Thursday, July 28, 2005

My first Blog

On the day of my first blog....the birth of my mindchild, I was going to bitch...bitch about life, love, guys, and anything else in life that I could turn into a negative *and for those of you who know me, that's SO easy*....however, on going back and rereading Millhouse's first blog, I've changed my mind.....he has some pretty nice shit to for today, my first day in the blogging world...i'll let you all go with a warning.

This is a place of bitching...this is a place of hard times, and the freakshow that encompasses my life. So...we bitch here. We complain a bunch of girls sitting around eating Fattenting desserts complaining about men. Tickling and pillow fights are usually after this. LOL

Thats why I started this blog you know, becuase a load of things piss me off. And i'm generally a very positive person, i believe firmly in happy endings and silver linings, BUT....but but but.....
there are a lot of things that fucking PISS me off.....and this is what my blog is for.....being pissed off...and for you, my faithful reader, to be pissed off too. Think of this as therapy for the finanically challenged.

......We'll feed on inconsistancies, and low towlerance levels in life.....Doesnt that sound FUN???

Consider today your get out of jail free card.....because from this day forward, I'm not being nice anymore.

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