bucks inside of a minute...which pissed me off, so of course, as ALL addictive personality people do, I put in another $10....and subsequently lost that as well. I hate the Casino.....and i'm not gambling ANYMORE. Fuck Plinko.....fuck it I say.

So I left the casino, full of crab, 30 dollars less in my wallet, and my hands smelling like fucking Sea World....But at least the parking was free.....there it is...The silver lining.....

Good times, Good food, GREAT company and good ice cream....but i'll never see that $30 dollars again...*sigh*


Jennifer said...

Dude, this blog is great, love it. If anyone should have a blog it's you. Tell me about this casino crab, is it all you can eat?

Princess Pessimism said...

Ohhhhh it sure is....all you can eat's cold crab though, but still VERY tasty.

movie scary said...

I love crab! thats about all a casino is good for.